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Hi, and thank you for this plugin. If I hide the add to cart button for a certain product on both product page and shop, will I still be able to add it to cart as a chained product or as a bundle product ?

I sell combos of products that are reviewd and described individually but sold in packs with parent products (using mainly chained product but also mix’n match and bundled product from woothemes). So I would like to prevent customers from adding the product to their carts on their own, but I will still need to add it automatically when they purchase the parent product.

Would that be possible ?

Thank you for your help


Yes, it’s still able to add to cart. It’s just hide the button from users views.

Just contact us if you get any help.


Hi Do you have a live demo showing the features please? I’m particularly interested in the sales countdown. Please can you tell me more about it or show me a live demo? Thanks!

Thanks for your fast response! I’ll check back again tomorrow as well :)

Are there options to change the style of the countdown timer or it’s position?

Currently no options to change the style and positions, maybe will add it in next updates. Thanks

Hi! Could I hide the price for all product and show add to cart button? We need a solution to the customer send a pre-order to us, and we will call back with the price. Thanks!

Currentelly there is no feature no hide all price in one click, you need hide price one by one from product editor.

Interested in purchasing for the countdown feature primarily. What happens to the product’s visibility when the timer reaches 0? Can we make it go invisible once it expires?

It’s sale price countdown timer, if the timer reaches 0 the price become normal/regular price instead sale price.

One more question…I need it to hide the Add to Cart button and say Expired in the timer area once it runs to 0:00. Is this possible?

Currently it’s not possible, but I will cosinder to add this feature in next update..

Hi! I need to know if I can hide the price but the “add to cart” not hidden. Thanks you!


You can hide the price and keep the add to cart button. Demo:


Hello, my “Add to Cart” button still shows on a single product page.

I have “Hide Add to Cart single” checked and “Hide Add to Cart loop” checked.

Any help would be appreciated. =)


Please contact our support here


Great work! Good luck with sales! Looks clean and unique.

It’s been awhile since last updated. Does this still work with the latest WP and WC ?


I sent a support ticket about 2 weeks ago. The price on the product page is not displaying at all since the new release of Wordpress.

Please advise asap.

Hi! I have sent support ticket, but didn`t get answer. The plugin causing problems with some else plugins (This plugin causes problems). Could you please answer, Thanks.


I’m sorry for the issues with WooCommerce update. We just submit the new version that fix issues with latest woocommerce. You should get notification when the plugin get approved and you can update the plugin.


Hello, Does this plugin allow to hide the “Add to cart” button only for specific product ? Thank you

Yes, but it bugged in current version because woocommerce update 3.x.

We just submit update 2.0 to fixs this issue and still Queued for Review .

Hi, does the plugin hides the price also in the cart and checkbox? Because I need it to hide prices on the whole process.
Best for you

Does this work with the latest version of WP? Can’t get it to work on the latest version.

Can I hide both the ”Add to cart button” and “price” only for specific product?
and, We want to allow to the customer to send us a inquiry for the price instead of buying, only for specific product.
Thank you