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Hi Varun, I´m interested in your plugin.

Is it also able to hide products by user role?


Can I use the pluIn together with your WooCommerce Role Based Product Hiding?

Yes you can :)


grupofb Purchased


I just bougth the premium versión and I can’t be more dissapointed… The free version is more easy to use, I need to change a lot of prices and your plugin doesn’t work like you promise… Where are the addons? How can I change all the variation prices by role? I sent you several mails and no response…

@Grupofb Sorry about that we have not yet released the new pro version in codecanyon. we are working on it. which will be released in few days (max 4 days). if you would like you can open a ticket in our support portal asking for beta request. where we will provide you the latest updated version which is hosted in with some pro addons.


Thorit Purchased

How can import prices via wp all import? I dont see a custom meta field for that. I installes Wp all import pro and the woocommerce addon

Please install our latest version which we sent in our ticket system then it will work.


Thorit Purchased

when i try to import the roles this error appears: ERROR: Unexpected token COMMA, statement was expected.

please use our support portal .

Provide us more info with some screenshots too.

Hi Varun, I tried many times to update only the prices using WPAll Import. It did not work!!

I am not happy with this. First, i have to delete all products and then start again to upload all products in order to update the prices. It costs really so much time, because i have 5000 products !!!! Can you give me any solution? I sent you already emails but i did not receive response from you.

@Snoviyanti. I am sorry about that. kindly contact us via our support portal so that we cna assist you at the best. also what version are you using ?

Thanks! I sent you already a ticket. Waiting for your solution!

This is disappointing move. We had Wp Import Pro with the Role based Plugin and used it to import variations. You have now made the WP Import module paid (which is fine) but its an old version that is not updated? So the products dont show the price range on the front end. Will this be resolved soon.

Rezolution. we are working on the item page graphic so why the release is getting bit delayed. it will be release asap. but if you want to use the latest pro version then kindly open a ticket

Hi there. I am using Aelia WooCommerce Prices by Country plugin. I was wondering if you plugin will work with this one. The problem is that I want to give x% discount for specific roles but the prices are different depending on the country they are shipped. Will your plugin calculate the discount depending on the price actually presented? Also, does it have the option to set in bulk 5% discount for a role (and not do it manually per product)


We haven’t tested WC Role Based Price With Aelia WC Prices By Country. it should be working by default. if not you can contact us so that we can make an integration to work with it. also right now our plugin dose not have support to provide discount based on % for now we have only fixed price. soon we are going to have option to have discounts on %

I need the import function with this plugin, but I’m reading about problems and the new version that’s delayed and wonder when you put it for sale here?


We have the importer functions and also we will be releasing in 4 – 5 days.

you can still get that function if its urgent. just buy our plugin and open a ticket @ So that we can provide you the source. :)

Hi Varun, today, i got the latest version from Envato. Should i consider something before downloading this version? Thanks for your reply.


Yes this pro version requires WC Role Based Price Free version which is hosted on in order to pro version work. Link :

After using WP All Import PRO and uploading Price Levels, my tests show the import didn’t import role based pricing as Enabled. Is there a global way I can enable Role Based Pricing on all products, opposed to going into them one-by-one and enabling them that way?

WPAllImport should work perfectly if you find any issues please do open a ticket @

I don’t wish to reimport or ‘update’ all data in the 1500 products. How do I just import the change to enable the role based pricing? Your documentation should be clearer regarding the need to place a 1 in that box, or turn it into a drop down so it’s visually obvious.


I can understand. we are already working on the document

please do contact us via Ticket System so that we can assist you much better.

How do I use the “RBP Dynamic Pricing” extension? I’ve activated it, but “Extension Options” is empty.

Ok, I was hoping for a possibility to universally (i.e. on all products) change all prices for a user role (e.g. 30% discount), but this doesn’t seem to be implemented… Or am I missing something? This is the only reason I bought the pro version for. Unfortunately even the basic version is not working for variations together with WPML. The source language works fine, but the prices aren’t propagated to the translation? Any suggestions on how to get it to work? Products without variations are not a problem, i.e. translating works.


Sorry for the delay.

RBP Dynamic Pricing is a simple tool which can be used only in selected product not globally.

after activating the addon just go to a product edit page and have a look at the price metabox.

reg wpml. we already working on the issue with variation products with wpml. the issue will be soon fixed.

Can I set different prices for different user groups, so I can show RETAIL prices, WHOLESALE prices and DROPSHIPPING prices to different users? I mean, so each user group can see a different price in the product description. Thanks!

Hi, Yes you can using the addons RBP Pricing Table Addon which is already included in this plugin. but note this pro version also requires the free version which is hosted on

Thanks! just to make sure (because I found out another plugin I bought only showed the discounted price on CART and not on the product description): – Person “A” which is unregistered, will see price US$100 on the product page – Person “B” with role DROPSHIP, will see price US$50 on the product page – Person “C” with role WHOLESALE, will see price US$30 on the product page.

Is that correct?



Please have a look at

Where the heading says Role Based Pricing Table.

you will get an shortcode which can be used any where to display the prices.

mainly it can be used in product descriptions .. i dont think its good to show in cart. if in case if you need a custom feature do let us know. we can do that in best price.

I just purchased the plugin and activated it. I’m not seeing it under Woocommerce Settings. Why is this happening? It worked when I had the free version


You need to have free version installed too

im about to purchase your plugin, but im kinda incredulous with the WP All Import integration. Is it really work? I have 6 roles per product and i wan to import my info using a WP All import / WC Role Based combo.

Hi yes wp all import will work with WC role based pricing

You need to activate the integration add-on for wpallimport from our plugin settings

Bring it on then! Thanks!


You can just purchase and install this pro version but this pro version required free version which is hosted on

Can users be put into groups automatically based on sales figures?


I can understand. but that feature is not there.

Just buy our plugin and open a ticket we will add that feature in few hrs after opening a ticket @

Purchased the product, installed on our test server and nothing shows up. Plugin shows activated but there is no menu options or pricing options. Putting in ticket.


Kindly install the free version of WC Role Based Price plugin inorder to pro version work.

free version can be downloaded from

Hi varunsridharan,

can you please tell me if the plugin works with WooCommerce 3.0?


Yes our plugin dose work with 3.0 but still we are working on few more updates to improve stability of our plugin

Hello. I noticed in a past comment that the plugin shopping cart will not update with new prices if the user logs in after they add to the shopping cart. Is this still true. Thanks. Just a pre-sale question.


I dont think that issue is exist.can you buy this plugin. if you find this issue let us know so that we can check & fix it.

Hi there

1. How many user groups can yous setup with own prices?

2. Can you give each user group their own custom user group name?

3. Will this work with and import and export woocomerce csv – in terms of updating bulk prices?

regards Stef

1. How many user groups can yous setup with own prices? ANS : As many user roles you have it will work.


2. Can you give each user group their own custom user group name? ANS : you can use this plugin ( to give custom names to user roles.


3. Will this work with and import and export woocomerce csv – in terms of updating bulk prices? ANS : Nope. we dint get any requirement for this plugin to be integrated with WC CSV importer. but we have WPAllImport


if you need the integration then please buy our plugin with Extended support and open a support ticket. and we will check and if possible to integrate we will do the work for you :)

Thank you so much for the quick reply!

With the latest updates, WooCommerce Role Based Price 3.0.7, and WP All Import Pro 4.4.7 + WP All Import – WooCommerce Add-On Pro 2.3.5, the Role Based Price panel no longer appears on the import page. Does this mean the plugin is no longer compatible with WP All Import?

Sorry about that.

Can you please open a ticket @ and provide us the wp login details to check for the issue ?

Please disregard. We had overlooked that the previous upgrade required the Pro version installed for WPAI compatibility. All is working great now, thanks. Excellent plugin.

Prebuy question.. Can I control the visibility of price and cart button on product level or global only?

right now we have it based on global also based on logged in user.