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This does not work. Product is marked required. I can go through checkout without any registration.

Thank you.

I’m currently looking into an issue right now that will probably fix this. Once a fix is found, I will push out a new release.


Hi Greg,

The new version is now available and should fix your issue. Let me know if you are still running into problems.

Thank you!

Working fine now. THanks

This plugin doesn’t work for me either. I’ve sent a couple of emails but had no reply. :-(

I am running WordPress version 4.32, WooCommerce 2.4.6 and my server is running PHP version 5.4.44.

Hi Richard,

Support emails weren’t coming through but I just received your emails. I’ve emailed you. It definitely seems like a plugin conflict. Once I can figure it out, I’ll push a new version.

Thank you for your patience!

Hi Anthony, I emailed you my login details a week ago but haven’t heard anything back. Did you get my emails?

Hi Richard,

I’ve emailed you. The new version should fix the issue you’re running into. Let me know if you are still running into problems.

Thank you for your patience!


I’ve purchased, installed and configured the “Selective Registration” plugin on my website I’ve marked the two products of note as requiring registration to purchase on the product detail pages. I have also enabled Guest Checkout in the WooCommerce settings.

As far as I can tell, the plugin is not working. Whether I add a normal product, or a course requiring registration to my cart, I am always presented with the “Create an account” check box on the checkout page, and it is always deselected by default.

The expected behavior when checkout out with a course in the cart would be that the “Create an account” form taking a password would be displayed, instead of the check box for optionally creating an account.

Thank you for your time and attention, please let me know what other details I can provide.



Hi Jonathon,

I’m sorry for the inconvenience! Could you email me your active plugin list to

It could be related to an issue that has recently come up concerning certain hooks within the checkout. I’ve been working with another purchaser and am getting closer to resolving an issue I believe should mitigate most problems. I will hopefully have it resolved as soon as possible, possibly within the next couple of days. Once it has been fixed, I will push out a new release.

Thank you for your patience.


Hi Jonathan,

I’ve emailed you. The updated version should fix your problem as well. Let me know if you run into any problems.

Thank you!

Still working?


Yes, it’s still working.

I’m also currently looking into adding category support and will be pushing an update for that soon.


Hello Anthony,

I just started using this plugin and it is great. Only issue I am having is how to change the role the user signs up as from customer to another custom role I have built. It would also be great if this could be changed per product as well.

Can you help me with this?


There should be a relatively easy way to modify the role for any user who signs up. However, having some sort of plugin that would allow you to set a role per product would be trickier.

In a future version I could look into implementing an option that changes the default role after being required registration.

I can definitely help set something like this up for you. I sent you an email detailing it a bit more.


I purchased this plugin, but i have spent probably almost 2 hours on it, and cannot get it to work right.

it is definitely installed, and i am an experienced developer.

Essentially i have the plugin installed and followed the settings within the plugin documentation. But when viewing the product, it is still showing the product publically…which im trying to set up a product so users have to register first, and be approved before they can purchase it….

its like a wholesale product, that only businesses can buy….

can i get some help on why its not working?


Sorry for the confusion. This plugin only requires users to register during checkout when they are purchasing a product that has “Required Registration” checked. It does not, unfortunately, hide products from the store if they are not logged in.

I’ve created a couple small functions that could possible achieve this:

Hiding WCSR checked products

Is this similar to what you are looking for? You can add the above code to your functions.php file. I will definitely look into making this a part of the plugin for a future release.

Let me know if that helps. I’d be glad to work with you in creating that functionality. Otherwise, I’ll gladly send a refund.

Thank you!

here are my purchase codes Authors may ask you for a purchase code to verify that you’ve purchased this item. e990464a-3f14-4a6b-8879-2e69b675b11d – 18 Aug 2016

i sent a question about a week ago, i still haven’t heard back….any status on my question i sent?

Hi okiesurfer,

I just wanted to follow up with you to see if you’ve seen my reply below. Let me know if you need anything.


i used

Ok i kind of got it to work. I input the coding properly but when I am a guest, ” ” I get an error on functions.php “Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/domain/public_html/wp-content/themes/twentythirteen-child/functions.php:45) in /home/domain/public_html/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 1174”

The logged in user works fine on that bulk page.

i can email a copy of the functions.php file


Sorry for the late reply. It seems like it’s either an issue with your functions.php file or an incompatible plugin. If you could send me an FTP login or the functions.php file, I’d be happy to take a look at it. Feel free to send me an email at


Does this plugin work with simple and variable subscriptions?

Hi cbulloc1,

Thank you for your purchase and sorry for the delay. Unfortunately, it’s not set up right now to work with WooCommerce Subscriptions. I am currently looking into making it compatible in the next update, which should be out within the next week or so. I’ll send you an update as soon as it has been implemented.

Thank you!

Hi cbulloc1,

I just wanted to follow up with you. I’ve tested WooCommerce Selective Registration with WooCommerce Subscriptions and can confirm that it supports both simple and variable subscriptions. Since WCSR is hooked into general product data, it should even be compatible with other custom product types.

Hopefully that helps! Thanks!

Is there a way to popup a modal so that when the user clicks “add to cart” he/she gets a message saying “This product requires registration” before being redirected to the register page? Thanks.

Hi Paul,

It’s definitely possible to create something like this by hooking onto the add to cart button or overriding the woocommerce add-to-cart template.

Check out:

If you email me at, I could see if something could be created that fits your needs. Let me know if you need anything.

Thanks! Anthony

Before we buy this, we wanted to know if this product will also work with Grouped Products? thanks!

Hi Anthony – Thanks so much for your answer above. We also are having trouble getting this to work for Simple Subscriptions and a Course. Can you help? Thanks in advance!


No problem! Email me the details at and I’ll be happy to take a look at it.


Thanks so much for your stellar customer service Anthony! Everything works great now.

Does this plugin work?


Yes! The plugin is up to date and works with Wordpress versions 4.0+ and Woocommerce 2.2+. Let me know if you have any questions.


Hi, before I purchase I need to check, I import products, does this plugin use custom fields to determin which products require registration? Thanks


The plugin uses post meta to check whether or not the product should require registration. Basically, when enabling “Require Registration” on a product, a database record is saved to the product itself. During checkout, it checks items within a users cart for that specific record. If the record exists, it modifies WooCommerce’s checkout process to not allow guests to checkout, thus requiring either registration or the user to log in to continue.

Hopefully that helps. Let me know if you have any questions!

Thank you!

Perfect, sounds like exactly what I’m after, thanks

Hi, I sent you an email regarding the plugin. Item Purchase Code: d56d9aec-2c29-4559-a9b5-116c40d8c802 included in the email for reference.

Thank you! I’ve replied to your email.

Hi, my last email kept bouncing so I just wanted to see if you received it! You can also email me at Thanks!

Sorry about that Anthony, just sent you an email.


inkyj Purchased

Does this work with the most recent version of WooCommerce (3.0.7 – as of right now). In the “compatible with” section in the sidebar, it doesn’t mention being compatible with version 3. Thanks


Yes, it’s compatible with the most recent versions of WooCommerce 3.0+ and Wordpress 4.7+. Sorry about that, forgot to update the sidebar! Let me know if you have any other questions!

Thank you!

Hi, there seems to be an issue/conflict with this plugin and woocommerce 3.03 (or perhaps the eway plugin) when using eway as the payment gateway. It prevents the transaction from processing and gives a ‘bad gateway’ error. Have had to deactivate the plugin to process sales. Any chance you could investigate and release a fix? Thanks in advance.


Sorry about that! I’m not sure why it would be incompatible, I would need to replicate or possibly check out your environment. The plugin doesn’t really touch any portion of the payment gateway, however it could be conflicting with another plugin that does, which would explain why deactivating it would fix the issue. Could you possibly send me an email at If anything, I could take a look at your site and try and fix it on your end.

Thank you! Let me know if you need anything. Anthony


ajsnash Purchased

I just purchased this plugin and it seems to be working. However, if account registration is not required, it still shows the password field and the checkbox for creating an account. Is there a way to hide the password field until the checkbox is checked like in your demo? Thanks!


ajsnash Purchased

Is it possible to hide the account creation fields when registration is not required?


this plugin is not working for me. no good Investment….

WP 4.9.4

I’ve deactivated all plugins, no success…

I purchased this to save time, but it’s wasting time for me.

Want my Money back…

Hi Diagana, sorry about that! I’ve tested it with multiple versions including WP 4.9.4 and it seems to working. Could you send me an email at with your current WooCommerce setup? Are you able to see the checkbox in the WooCommerce general product options? Thanks again!