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How To Get Role Based Price Using Short Code ?

We have shortcode which will return you the price for the give role and price type

Short Code : [wc_rbp id='99' role='' price='']

Shortcode Variables Explained :

  • id=99 you need to replace the 99 with your simple/variable product id
  • role=administrator you need replace administrator with your user role id / use current to get loggedin user role
  • price use regular_price or selling_price to get the value of each

Example usage of shortcode

Get Product’s Regular Price With Custom User Role
 [wc_rbp id='99' role='administrator' price='regular_price']
Get Product’s Selling Price Based On Logged In User
 [wc_rbp id='99' role='current' price='selling_price']
Get Product’s Base Regular Price
 [wc_rbp id='99' price='product_regular_price']
Get Product’s Base Selling Price
 [wc_rbp id='99' price='product_selling_price']

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