WooCommerce Sell Individually

WooCommerce Sell Individually

WooCommerce Sell Individually is a WooCommerce Extension Plugin using which you can sell your products individually. It works by restricting the buyer to add only one product at a time to the cart. When another product is added the cart is emptied and the last chosen product will get added. This Plugin is useful to those who want to sell a product individually i.e. one product per order. It works for all Product types. Sell Individually Plugin is Translate ready and WPML Compatibility.


  • Sell Your Products Individually at Cart Level i.e., One Product per Order
  • Error Message in cart if more than one product is added
  • Works for all Product Types
  • Translate Ready
  • WPML Compatibility
  • Simple and Easy to Use


Please check the documentation as we have lots of information there. The documentation file can be found inside the documentation folder which you will find when you unzip the downloaded zip file.

For support, feature request or any help, please register and open a support ticket on our site.


Version 1.6 on 05 May 2016
- New: Option to allow variations of same Variable Product in single order

Version 1.5 on 30 November 2015
- Fix: Exclude Products

Version 1.4 on 20 November 2015
- Fix: Select Problem in Exclude Products

Version 1.3 on 24 April 2015
- Fix: Removing Product from Cart

Version 1.2 on 02 July 2014
- Option to Enable/Disable Error Message

Version 1.1 on 04 June 2014
- Exclude Option at Category Level/Product Level

Version 1.0 on 03 June 2014
- Initial Release