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We would like to know if your plugin can help us with the following?

    - add wholesale functionality to our online store and setup multiple wholesale accounts, each with a different discount amount
    - can the wholesale price be visible to all visitors and not just for the registered/logged-in customers and if so, can we change show the normal price, the wholesale price and the amount they save?
    - also, can your plugin allow our visitors to register as a wholesaler or we need another plugin to make the registration.

We are looking foreword to your reply.

Thank you!


I have published two wholesale addons on codecanyon and none of them allow multiple wholesale functionality. If you are interested i can develop a plugin that allows unlimited multiple wholesale levels and wholesale registration.

Let me know if you are interested.


I have some tax exempt products for specific users. I am currently handling this with PHP, which works just fine until I want to edit an order, the instant I change an order to editable it adds tax to all of the line items and I can’t remove it again. Would your plugin solve this or have the same problem?

Hi we will have an upcoming promo that will give discount and tax exempt on certain products depending on the user role we define can this plugin handle this kind of promo?

Our current settings in TAX is Yes, I will enter prices inclusive of tax, so we enter the price with tax already and we used a standard 12% TAX in all products

Hey sorry for delay in reply. The plugin will be updated soon.