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Nice Plugin, GLWS :)

Thank you :)

Can I use this plugin to subscribe people to different lists based on which products they buy. Like buying product A places people in List A, and buying product B places people in List B?


Yes, you can subscribe people to different lists based on which products they buy.



Can I use it in WP multisites installation ? If so , can I network activated it or only specific subsite activated?


You can use it on multisite but will need to purchase licence for each website on your multisite installation.



Good, no problem!

Hi, just want to make sure before I purchase this plugin. So I want to add a customer to 2 lists at once when they purchase: - To All General Customer List - To Specific Product Customer List

Is this plugin can do that? thx


Yes, you can subscribe customers to multiple lists using this plugin



when an email added to sendy list when order become “in process” or when become “completed”

is there any setup to choose?


The email is added when checkout is completed (in process) .

You can’t change this setup.



Very nice plugin. There is only one very important feature missing.

Except from subscribe to list on product, also unsubscribe from list. Lets say somebody download free ebook. He is in list A added for example through Thrive Leads.

After few days and emails :) he buys product B and he is subscribed with this plugin to list B, but also need to be unsubscribed from list A, because he already bought the product and I dont need to send him sales offers.

It should be easy to add this feature to the plugin.

Any plans for adding it?


I will add this feature in next update if I get more requests for it.



Is it possible to see any screenshots from inside/setup panel or etc.? And how does this plugin differ from https://gumroad.com/l/Kpfl excluding the obvious price diference?

I know that your plugin is just 14 euro, but still – It would be nice to know it before buying.

- Daniel


I think that plugin has same functionality as provided by mine.



Hello Wpguides, The feature of removing a subscriber from list A when he buys product and join list B (as daend described) is a very important feature. I’m voting for it :-)



I will add it in next update :)



vote for feature described by daend

Is there a feature that allows every product to subscribe to a list instead of manually adding it to every product? Also can i subscribe to 2 lists? Example 2 checkbox for 2 subscription lists? Because i want to send ‘category” and ‘overall’ list. Can users have the option to opt in both? Or this situation, every customer is automatically subscribed to the overall newsletter but can opt in as checkbox for the category newsletter?

Hi there! LOVE this plugin! Most everything seems to be working great so far… encountered a small issue when I enabled the checkbox option for checkout (a checked checkbox did not trigger a sendy add)

modding line 112 of woocommerce-sendy.php seems to have fixed the issue (for me at least):: original:
if ( ( !empty( $_POST['woocommerce_sendy'] ) && $_POST['woocommerce_sendy'] == '1' && $settings['optin_checkbox'] =='yes' ) || ( $settings['optin_checkbox'] =='no' ) ) {

if ( ( !empty( $_POST['woocommerce_sendy_susbscribe'] ) && $_POST['woocommerce_sendy_susbscribe'] == 'yes' && $settings['optin_checkbox'] =='yes' ) || ( $settings['optin_checkbox'] =='no' ) ) {

Hope this helps and keep up the great work… this sendy integration has made my life a whole lot easier!



Any news about new update with unsubscribe version? Still waiting for this feature. Thanks.

Just purchased this plugin and it is not working for me. I have other plugins integrated with sendy and they are working just fine. Your plugin, however, is not. I am using wordpress 4.6.1, sendy 2.1.0, and woocommerce 2.6.7. I have followed the instructions included in the documentation. Placed a test order for a new email address that isn’t already in the mailing list. But the address never shows up in the list. Please help! Thanks.


Thanks for the plugin, I really like it.

I would like to add all users in a list with or without a product. Basically, I need to add all registered users to the sendy list. Is it possible?



No, it is not possible to add existing users.

Regards, wpguides

Hi there. Just to be sure before I buy it… if I insert a list ID in the product page, everyone who buys this product will be automatically added to that list, correct? No checkboxes or anything in the front end, correct? If so, one last question: which woocommerce status do you consider for adding the client? Anyone who places an order? Or when it gets to “processing”? “concluded”?

The answers are “Yes” and “Processing”, right? lol Just saw above. Will buy it later today =)


The plugin is adding customers to the lists before the order gets to “processing”. I have a lot of customers with status of “Pending payment”, and they are all added to the lists.

How can I fix this?



In woocommerce-sendy.php file, line 71, if I change woocommerce_checkout_order_processed to woocommerce_order_status_completed, do you think it should work to get only completed orders?

Why sell something for a price that doesn’t estimulate you to offer proper support? For anyone considering this plugin, don’t count on support. It’s an abandoned item.

You mentioned in the description “automatically subscribe users to Sendy list after checkout.” After checkout?? But the plugin is added users before checkout. This is totally deceiving.

The plugin is adding everyone that hits the Place Order Button. I only want customers with completed orders in the list.

Stay away from this plugin. A piece of trash left abandoned here in the trash can. Neither the trash creator nor the trash can will ever respond.


I just bought your Woocommerce Sendy plugin and have installed it. After configuring and testing, I am able to see the Optin Checkbox text, but the checkbox itself does not appear.

Link: https://www.12ozprophet.com/shop/

Any suggestions?

Does this plugin work with sendy 3.0 ?