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I cannot raise a ticket on your support forum due to an error…. Please see my issues below:

We are using your free and paid plugin on our site. it works well, but when we use the WooCommerce API to get the products and prices on our site, it is sending the price from the plugin related to one of the user roles instead of the original “price” field set for the product.

Can you please help. The price we enter in the plugin should only be for the website and for those user roles. The API should still use the WooCommerce default price field, not the price fields from your plugin.


PS When I try “sign in with envato” on your site nothing happens and the URL becomes:

there is no date yet. but it will be ready soon.


pf62 Purchased

Hi, I really need the API integration. Can we please discuss this. I really need to know when you think it will be ready

Hi, Please contact me via skype / email.

Skype : varunsridharan23 Email :

Hi Varun,

By using WP ALL IMPORT Plugin, i want to update only the stock level and ignore everything else. But the result, the price categories are gone.

Can you tell how to do it right without loosing the prices during updating stock level? It would be great if you can provide me “step by step” instruction with screenshot please.

​Thank you!​

​Regards Shirley Noviyanti

We need time to check for the issue !!

There is no trick to avoid it.

Hallo Varun, i want to ask you again about this problem regarding loosing price categories after updating stock level . When will you release an update? I really need it. Thank you!

Hi, We are still working on it. soon we will have an update for it.

Is this compatible with Woocommerce Subscriptions?


it will take min of 5 to 10days of time.

if you need the integration then let us know or contact me directly via Skype : varunsridharan23

I think we will find a solution sooner but good luck – it’s a feature that I am sure other users will benefit from

see again ! i dint say that i will not make an integration. but if you want then you can purchase and contact us to make an integration. you just can’t demand for it. you just pay 59$ just to use it. it just 0.001% of the investment money we get from your sale.


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Hi Varun. As already explained by Skype, I have an issue with the “WooCommerce Price Filter” which is not getting the Price Per Role coming from your plugin but the “regular price” of the product instead. Any solution?


Right now we dont have an integration with that.

Hi varunsridharan,

first issue: I have this warning in my logs everytime I run your plugin with WpAllImport: :error [client …] PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/web/ on line 195

second issue: If I enable your plugin and a product has several variation an I enable also this plugin:

the product takes 20sec+ to load. If I disable your plugin everything is fine. Can you please check what’s going on? I already talked with the other developer and said it cannot be caused by his code he just double checked.

Thanks for your quick reply


I can understand. but this is not the way to ask for support :( we have our support portal where you can open a ticket. you comment on deprecated filters can bring my sales down. i am working on this very hard to make it even better. but you guys (buyers) never ever believe in us and make such comments its too bad :(

As I sad please ignore my previous mex: as I told u I couldn’t erase it once I noticed you had backward compliancy reading your code.

Anyway something is wrong I don’t know if it’s on your plugin or not. What I can see is that you replied trying to keep your good face for future reviews and you’re not helping me. Maybe it’s not your plugin code that is causing the issue but instead trying to help me you’re most worried about your sales.

Don’t worry we’ll figure out what’s going wrong it will just take some time. But I just understood I won’t figure it out with u; you don’t have the right attitude.

Anyway look at the ratings: you have 5 stars thanks to who?? thanks to me.

Have a good one I’ll leave u 5 stars again so u can sell this. It’s a good plugin but u have to understand how to give support. no one wants a ticket support: we’re in 2017.

have a great time


i haven’t said I will not help in any of my replies

yes I have to worry about sales because sales in Envato is my life :)

if you can open a ticket I can help you out. I will not provide support any user here.

ticket system :

Hi Varun I’ve got two pre-sale questions: - will I be able to show both base-price and price based on user-role on my productpage..? Will I be able to export all variants along with base-price and price based on user-role (using WP All Export)..?

Thnx in advance Morten


will I be able to show both base-price and price based on user-role on my productpage..?

Yes for the above feature you can use our shortcode to show products base price and products current role price. or even you can use the pricing table feature.

Will I be able to export all variants along with base-price and price based on user-role (using WP All Export)..?

yes you can export both prices at the same time.

Have latest wp and woo howevs plugin is not showing on the woo dashboard to make any adjustments.


if you are using latest WC rbp then you need to install free WC rbp version which is available @

Hi, i also have made the latest updates but role based procing dosn’t show up in woocommerce preferences to make any ajustments.


if you are using latest WC rbp then you need to install free WC rbp version which is available @

So do i have to run the free and the pro version at same time ?

Yes you need to. we separated pro and free version to minimize the site load. :)

Great plugin, has been working well for a long time now. Two slight issues with the new version that I thought I would point out.

1) On the product edit page, the WC Product Price is showing $0.00 even though the role price is saved, active and shows successfully on the front end. It just doesn’t reflect on the edit screen.

2) When role based pricing is active and you are in that role (a good example is granting role based price to admins and when logged in you can see the wholesale price) you can see a sale icon on the product. I would love to know how to remove this as the product is not on sale.

Thank you for the good work :)



We tested our plugin again and i cant replicate the issue 1 which seems you might be using older version of our plugin

i am not sure why you are trying to say. !

also if you bought the plugin. i would request you to create a support ticket @

Thank you so much for taking your personal time. Here is a composition that shows you what I mean for the zero value in all of my product pages.

It could be a plugin conflict. I have to test more thoroughly.

The other issue was that the plugin (with a value entered) will trigger the Woocommerce “sale” status and add a “sale” graphic to the product image.I suppose because this is not regular price.

Wholesale is not a sale or markdown of the product, I don’t wish it to be on sale, just a different price for wholesalers.

I hope that clarifies and thank you for your personal time :)


Hi, i would kindly request you to send me an email / open a thread at forums.

thanks :)

ncasola Purchased

Hi, before buying, i just need to know if is compatible with the free version of wp all import. Thanks


you need to have WPAllImport With WC Addon then only it will work

Hi can you tell me if this works with WooCommerce Subscriptions


We dont have an integration but we can create 1 if you need

Will this ever be able to change pricing per user? For example, we want each user role to have a certain price, but we negotiate a different price for individual users as well.

@Azsmall23 right now we dont have such feature. but we are interested add this

Ok great, keep me posted please!

We will start working on this if its required for you. so please do purchase and open a ticket @

Hi, wich fealds and values are used to enable/disable RBP using the native csv product import?


Any filed . if you are using wc default import then select wc role based price status.

Hi Varun,

I am interested in buying this plugin mainly for my e-commerce website where we want to set different pricing for the retailers, wholesalers and distributors; however, we also would want them to order a minimum quantity for each of those products.

Is it this possible to do the same with this plugin?

Thanks, Utpal N U


right now we just have option to change the product prices. but there are many other plugins where you can limit for the quantities. also we are working on a new plugin for the same feature. but it takes time to release it.

Thanks for the prompt reply, can you suggest some of them. Also will they be compatible with this plugin? Are you planning to add that feature in this plugin or to release a new one?

any plugin should work with us. also we decided to release it as a separate plugin

Hi, pre-sale enquiry. Will the plugin work with WC Marketplace and apply to all vendors shops/products if i set the rules or roles from my main woocommerce settings and is there a way to disable for individual vendors and their products if a vendor chooses not to grant discount? How does the customer know the product is at a discount i.e at checkout or when viewing products Thanks

Apologies for misunderstanding… Many Thanks

ok it seems it should work. if not we can make it for you

Ok Thanks very much,, have a great day

Is it possible to set a % difference in price per user group? We have perhaps 1,000 products. We sell to both site visitors but also vendors. We have different price rates across all products per vendor. For example, Vendor A will pay 90% of the regular price of ALL products that a site visitor will pay. Vendor B might pay 80% of the regular price of ALL products that a site visitor will pay. Is it possible to configure this way? Or are we stuck with changing the price for each and every 1,000 products for each and every user group? One way takes 30 secs, the other way takes perhaps hours.

ok, I sent an email.

Did you get my email? I’ve not seen a response yet.

Yes i did. as its weekend i am not able to reply to emails. you will get an reply by today


I’ve been looking for a user role pricing plugin that works with WP ALL Import.

Is there a way to force or enable the user based pricing at the product level instead of enabling it on each product one by one?

If there is, then when using wp all import, could I set something to turn this feature on for all products during import?

we dont have timeline for this feature. may be in coming weeks it will be released

Does this plugin or any others allow setting user role based pricing by category?

This feature is also under development. but it will be released only after 1 month

Hi just bought your plugin but can’t see the settings menu in the woo commerce setting page?

I want to use it with your other plugin:

im having the latest version of woo commerce 3.2.5


Sorry for the delay you need to install WooCommerce Role Based Price Free Version from