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Wonderful Job! Congratulations :)

Thank you !

I’ve been looking for wooCommerce Punchout plugin and you’re the only one! Awesome job and looking forward to use one I get some more information. Thanks!


Thanks, it’s very good job. I’ve been looking for it.

Hi, does you plugin support Secure OCI?

Waht is “Secure OCI” ? Is there a Documentation from SAP ?

Would this work with Sap S/4 Hana Cloud?

Hi! I’m writing from Spain. Is there any problem with it working in Spanish language? Can I test the module first? Thanks!

There are no Problems with spain.

Hi Man, i bought the plugin but facing an error, trying to get you through support form and email, please help me out my email is

The Plugin update is already uploaded and is waiting for Validation from the codecanyon staff.

i am trying to contact you from last few days regarding my website i already sent you all the details, i am stucked from last two months and my issue is still not resolved. Can u please get back to me.

Does it support SAP r/3? and also does it update the prices for users based on the prices we have defined in SAP?

Yes. OCI generally doesn’t update anything.

Hi, I want to know if this works with software.

I don’t know this Software. Do you have an account to test this ?

Hi. O want to link sap software stock and clients with woocommerce, is that possible?

Also, do you offer the integration service? How much will it cost?

Possible is everything, but not with this Plugin.

Hi, I have a client interested on integrating SAP 8.82 to Woocommerce. Is this possible with this plugin?

SAP 8.82 ?? We have SAP ECC 7 or S/4 1809. But Nothing with 8.82.

PreSale: Is it fine for cXML Ariba integration? I am looking to support PunchOutOrderMessage messages?

No. Only SAP ECC or SAP S/4 HANA with Default OCI.

Does your plugin work to connect with and punchout a WooCommerce store with Jaggaer?

I don’t know “Jaggaer”. Do you habe a developer documentation for this ? And a test Environment that i can use ?

Hello Team,

May I ask if using your plugin i will be able to do this steps: We need to enable the customer to fill a WooCommerce shopping cart via Coupa in order to complete the order details in Coupa. Coupa will then send an e-order to WooCommerce. Finally the order gets processed in WooCommerce and an e-invoice is created and sent to Coupa. If you confirm that it is possible i will buy the plugin . just need to be sure.

Thank you

Only OCI. No cXML:

How do we transfer cart data between woocommerce and ERP system ? if nno cXML? can you please explain further ?

Hi is where a demo to have a look into? can we add UNSPNC code on prod level. We developed some time ago a OCI interface for our shop and now moving to Woocommerce. Your plugin does all what is in SAP documentation OCI 4 or 5? and how about translation we need DE, FR, IT Thank you for your infos. Gottfried

You only have to use the “Live Preview” Button.

Is it Sap Business One – Woocommerce Integration ?

If SAP B1 supports default OCI ?

Does it still work with Woocommerce 4.0?


Can you please respond to the mails I have sent? I am getting a lot of errors in my error log coming from Woocommerce OCI like:

[22-Jul-2020 07:54:36 UTC] SPWCOCI::__construct [22-Jul-2020 07:54:37 UTC] SPWCOCI::spwcoci_plugins_loaded [22-Jul-2020 07:54:41 UTC] SPWCOCI::__construct [22-Jul-2020 07:54:41 UTC] SPWCOCI::spwcoci_plugins_loaded [22-Jul-2020 07:54:42 UTC] SPWCOCI::spwcoci_template_redirect [22-Jul-2020 07:54:42 UTC] Leuk stapelfiguur van Viga uitgevoerd in trendy kleuren, met ook nog een tuimelfunctie. Dubbel zo veel speelplezier! [22-Jul-2020 07:54:45 UTC] SPWCOCI::__construct [22-Jul-2020 07:54:45 UTC] SPWCOCI::spwcoci_plugins_loaded [22-Jul-2020 07:54:45 UTC] SPWCOCI::__construct [22-Jul-2020 07:54:46 UTC] SPWCOCI::spwcoci_plugins_loaded [22-Jul-2020 07:54:47 UTC] SPWCOCI::spwcoci_template_redirect [22-Jul-2020 07:54:47 UTC] SPWCOCI::__construct [22-Jul-2020 07:54:47 UTC] Grijp- en bijtfiguur in naturel hout in de vorm van een slak. Bajo is het ideale speelgoed voor de baby en is gemaakt van hoogwaardige en duurzame kwalitetsmaterialen. [22-Jul-2020 07:54:48 UTC] SPWCOCI::spwcoci_plugins_loaded [22-Jul-2020 07:54:50 UTC] SPWCOCI::__construct [22-Jul-2020 07:54:50 UTC] SPWCOCI::spwcoci_plugins_loaded [22-Jul-2020 07:54:51 UTC] SPWCOCI::__construct [22-Jul-2020 07:54:51 UTC] SPWCOCI::spwcoci_plugins_loaded [22-Jul-2020 07:54:57 UTC] SPWCOCI::__construct [22-Jul-2020 07:54:57 UTC] SPWCOCI::spwcoci_plugins_loaded [22-Jul-2020 07:54:58 UTC] SPWCOCI::__construct [22-Jul-2020 07:54:59 UTC] SPWCOCI::spwcoci_plugins_loaded [22-Jul-2020 07:55:00 UTC] SPWCOCI::__construct [22-Jul-2020 07:55:00 UTC] SPWCOCI::spwcoci_plugins_loaded [22-Jul-2020 07:55:00 UTC] SPWCOCI::__construct [22-Jul-2020 07:55:01 UTC] SPWCOCI::spwcoci_plugins_loaded [22-Jul-2020 07:55:01 UTC] SPWCOCI::__construct [22-Jul-2020 07:55:02 UTC] SPWCOCI::spwcoci_plugins_loaded

How do I solve this?

In addition, I have noticed in the Wordpress Site Health screen two errors which dissapear when I disable the Woocommerce OCI plugin:

cURL error 28 with REST API error AND cURL error 28 with loopback request

Could you please reply?

I want to Connect SAP ONE BUSINESS pos system to my Woocommerce website What is your SAP B1 Version? SAP Business 1 9.3 64 Bit How many SAP B1 company databases you wish to connect? We have one test database and one live

its possible in this plugin? i want to sync product billing customers stock etc

No. The Plugin supports SAP ECC or S/4HANA. I don’T know if it works with B1