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Good job, GL with sales :)

Thanks a lot and good luck to you too. I’ve seen All Weather. I will use it for sure ;)

Good plugin but you should make it have the posibility to add various products and everytime to appear a different product we added in the list.


We’ll keep this in mind. Please subscribe to our newsletter and we’ll let you know.

v2.0.0 is on its way ;)

You can promote specific product, random product or random featured product (this way you can really get the most out of your featured products).


Hey, it looks very interesting plugin, but i run a multilangual ecommerce wordpress and i would like that the Label could be translated so it appears in the right language in the right version of the website.

My website run with french and english language. and i would like to do differents offers for both versions. Like when people run the website in french, they see the box written with a french label with an offer on a specific french product.

and when people run it in english they see the box with a lbel written in english with an english product, diffrent from the french one.

Is that possible ? I’m very interested with this plugin, if you can add this option, i’ll buy it for sure ! :)

We’ll keep this in mind but for now our plugin definitely is not what you need. Sorry for that. We’ll send a newsletter to inform you

hi9 any reason why im seeing this at the top of my page when i activate ther plugin Warning: number_format() expects parameter 1 to be double, string given in public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-salesbooster/admin/wp-init.php on line 48

Excellent! Let us know if everything is good now. When there is no order some get that error. We will fix that soon.

Hi! Please do not forget to rate us at http://codecanyon.net/downloads if you haven’t already…

Update to v2.0.0 is on its way.
With this update comes support for variable products and from now on you can promote specific product, random product or random featured product (this way you can really get the most out of your featured products).

Please take a moment and rate us at http://codecanyon.net/downloads



I have a problem with your plugin, show null and the text out side. attach file.


Please help me.

i can’t download version 2, only available 1.0.1

Let me check please.

I bought the plugin and am having problems. Works only with products whose price has an offer. So far so good, but in my case, even putting the price on offer product appears with zero value. $ 0.00. What could be wrong?

Can you please give us a link to your website?

Sure, but I had to disable the plugin so it does not show the products with zero price. http://www.malulopes.com.br

There should be no such error on v1.0.1. Please add us on Skype and see what is going on. Our Skype ID is markessence

Hi Markessence, Will this work with dynamic content from WooCommerce products? If so, can only specific Product Categories be chosen? Can Featured Products be shown randomly, and change with unchecking within product panel? How does this slide out accommodate horizontal product images? Thanks, Dan

Hi Dan, with our latest release you can select to display random product from the featured category.

Markessence is simple the best. Great! Excellent! support

i want to add this to the ‘thank you page’ only… doable?

Yes. With just a line of code

Warning: number_format() expects parameter 1 to be double, string given in /htdocs/xxx/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-salesbooster/admin/wp-init.php on line 91 What I need to fix?

ah ok, if we choose product without price error come, product with price then all ok

Yes, we’ll try to fix it in order to have it working for products with no price as well. Please take a moment to rate us at http://codecanyon.net/downloads It really helps a lot.

I saw a feature like this on multiple larger websites, I finally ran in to it here..

I’d like to say good job on the concept, but I hope you can create better themes that are more functional… I know it seems too small, but no one reads text from Bottom to Top, so the left bar with the “Box Label” prevents me from buying this plugin as it defeats the purpose of the plugin, to bring attention to a product.. its a great idea, but bad display.

Good point! We’ll keep that in mind for our next release.
Thank you for the feedback

Hi, I have just bought and activated the boost sales plugin. I have put the sliding fan on the left side of the screen, but it is almost impossible to see.

You can see the result here: http://nyborgs-room.com/

What can I do to resolve this?




You have few CSS lines that rewrite our styles. I will get back to you with a custom CSS code that you have to add to your website.

You should add the css lines below to your theme.

#woospecial .woospecialbutton { height: 36px !important; }
.woospecialleft { left: -102px !important; }


I’m very interested in this plugin but need to know if it is compatible with all themes (not only woo-commerce themes)

Best, Leon

It outputs a WooCommerce product so it works with WooCommerce plugin. You can use any theme you want.

Demo is not working. Does this plugin work?

No updates in 2 years. Does this still work?

No updates in 2 years. Does this still work?

hi, this plugin work in mobile ? is it progressive? thank you