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How to do that. My site is bioesquebeauty.com. I want to make a promo. Where you buy 2 foot peels (32 kits -wholesale) you get a free foot scrub


Question regarding functionality: Is it possible to set up a promotion where a specific combination of lets say 3 different items in the cart gives a specific and different discount on each product? Example: 16 + 16 + 20 separately. When together in cart 14 + 14 + 16? If that is not possible, what is the closest option to it?

With best wishes,

Jaak from Estonia


Not really the same with your requirement, the plugin can offer the discount on the bonus product only, the main products are still the same price, but in your case you can put all discount on the third product, so it’s 16 + 16 + 12 which will result the same total (it depends on your promotion if it’s allowed).


Hi, Im looking for a plugin for “Buy 3, Get cheapest for free” Meaning that you can buy 3 different products, and you get the cheapest for free? I really need this quickly, as I had a plugin that didnt work, and a newsletter was already sent out to customers :(

Is it possible to do that with this plugin? “Buy 3 get cheapest for free” with a coupon? Thanks for a quick reply. best regards,


Sorry, but your requirement is a bit different with the plugin does.


A bogo should always free item equal or lesser value. Your’s does not do that. Is there an updated version that does this?


You can define the free product as offered product with price=0 or any discount you want to set. The plugin won’t choose it automatically, you need to specify the offered products.


Hi xdimension. From what I can read in the comments and by trying out the demos, neither SellMore nor Promotion Manager does exactly what I need. I need to set a discount if you buy 5 mix’n’match products from a pool of products (e.g. from a category). Are you aware of any way I can do this (your plugins or anything else)? Is it something that you might put in your plugin(s) any time soon? Are you thinking about merging the two plugins to one – if you did that and then added the mix’n’match bulk discount feature, you’d have a killer plugin! They’re already pretty awesome, I just think they should be one plugin. Also, you have a nice interface, I like the “add products/categories” input fields. I you added this last feature (and maybe a merge of the two) you would have another buyer (me). Regards, SvendK

Edit: I just had an idea, that if I set a category as criteria and then I could just add an offer for each of the products in the pool of products, that I’d give free, then we’re good to go, but no. I need a quantity in the criteria section. And, it would also be a bit tough to manage the discounts this way. A suggestion: Add a minimum quantity of the products selected in the criteria section, before the offers are eligible, and then add a categories-field (just like the product + product categories pair in Criteria section) from where the user can select from. I know that this last part makes it hard to show it in the up-sell boxes on the frontend, but then maybe do a random pick or show the category or a link to a list of the seleted products/categories (I don’t know if that is possible).

Edit2 (I really want your plugin to fit my needs :D): Have I misunderstood it – Is it that the criteria sections sets which products that is in the offers on the Offers section? And then the offers quantity field sets how many products has to be in the basket, before the free product is eligible? Or am I totally misunderstanding it? :D


Problem 1: let’s start from the setup so we’re on the same page: Criteria: Product A & B; Offer method: Combined (means total qty of A & B )

Offers: Qty = 4 (this is qty of products in the criteria above) Offered products: Product C (just to make it clearer to explain) Adjustment method: Discount by amount 1,- Repeat: checked.

Then the buyer purchases (= added to cart) 5 A and 4 B, then he can buy C at 2,- discount (C’s price – 2,- ), comes from 4 product A/B => 1,- discount and another 4 product A/B => 1,- discount.

Problem 2: Yeah, there are many discount schemes, there is a plugin that tries to be flexible to many rules and then people ask if it can display the discounted products which is impossible (if someone buys 5 product A then he got 1 discount, but if combined with 5 product B then another disc, but for x product C which cannot be combined with others then x disc and if the total cart is more than xxx then more disc and so on :-) how to display the discount products?). That’s why this plugin can’t do all those rules, however with this plugin you can offer other products (and display them) based on some “main” products.


Hi xdimension.

Your plugin works best, if what triggers the offer (the criteria) is not the same products that the offer includes. I.e. A+B gives C-product. In our case where we’d like to offer product A or B (or an absolut discount amount), if you buy 2 A’s and 2 B’s, is not properly supported by the plugin.

It seems also, that if you put a category of products in as criteria, but set Repeat = false, if you put several different products from the criteria category into the basket, it still gets me the extra product with a discount “repeating”, because it takes the criteria from the other products. I.e.: criteria: product category with products A, B, C and D. Make a single offer with qty of 4. If I then put 4 A’s, 4 B’s and 4 C’s, then i’d get three offers (two repeats) even though the repeat option is off. I understand why this happens, but i’d still call it a bug, wouldn’t you?

I’m not sure of my refund rights, but as the plugin cannot be used in our situation, we really would like a refund, if that is possible?

I hope that you would consider working a bit more on an otherwise great plugin to work out the kinks mentioned in this thread – and maybe build this and Promotion Manager together into one product? They tie pretty good together, it seems. If you do, I might be a customer again.

I’d like to debate further, if you like, if you are open to inputs about the plugin :) I just wanted to make an official refund request before time runs out :)

Another thing, that, well is not in the scope of this plugin, but is another way of giving the discounts, is to put another “item” in the basket to show, that this cart content gives x discount. To show a line of discount, instead of just adjusting the prices. I know it is a major change for the plugin, that you might not want to make, but hey, it’s just input from a simple user :-)

Hi xdimension. I don’t know if you had a change to see this, but I’d like a refund, as your otherwise nice plugin cannot do, what it’s bought for in this situation. According to the list of features, I’d think it’s covered in the envato refund policies, so I hope you will make a swift refund :-) Otherwise, please get back go me so we can discuss. Thanks, SvendK

Tried for a while with the simplest form of discount, and the plugin failed to work. I can’t wait around to figure it out. The client wants to run a BOGO 50% OFF special today. I will purchase a different plugin. Please refund.


I could publish in the demo so I bought the plugin. Unfortunately the plugin does not meet my requirements. Can I have a refund?

Thank you in advance.

hello.is there any support?
  • pre-purchase question:
  • 1-can i show some rules simultaneously on a product page??for example:buy X,get 20% off on Y/buy Z,get N for free/buy H,get 10% discount on M….
  • indeed,what happend if some rules have same date and same priority?
  • 2-what happened if customers hit “add to cart” button?what happend in checkout page?does it catch the discount and therefore customers can continue to purchase some products other than special offers?or it will terminate the process of purchasing?
  • 3-i need your “WooCommerce Promotion Manager” plugin too.do they have any conflict with each other?what about other manual discount which is set without these plugins?
  • and a question about promotion manager plugin:how does its campaign’s featured image changed via shortcode?it changed manually or automatically?
  • thanks

    i think it is a dead product!

    Hi. The plugin would be great but doesn’t work. No matter what I do, I get the message Coupon ”” does not exist!

    Please send me a refund. This plugin doesn’t work. No-one has responded to my questions and I’ve had to move on and try something else.


    Sorry for long response, but actually the plugin doesn’t do anything with coupon, could you show me where the error happens? if you don’t want to show it to public, you can send the info via my profile which will come into my email.


    Hello, I am doing buy 3 get get a free product but its not adding to the free product to the cart. Please advice



    The free product should be added to the cart by buyer (it’s not automatically added to the cart because it’s possible to offer some free products to be chosen by buyer). After the product is added to the cart, the price will be 0 (zero) indicated that it’s free. If this is not the case, please let me know the product page url so we can check the issue, you can send the info via my profile.


    Thank you for the response. Unfortunately my client is looking for a plugin that can add the free product automatically


    That’s how the plugin works, anyway it just need 1 click to add the free item, also it’s more flexible and give options to offer the free/discount product.


    Pre sale question:

    Hello Guys your plugin looks interesting and I think is something I’m looking for. Would be maybe possible to Display the promoted products with special price/discount on shop page ?

    Regards Kamil


    Sorry, but I don’t think it can, because one product can offer multiple “discount products” which can be chosen by buyer, that’s why the discount products are displayed in the product page.


    Hi there,

    I want to do a simple BOGO of the same product. Buy A and get a free A.

    Is there a way to do this so that it automatically shows up in the cart, without having the customer confirm adding it?

    Thank you.

    Trying to add an automatic “buy one get one” promotion to a product.

    Buy Item A get another Item A free

    I don’t want to list it as an offer that the customer has to click on I just want it automatically added to the cart

    Is there a way to do this?

    Hi, I would like to buy your plugin but would like to know this:

    Does the plugin support this:

    If you buy 2 items, you get 10% off on another one

    Product 1 0% off Product 2 10% off

    2 items in the cart now. A customer adds one more and gets an extra 15 discount on produtct 3:

    If you buy 3 items, you get 10% off on another one + 15% off on another one

    Product 1 0% off Product 2 10% off Product 3 15 % off

    3 items in the cart.

    Is it possible?

    It’s not working?

    Doesn’t work don’t really have time to figure it out. Please refund me as I have deadlines and will have to buy alternative.