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Well done, It’s very useful! Good job :)

can I get my product attributes in the compare list?

Not yet, but I will add this support in next version soon

feature added to get product attributes in the compare list

Hi so this compare feature doesn’t get added to the shop and product category pages automatically when you turn it on? You have to use shortcode and add that to a page? Am I correct?

yes you are right, but I will add this feature in next version soon

i’ll come back then :)

Hi Matayou, Now you can use it with your existing shop and category pages

Hi, Iqbal. I am not seeing attribute displays in the screenshots or live preview. Does the plugin really have these features?

Great! Why are there ’|’ between the attribute values, though? Can those be converted to another character, like a comma? Suppose I want to list about 20 attributes?

I will customize it for you

Contact me after purchase, I will do it for you. Thanks

Hi Will this Plugin also compares attributes and attributes group created using



Hi, I didn’t use that plugin, but I can help you on this. Contact me here rameez7759@gmail.com

Custom color option is added, please update

Purchase code:


I am wondering how to customize the look of this plugin. Whether I use your black background or change the color to white it does not go well at all with my products, descriptions, etc. Is there a way to fix this or customize the appearance on the page better?

I can help you on this, please contact me via Email, rameez7759@gmail.com Thanks

Custom colors and appearance option is added, please update

Hello How can i generate a shortcode when I’m in the options? i wanna hide items from the comparator options like: Hide Rating, Hide Total Sales. I just have this: [WCP-shop] and it doesn´t change.


You can generate shortcode from WooCommerce -> Product Compare or manually you can pass attributes in shortcode like [wcp-shop rating=hide sale=hide]

Ok, thank you

Hi, I will send Email to You with some questions and 1 problem.

Hi Rameez, i have a problem with the plugin, when i try to visualize in the cell phone, the phone doesn’t show the attributes in a right way, looks one up the other. how can i fix it?

Hi, contact me here. I will see this issue on your site rameez7759@gmail.com Regards

Works this plugin with wordpress 4.4.2 & woocommerce 2.5.2

Yes it works, If you face any issue I am here to help you

Hi, we´re experiencing some issues with this plug-in. First, the attributes are listed too separated, some fall off the page and the scrolling does not work, so is impossible to read all the atributes. Second, there is no way to access the comparison from the product page, we have to include a new product listing and we do not have a way to sort the products so it is easier to find what we want to compare.

Last this is not an issue we like to have more control over the pictures used in the comparison, and include more than one picture.

Thank you.

Hi, I can help you on the gap between attributes, contact me here with URL


I am working on its new version for accessing comparison from default product pages, will be launched this week hopefully

In next version, I am inserting slider to navigate through all images of that product from comparison screen

Hi there,

1) How does a plugin works? We added a product (or two) to compare, than what? Nothing happens!

2) Second question, can a compare feature be visible (working) on product page, for example – http://demos.webcodingplace.com/product/woo-single-1/

Thanks, Igor

Hi, when 2 or more products will be added to compare, then a button will appear on bottom of screen to compare those products

and on single product page it will not work


Got it.

Button at the bottom almost invisible.

You can change its appearance from settings, let me know if you need further help, Thanks


We’re thinking of purchasing this plugin, but our host (WP Engine) does not support PHP Sessions. Would this plugin work in such an environment?



Hi, Yes, it will work because this plugin does not use Sessions


I recently Bought this plugin and installed it in the website. The feature is not working, when I tick the Compare checkboxes the Compare button not poping up.

Please help.

Thanks John

Hi. The demo is not working. It says “Bandwidth Limit Exceeded”...

Hi, sorry for that. Its fixed now

I bought your product because of its ability to compare custom product attributes and WPML support. I have installed the plugin on my site but…

1 – When you plugin is activated it breaks font awesome display for my theme and 2 – When products are selected for compare and you click the compare button that pops up at the bottom, there is no dark overlay, and the modal that pops up has no background color so it is not possible to read the text of the compare boxes, its like your CSS isn’t even loading. 3 – When loading woocommerece products on pages other than the main woocommerece shop page the checkbox for compare products never brings up the botton to launch the mode.

What do I need to do to make your plugin compatible with my theme? I am using the theme Salient, which is a very popular theme so I would have expected your plugin to be compatible.

Hi, can you please send an email here help@webcodingplace.com

I will see this issue on your site


Sent you an email with admin login to the site.

can you pick which custom attributes you want to display, my products have loads of attributes but I only want to compare a few

Hi, currently it compares all attributes, but I can customize it for you

you can contact here for customization



not working at demo site? please check the demo site. Thanks