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Hi, your images on the front page appear to be broken/missing.. same with the live demo. Would love to have this plugin, but need to test drive it first.


Seems it was a temporary webhosting problem . Just checked now and i can see the images. Try again and let me know


Hello, just a short question. May I use the template tag in backend. I tried to implement it but it failed. Is there a hint for using the template tag in backend?

Thanks in advance

Hi and thanks for purchasing the plugin. There is no such option to use the shortcode or the php tag in backend .

Let me know if you have any other questions Regards

Just installed the plugin. Tried inserting the shortcode on a page, but it breaks the page and it does not load. Please help.

Hello Dael Send me your website URL and WP admin infos at


I’ve purchased the Woocommerce Sales Map plugin and installed it. When I click to activate it my plugins page refreshes and I receive the plugin activated message however it remains deactivated.

I’ve tried activating it from multiple admin accounts in chrome and firefox. The page tells me the plugin is activated but it won’t actually activate. Could it be because my site has an ssl certificate? How do I get your plugin to activate?

It’s working now, I think the delay had something to do with my site caching. now I’m curious if your awesome plugin can be set to display unique customers per city rather than the number of orders in a given city.

Hi there

Technically is possible to make it to show subscription but would need some overriding of the code .

You can hire Orionk from here ( you have also a discount coupons ) with that link

Also please dont forget to rate the plugin . It really means much to us.


Hi I see only 2 geolocated addresses on the map instead of the 94 sales I have made . Can you tell me why is there a log somwhere ?


Does all the sales have shipping address ? Also are the orders marked as completed ?


I installed the Sales Map plugin, and added shortcode to page. The map shows up, with the word “Loading…” above it. But nothing ever happens. It never plots a single pin on the map.

I have about 300 orders, all of which have shipping address included. Please check and let me know.

I installed the Sales Map plugin, and added shortcode to page. The map shows up, with the word “Loading…” above it. But nothing ever happens. It never plots a single pin on the map.

I have about 300 orders, all of which have shipping address included. Please check and let me know.

Hi , checked a bit the view source and seems you have the shortname of city/states and google isnt able to get a geo location of those

See whats making those city/states to be shown as short hand instead of the default full/long text


I see what you are talking about with the short names of the states…. but I have no idea where this is being generated from. I don’t think there are any default settings in Woocommerce for this.

Your plug in is pulling those codes from somewhere - is it the main Woocommerce code, or Wordpress, or something else?

Prepurchase question: Can I have access to demo/sample code before purchasing?

General issue: As with all sales map data, it is – and I mean this without judgement – absolutely pointless to perform live queries on them. Stuff like that should always be stored somewhere locally and pulled/drawn from there rather than hitting Google Maps with massive queries in the case of a sales database exceeding several thousand orders/customers.

For me it is perfectly fine if that stored data-set is updated once a week. All I want to do is show potential and existing customers that like-minded souls could be residing close to where they live. Ideally, as a second step, I would like the customers to tick a box if they wish to be contactable by other customers without divulging personal information.

Maybe this is something to keep in mind for a future release.



On new version we added a “how many orders to show” , so you can limit how many orders to calculate … so it affects how many queries sent to google. Regards

I agree to Helmar’s thoughts. Is it everyime making queries or not?

Yes , as explained on the description it makes the queries every time.

On new version we added a “how many orders to show” , so you can limit how many orders to calculate … how many queries sent to google


Hi, is loading faster now? Thanks, Ole

Hello, when I updated to the latest version my map disappeared from my page. I do not see a loading symbol or my shortcode text on that page. Please advise on what I can do. Thank you.


I want to buy Woocommerce Sales Map but I wanna ask a presales question.

What I wanna do is to sell trips in Istanbul. Can I put some museums on Istanbul and sell them as service.

Also, can I put some informations on these maps such as duration and price?

Waiting for your reply.

Thanks in advance.


Technically yes but its a customization request .

AN option ( if you cant do the changes yourself ) would be to hire a developer . Orionk has done many customizations and you can see his profile here


How can we add thousands of orders from another sales channel to show all of our customers. Most of our orders are from another sales channel. Can we somehow make those orders show on the map? I cannot import all of the orders, but I could load the addresses to a spreadsheet.

Hello Technically is doable but im unable to do it . You can ask Orionk on this link since he has done many customizations.


Hi! We just installed the Woocommerce Sales Map plugin and only have 1 pin showing up on the map (out of 1000+ orders). I’m no sure if that is because the majority of orders are monthly subscriptions and as such, the orders are not “closed”? Thanks!

Hello , the orders needs to be completed and have a shipping address so that that shipping address is used on the map .

Let me know if you have any other questions

Do orders have to be completed? I want to show orders that have been placed, but not yet fulfilled, and have them removed from the map once the order is fulfilled.

Hello , the plugin looks for completed orders. You can customize the code to look for non completed ( processing ) or if you cant do yourself you can ask Orionk since he has done many customizations. .

Let me know if you have any other questions


jnic_us Purchased

Good day. I have installed the plugin the map appears on a page but indicates a “loading” message and no sale indicators appear on the map. Could you kindly check the following link and advise me what the problem could be.

We are based in Johannesburg, South Africa You assistance would be appreciated. Thank you

Hello Jnic.

Google map now require an API key to work. I have updated the plugin and now its being reviewed from Envato. It should be available for download in the next 1-2 days. This should fix your error. Once you get the update notification, download the new version and get an API key and enter it on the plugin options page.



This is perfect in principle and we purchased this for a customer to use but our test order with City: Manchester and State/County: Lancashire doesn’t seem to appear on the map right whether we use City or State in the settings. The order seems to move between South Africa and the USA, even more oddly. What can we do to get this fixed?



Hello Mat ,

Its up to google to decode the address . What the plugin does is that it sends the address to google to be decoded in latitude/longitude and then the plugin uses the response from google to display the marker at those latitude/longitude coordinates that google sent back .

So the plugin is “ignorant ” and just relies on what google sent back


Thanks – my mistake – this is working great now! Just what we wanted.

No problem

Please rate the plugin since it helps us so much


Hi, I’m wondering if there is a way to only show certain categories of sales on a map? Eg. A map showing locations of customers who purchased Products 1 and 2, and a different map showing customers who purchased product #3. Or if you can only have one map, can you have different map symbols for different types of products? Thanks!

Hi By default no , but it can be done with customizations of the code

If you need help you can contact Orionk


Hi my name is Julian and I was lookig your plugin, loor really good. I don’t know if will work for what I need. I need to display in a map like your plugin do, but all the products of my shop. And be able to search by location, I think your plugin just display the products I sale already. Do u know if is possible to use your plugin like I need or if there are another plugin I can use for that.

Cheers, and thx for your time, Julian

Doesn’t work on ipad. Why?

Hello , please contact us at