WooCommerce SEPA Payment Gateway

WooCommerce SEPA Payment Gateway

WooCommerce SEPA Payment Gateway

Welcome to the SP WooCommerce – SEPA Payment GatewayPlugin


This Plugin will add a full Featured SEPA-Direct-Debit Payment Gateway to pay in all Euopean SEPA Countries to your WooCommerce site.

Works with WooCommerce 2.x and WooCommerce Subscriptions 2.x

(You will need a creditor-id from your bank to use SEPA Direct Debit)

Fore more information about SEPA please take a look at :

Please use the following account to visit the backend Username : demo Password : demo


  • Full featured WooCommerce 2.x Payment Gateway
  • WooCommerce Subscription 2.x support
  • Extends the WooCommerce Backend-Settings with all needed fields
  • Extends the WooCommerce-Checkout with a new Payment-Gateway that will collect the needed data
  • Integrated lightweight IBAN and BIC checking
  • New since 2.3 !! Integrate the PHP-IBAN lib to check the IBAN
  • Show the payment status directly at the orders
  • Create SEPA XML files with only one click
  • Supports the latest SEPA shema pain.008.003.002
  • Integrates a list of all transactions of the past
  • Stores the SEPA-Bank-Details at the user-profile
  • Show the SEPA-Bank-Details at the Thank-You Message and the CheckOut-Email

Release 2.6.0 – 2017702/05 – ChangeLog

  • Updated PHP-IBAN lib
  • Fixed a bug with empty values at checkout
  • PHP 7 fix. Thanks to Christoph Daum

Release 2.5.0 – 2016/03/04 – ChangeLog

  • Updated PHP-IBAN lib
  • Edit the SEPA-Details at the default Wordpress user profile
  • Edit the SEPA-Details at the WooCommerce account details
  • Stripped PEAR/Validate_Finance

Release 2.3.0 – 2016/01/16 – ChangeLog

  • Added the PHP-IBAN lib to check the IBAN if the PEAR:Validate_Finance lib could not be found
  • Added a closer BIC check (BIC lenght, BIC and IBAN Countr must be equal)

Release 2.1.0 – 2015/12/20 – ChangeLog

  • View Bank-Details at the WooCommerce-MyAccount-Page
  • Fixed Bank-Details at the Checkout-Email
  • Optimized Translation DE / German

Release 2.0.0 – 2015/12/18 – ChangeLog

  • Added Support for WooCommerce Subscriptions 2.x
  • View Bank-Details at the Check-Out-Page and eMail

Release 1.3.0 – 2015/11/15 – ChangeLog

  • BIC, IBAN and AccountOwner are stored at the user-meta
  • If the user is logged-in the BIC, IBAN and AccountOwner data is loaded from the user-meta
  • At the Wordpress user-profile it’s possible to edit BIC, IBAN and the AccountOwner

Release 1.2.1 – 2015/09/21 – ChangeLog

  • Fixed amount display at the SEPA-transaction list
  • Fixed amaunt display at the SEPA-order list
  • Fixed filename display at the SEPA-transaction list

Release 1.2.0 – 2015/09/06 – ChangeLog

  • Support to WooCommerce 2.4x
  • Updated XML creation
  • Updated Translation
  • XML Files are stored at the plugin-directory

Release 1.0.1 – 2014/06/15 – ChangeLog

  • Multi-Language ready with PO Files
  • German Translation included