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I don’t want the coupon apply to specific roles automaticlly, I want the specific roles – user manually enter the couple and apply the discount. Can you do something about it , may be adding an additional option allow admin to configure the coupon either manually applied by user or automatically??

Hello. Unfortunately, at the moment, there isn’t a option to do it manually, as the coupons are generated automatically through admin panel and users do not know coupon code.

Hello. The feature is now added with version 2.0.2, which is released and will be available through Codecanyon 48 hours to 5 days (depending on staff).


I have purchased your plugin but have discovered two things, 1 which is a bug, and another, a crucial feature I need and the reason why I bought this plugin.

(1) When I try to remove a role from an existing coupon code, I cannot. In other words, I am able to delete the role from the input, but when I save the coupon, the role/roles appear once again. The only way to get rid of existing roles within a coupon is by inputing a different role. Seems like a glitch. I am on WC 2.5.2 and WP 4.4.2

(2) It seems that all coupons auto-apply to a specific role, even without a user’s input. So if, for example, I have a coupon code (10off) that applies a 10% off coupon, and I attach it to Role: Consumer, then any consumer auto gets this coupon. That is unexpected behavior, as I would like for a consumer to input the coupon code to receive the % off, not get it automatically. Let’s say that I am selectively emailing the code to customers, but apply it across the board to all users within a specific role, I would only want the customers who know about the code to use it, not every single person who is of the same role. What should I do about this issue?

Please let me know.


thank you for your purchase and your message.

(1) I tested it out on the demo site, which is also WP 4.4.2 and WC 2.5.2, but I couldnt achieve this issue. I tried to edit an automatically generated coupon (by Role Discount page) and manually added coupon, it worked as it should – roles were deleted and added as wanted.

I also checked the code. By functionality, there could be a glitch if code checked whether your new role is existant before and whether to add it or not. But, currently all coupon roles are being overwritten, so it is kind of impossible to have a problem there.

(2) At the moment, you can not do anything about it. The plugins is created so it will apply automatically role related coupons. However, this is a pretty nice idea that I can add as a feature (checkbox to coupon settings).


The feature (automatic/manual) is now added with version 2.0.2, which is released and will be available through Codecanyon 48 hours to 5 days (depending on staff).

About the bug. I found out that if nothing is selected for role restriction (and previously there was a role), then it is indeed not saved. I fixed it now.


Hi, I’m really interested in this plugin but I need answer : Is it possible to create a user (in my project like a premium account with a gateway for a payment, for example this kind of user could buy a virtual product). Thanks you for your response.

Sorry, but I do not see why your question is related to the plugin. This plugin does not handle payment gateways.

Hi there, I have a pre-purchase question: with this plugin is it possible to set different discounts for every single user? For example: Even if they have the same role (users), Client #1 has 10%, Client #2 has 15%, Client #3 has 20%, etc..

Many thanks and best regards.

Hello. Unfortunately not, as prices as different per role basis. You have to set different role for each user in that case.

Hi, I have pre purchase questions.

Is it possible to set price per categories e.g Shoes

So if the price is from $1-$10 then discount to be $1 So if the price is from $10-$20 then discount to be $2 So if the price is from $20-$25 then discount to be $2.5 on and on


1) WooCommerce allows you to set Product Categories (or exclude categories), if thats what you need. 2) No, not with such fixed rated. However, you can set up a percentage discount which will be almost the same (10% of 10$ is 1$)


Already purchased this plugin through my other account. Got a clarification regarding the pricing display.

Can you please assist me to make the discounted price displayed on the product item page, before going into cart? So the logged in user will see the discounted price instead of the actual price before adding to cart.

It would be great if we can display the same price on the list of products as well..

I’m sorry for my English. I want to buy the pugin, but I need this:

1) The coupon is sent when dell’ascquisto as “gift” user purchases. Its value, ie, is 3% discount on the product or cart.

But I wish this same coupon can be given to a friend who will provide a new discount “loyalty” is both the buyer and friend. It’s possible?

I hope I was clear

2) I also need to set a coupon to a particular user. it’s possible?

It’s OK.

1) Unfortunately coupon that is generated by the plugin, is strictly limited to the customer.

2) If you set this particular user’s role to anything, then you can do it.

Pre-sale Questions:

1. Could we apply % based discounts for specific user roles? I see that in the screenshots, it’s only flat discount and not a percentage.

2. Does this plugin have the option to apply discount automatically on the cart page without adding Coupon code?

Thanks in advance!

1. Yes, as you can see from the screenshots, you can choose between percentage and flat discount.

2. Yes, this plugin will apply the generated discount automatically to a role.

There is an option in coupon settings whether the coupon should added automatically or not.

Thank you for the answers! Much appreciated.

use a discount code from email not as Guest Order


is it possible to limited a mailed discount code only for logged in clients? Guests should only get a message “Please log in to use these Discount code!

Kind regards Frank Weber

Hello. As the discounts with this plugin are related to user roles, then the discounts apply for logged in users. You can set a separate discount for guests.

However, this plugin does not show any kind of message to log in to receive the discount.

ok, thanks for this info, can I set a limit per user to? one time per User?

have tested it by myself after buy, works well

How works support? Have bought yesterday and have a problem. Button Support switch to an old ticket system message?

I submitted the update to CodeCanyon, it will be available in about 48 hours or less. You will receive a notification.

Thank you!

Hi. Till today I got now update info in my website plugins area. Have I manually deinstall and new install? How should I update manually? Kind regards.

You can either delete the plugin and then reinstall, or just overwrite the plugin files via FTP.

I will soon make a automatic updating available via WordPress.

can you do tenth of a percentage, example 72.5%

As WooCommerce coupons allow it, you can do it.

Hello Just a presale question. Is it possibile to create different discounts for not logged in customers, for example, I make silver group and add 10% disconunt for that group and I can add one specific user to this group in he will have same discount every time he buys something. Thanks and greetings Urban


If you want the specific user to have same discount every time, they will have to log in because otherwise you can not know if it is that specific user.

You can do that with this plugin – create a role and give this role to your specific user. And add discount to that specific role.


YogurF Purchased

Hi. How can I translate the word “discounts” in the cart page?

A greeting.


YogurF Purchased

I use “Loco Translate”. But it does not translate that word in the template, your plugin or Woocommerce. Translations are 100%, but ignore this word.

This happens sometimes and I translate from PHP. But I can’t find “Discount”. Can you help me?

A greeting.

For direct translation (although I do not recommend it), you’ll have to edit includes/class-wcrd-coupons.php file, line 121.

If you have translation issues amongst other plugins aswell, there is something wrong with your setup or something is in conflict.


YogurF Purchased

I’m not excited about editing PHP, but only that way can I get it to work. Thanks for your help!

pre-sale question I’m building a downloadable subscribtion base website. our woocommerce shop contain downloadable items for $1 each. I would like to assign a $5 off monthly coupon to user with customer role so they will be allowed only 5 free downloads a month and it will reset every month. And $20 monthly discount for user with subscriber Role so they can download up to 20 items a month for free. changing the role from customer to subscriber will be handle by another plugin but we need coupon to auto generate and expire monthly and auto applied at check out. can your plugin help with that ? Thanks

Hi there,

Pre-sales question…

I would like to add the following functionality to my shop.

1. Customers are given the option to sign up and become a member in order to receive special discounts.

2. The special “members price” is on full display to everyone who looks at the product page (to serve as an incentive to sign up).

3. There is a clear button for signing up which opens a form with all the questions I could possibly dream of. When the customer completes the form they become a member of the site and the information they fill out gets sent to Drip/ActiveCampaign/ConvertKit so that I can hassle them in specific ways later on.

4. They are then presented with the option of buying the product at the reduced rate whilst being reminded of their savings.

5. I use WooCommerce Deposits – Partial Payments Plugin by VoodooAttack. I would like the discounted price to come out of the partial payment. i.e. Normal Product price $1000, Normal Deposit $150. Special Members Price $900, Special Members Deposit $50. (Mine is a vendor based shop. The customer pays the vendor at a later date. It would be simplest by far if the discount affects the shop end only and makes no difference to the vendor’s experience).

Can your plugin provide me with this functionality. If it can do some of these points but not others, which are the points it can’t achieve?

Thanks in advance for your help,


Hello Dave,

Well, that’s a lot of functionality that is not related to this plugin.

1. By default you can enable sign ups in checkout for WooCommerce. 2. This plugin shows only special price for the logged in used, because the plugin has many user roles and each price can be different. 3. Completely custom development. There are several ways to achieve it, but I am not able to tell if it could be done with some plugins. 4. As this plugin uses coupons discount system, after the discount customer will see discount amount in cart or checkout. 5. This is possible with this plugin, as this plugin modifies prices per product and “hands over” to cart, then deposits take over and handle however they need.

Hi, I’ve just purchased the plugin. First impressions, it looks great! Would you consider adding some filters for roles, something like this

$available_roles = apply_filters( 'wcrd_single_product_roles', $available_roles);

Only one of my roles will ever have a discount. This filter would help keep things tidy when editing a product. So I can show only the relevant roles.

Thanks, Davey

Hi! Thank you for the purchase.

Sure, I can do it, but I’m currently collecting things to do in the new version, adding the filter is not enough to release a new version just yet.

Ok, sure :) Thank you. Also, if a price is set to 0 things don’t work as expected. Can you add something like this to the next release? I’ve commented out where I made a change. You may want to refine it. Thanks again for your quick response :)

// Check if there are any specific prices?
if( count( $prices ) > 0 ) {
  // Filter out same prices and empty values

  // $prices         = array_filter( array_unique( $prices ) );
  $prices         = array_unique( $prices );

  if( ! empty( $prices ) ) {
    // Get the smallest price
    $smallest_price = min( $prices );

    // if( $smallest_price ) {
    if( $smallest_price !== false ) {
      $price = $smallest_price;

Hi. I just uploaded a new version. You will be notified by CodeCanyon when it’s approved and available for download.


When I updated the plugin ALL my prices were set to 0 ! (And people ordered…) Do you have any idea what the problem is ?

Best regards

Thanks for reporting. I found the issue and released an update, it will be available to download once CodeCanyon approves it.

Dear Sir, bought your plugin but on the plugin page i see this error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function wcrd_get_available_roles() in /home/storelowcost/public_html/wp-content/plugins/codecanyon-5382490-woocommerce-role-discount/includes/class-wcrd-options-page.php on line 121

can u help me please ?

Hello. Thank you for your purchase.

The error may indicate that your installation went wrong or some files were not installed. The callable function is located in includes/functions.php file.

What version of WooCommerce, WordPress and PHP are you using?

Hi, I have a Pre-sales question; I want the ability for a percentage discount to be applied to any customer who registers. The discount must apply to the checkout order if they select the create an account option or if they have already registered and are logged in. The discount can only be used once per user. Is that possible with this plugin? Thanks in advance.