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Excellent plugin! Well thought out. #Bookmarked

very good work ;) i wish you all the best for your sales !

Hi i need to increase prices by % to different categories so i need to save the job to run when i import my csv with wp all import… example category 1(or subcategory) i need to upgrade price by 5% category2 ”” i need to upgrade price by 10% so i save this job and on next csv import i run it.. this is possible with your plugin?

@Djrino.. sorry i din’t get you,:(.

sorry i have not explained better.. i need this fuction and i ask if you can do some custom plugin that do wath i need…. my skype is rinoso if you want to add

Contact request sent

hi, and you can see in the basket the two prices as the single product



Sorry. i really cant get you.. can you please explain. what you are trying to say ?


This is a custom requirement. please contact me directly to get this done.

the requested option can be done via custom coding

Varun, This is a great plugin. I wish I had known about this before I purchased WooCommerce Prices by Role. The ability to integrate with WP All Import (Which has a cosmetic glitch and needs a toggle switch for role-enabling) is wonderful for someone who has over a hundred products. I’d like to give you more feedback if you need any.


thanks for the review :)

Hi, I’m having difficulties using this plugin and bulk discount at the same time. The sum in the WooCommerce cart and checkout is the article price times how many of the product. It doesn’t calculate the bulk price.

Do you have any solution for this? Or can you direct where I should begin searching for a solution?


Can you please tell me which plugin are you using for bulk discount ? And also i can see that you have not purchased this plugin.. but how come you can use the pro version ?

dear @varunsridharan – i am not able to install your plugin. is it also compatible with word press 4.5.2/ woocommerce 2.5.5?

@Rubde_2014 yes it is.. can you contact me via Ticket sys so that you can share me some screenshots

thx 4 fast reply. i opened a ticket!

Hello plugin is compatible with WPML?

@C4Web The current version is not but.. our beta version dose supports it.

I’m waiting update!!! thank you!

@C4Web Thanks :) if you bought this.. sure you can get our beta version.. which is 90% ready for release..


Tapeix Purchased

Hi there! Pre-sale question: is it possible to require a minimum order amount for specific user roles? E.g. normal customers shouldn’t have a minimum order amount, but suppliers do. Could you make that happen? I’ll be happy to purchase your plug-in. :)


Yes we have that feature in our beta version. which will be released in a month. but if you bought this plugin then you can get our Beta version at any time :)


Tapeix Purchased


First of all thank you for making this opportunity for us to import several prices in Woocommerce. :)

There are a couple of bugs to be found in the WP Import All, so I point them out here.

1. How can I enable Role Pricing in WP Import All? It is defined by ‘314agdag’ in .php, but I cannot turn this function on when I import all prices. It is clarified by a textbox, not a checkbox. Maybe you could change the verification so it is easier to switch on Role Pricing?

2. How can I only sync Role Pricing in WP Import All? For example, I have the ability to resync taxes, images, descriptions, prices and so on. However, I don’t see the ability to resync Role Pricing. Could you please tell me where I could do this?

3. Are you about to release the minimum order amount extension? :-)

Thank you for your help.


Answer For Question 1 Sorry for that incorrect help text .. :( Enter active or yes any one of those word to enable it via WPAllImport

Answer For Question 2. We are working on this to have a option in WPAllImport Page.

Answer For Question 3 We finished it.. its under testing right now soon we will release it.


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Thanks Varun! I’m looking forward to the next update. Have a nice weekend! :)


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I have found an issue with your plug-in: if I enter a price like 3,20, it will be automatically converted to 3.00 euros. Unfortunately, there is no way to edit this easily for me (we’ve discussed about it at Skype).

Is there an option to accept decimals instead of points (.)?


Tapeix Purchased

Never mind, solved it! :)

Hi guys,

This is a pre-purchase question. Is this plugin compatible with or ?

and thank you for your free version. I am very appreciate :) It will be great if pro version support bundled products.


Our beta version is 90% bug free. and we are planning to release it asap. we hope it will be released soon.

If you want you can get our beta version after your purchase. and you can also contribute for testing if you like,

Hi varunsridharan,

Thank you for your fast reply.

How can I get the beta version ? Could you send me please ?

Please open a ticket @ requesting for beta version . and we will tell you the process for that.

Hi Varun, I got a PRE-Sales question:

I need the following for my shop:

—I have 2 different customer groups: 1. end customer with prices incl. tax. 2. b2c customers with different prices excl tax (they need to be shown separately)

—Do they customer choose when registrating which customer they are with including their tax number or how is it working?

Is that possibe with your plugin?

Thanks a lot.

Kind regards Jana


Sorry for the delay.

Right now you cant have price with diff tax settings.

if you need i can give you a live demo.

skype : varunsridharan23


Can we have different rates for 2 Admins (1 is Super Admin and Other is Shop Manager)

Like for Product A Price is Rs.100 (for Admin) and Rs.110 for Shop Manager (at Back end)

I want Shop Manager to Sell at 110 and when they come to me Super Admin i will sell it for 100



Yes you can set product price based on the user role. this plugin will work based on the current user role.

which means if a shop manager visits your site they must be logged in to view the price.


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When do you plan to release v3.0? Thanks!

Hi sorry for the delay

In 20 days we will release WC rbp 3.0

hi can this work well with your other plugin Role Based payment/ shipping methods?


That role based shipping and payment gateway plugin is standalone and this is a seperate plugin

Both can run at a time there will be no issues and there is no need to integrate that with role based pricing plugin

Nice work!