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The DEMO is having some glitches

Updated the demo

Does this plugin (or your wholesale one) allow turning sales tax off for some customers? In the US at least, I don’t need to charge sales tax to wholesale customers, because they are they ones who will be collecting it when they sell to the final retail customer. I can’t seem to find a role-based pricing plugin that takes this into account.

Hey Added tax module. see the screenshot here http://postimg.org/image/x3ca2vs57/ With this option you can select countries for tax exemption.


Does it support WPML?

No. This wouldn’t support wpml.

hi can each variable have a different percentage discount


The product variation prices will be changed according to the discount applied to the role. If you are looking of different prices for each variation you can checkout my other plugin ‘Woocommerce Wholesale Manager’


The “Exclude Category” is not saving.

Hey Please make sure that you have installed the fixed version. It works check the video. http://youtu.be/sbAzBFxM6B8


Any chance of having a plug in where you can exclude different categories for each user role instead of across the board?

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Congratulations on the new release! I hope you have tons of sales :)

hi – what’s the difference between role based on wholesale? Is tax exemption all taxes or can some be exempted but not all?

Hey Tax exemption is all the taxes.

The plugin is causing items in the cart not to display … amazon payments button, product prices … is there an update? If there is, is there an automatic update? I can’t have a plugin that does suddenly breaks the cart because it doesn’t keep up with woocommerce updates. I really want this to work but that’s a deal breaker.

No issues are reported so far. Please test it with a different theme and if it still shows the problem contact me at ferozjaf@yahoo.co.uk

I just want you to know your bootstrap.min.css file is taking global priority on the backend of wordpress. Causes major functionality issues.

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Is it possible to set the plug in up to show the normal price crossed out and then Your Price:?


The plugin doesn’t have the functionality but it can be shown the way you asked if its customized. If you need customization let me know.

I am updating the plugin to get rid of the bootstrap issue.


Hi I just got this plugin and my back end is changed please help me with this issue, thank you

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Hello. Just purchased this plugin, and I think it works nicely (a simple way to reduce price for a specific role).

1. I was wondering if it is possible to show the regular price crossed out and a text with the current role: “role price: 200€” for instance?

2. On my single product page, the price is visible two times… why is this?

Hey, Regarding price showing 2 times, can you send me a screenshot at ferozjaf@yahoo.co.uk and yes i can customize the plugin to meet your needs like showing price with current role etc Thanks

Hi PPQ: Will I be able to use CUSTOM FIELDS or ADVANCED CUSTOM FIELDS in order to bulk-import my XML file-data into your plug-in?

Hey The plugin doesn’t create any fields on product level whether it is simple or variable. You can just import whatever XML file you have (use any bulk import plugin) and just go to plugin option page set the % value for each role, rest the plugin will take care. If you have more questions please drop an email at ferozjaf@yahoo.co.uk Thanks

Hey there, great plugin :) I have been looking for a little code snippit to ADD the regular price crossed out next to the role based price. Have you solved this before? I was to reassure the customer they are getting a discount all the way through the purchase process. THANK YOU !

Please drop me an email at ferozjaf@yahoo.co.uk with a screenshot that shows how you would need it.

This plugin is causing UI issues on the WordPress admin (backend)... Toolset WP-Types, Views, CRED & Access are all affected. Would be great to have this issue addressed, o/w it won’t be usable.

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I have been unable to use the Tax Exempt feature, the only reason I bought the plugin… I have assigned a role/country to engage this feature, and subsequently modified a customer to have this role. Tax is still being applied at checkout, however…

Using WP 4.5.2, WooCommerce v2.5.5. Please advise

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Is it possible with this plugin to limit the number of times a role can use the member price for a specified amount of time. For instance, to off a member benefit of a free product, can I set the role price to $0 with a limit of one use within the span of 1 year? Thanks!

This needs plugin customization. Drop me an email at ferozjaf@yahoo.co.uk

Hi, great plugin. When we activate this it seems to conflict with our multi currencies, and stops them from working. Any chance we can get some support with this?

sure, can you please drop me an email to ferozjaf@yahoo.co.uk

I’m looking for a plugin that will allow me to sell to non-registered shoppers, but shows registered shoppers a different price based on assigned roles. I bought a different plugin already only to find out later that they really couldn’t do what I need. How about you guys? Is this possible with your plugin? Thanks.

Hey, the role price manager plugin allows you to sell product in different price for different roles.You can set different percentage discount on regular price for each role group. If you are looking for much more apt plugin for your need, i can create a custom plugin for you. you can contact me at ferozjaf@yahoo.co.uk thanks