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Is the plugin compatible with WPML?


Not yet.

Hi, Where do they leave the review? We have reviews disbaled on our online store. : /


Hi, The customer will be directed to the product page where they can leave a review using Woocommerce’s built in review functionality. If you have this disabled and are using something else for reviews, you can point the link in the email to that system instead.

hi there I use a plugin called woocommerce Pretty emails to change the default emails to cleaner looking ones. Would I be able to use this to set the template as well for the review email, thanks.


It depends on how that plugin is coded. Our plugins adds its email to Woocommerces default ones using the hooks provided so in theory it should work fine. Again, depends whether the pretty emails plugins in coded correctly to use these hooks too.

Thank you, would give it a try just one more question- is there an option to exclude a product from review My setting has a couple of add ons as products example- customer engraving and shipping fees as a line item- could these be excluded from the review by any form of settings?

Unfortunately no there isn’t. But its a useful feature and i’ll make a note to add it when we come to updating the plugin.

Do you have a timeline on when WPML will be supported?

Hi there,

Apologies no we don’t. The update for this plugin is still a little while away.

Hi I think this plugin sounds fantastic. Before I purchase can you please answer 2 questions: A) Can my customers opt out of future request for review emails? B) can the emails include product images? Thanks !

Hi there,

Didn’t even think of opt out if ‘im totally honest! But you are right, it needs to be in there. So i’ll look into adding it. And product images are already included in the email :)

That’s fantastic – looking forward to the update with the opt-out. Planning on purchasing tomorrow :) Thank you.

How do I know if someone has posted a review?

Hi there, Receiving a review (basically a comment) is a standard feature of Wordpress and the same notification that you would normally get for a comment is used. The plugin doesn’t handle that though as its part of Wordpress as standard.

My order screen isn’t showing the dialog area for sending out a review request with the date of when that email was sent or anything. Is there something I am missing turning on?

Hi there,

Is the email enabled in the settings? The order must be set to Completed before the options will appear. When you set an order to Completed, if the email is enabled, the plugin will schedule an email using the setting defined and the dialog box on the order screen will show if an email is scheduled.

Hello – I see in your previous comments that you mentioned placing ”#tab-review” in the email template to direct the customer specifically to the review tab, but I am not sure where to place it. I thought it was after get_permalink, but that just gave me an error. I appreciate your help.

Also, om the sent emails, there is a box with a red X instead of my logo, or nothing. How do I change that? Thanks again.

Nevermind – I figured out the second question. The wrong URL was in the email settings. Sorry. So just for the reviews tab please. Other than that, I absolutely love the add-on.

Hi there,

When you add a #something to the URL (e.g., the browser will load that page and automatically scroll to the position of the HTML element that has an ID of something.

When your creating the URL, don’t pass it into the get_permalink function. Simple added it to the end.

So for example <a href="<?php echo get_permalink(); ?>#tab-review">Click Me</a>

Let me know if your still having problems.

Does this plugin automatically publish the review? or do we get to approve/disapprove them?

Hi there, No, it only send out the email reminding/requesting a review. Whether the review get automatically published or not will be based on your Woocommerce/Wordpress settings.

Hello! It would be nice to have the ability to offer a prize (coupon) after the user made the review

Hi there,

That is a good suggestion and we did briefly look into it when first creating the plugin. I’ll revisit it and see what i can do. Thanks

Hi thanks for a great plugin. I’ve purchased this but cant seem to find an easy way of sending a test email, so that I can check my variations to the email template are working and everything looks good. This would be a great feature if you’ve not already thought about it? Cheers, Jon

Hi there,

We actually had another customer request this a few days ago and we’ve working on it as we speak. In the mean time, i guess you could set up a test order with your email to text this out.

Hi, I have been searching for a review plugin that will allow the customer to leave a review by order rather than product. To be clear, I sell house numbers so a typical order is 3 to 5 numbers per order. I want the customer to be able to review all of the numbers in the order with a single review and allow me to display that review for each individual number in the order. Hope that makes sense.

I have had only one instance where a customer took the time to review each number that they ordered and most of the time it’s a big distraction. They love the numbers they buy from me, but if their address is 1248 Elm St. and they purchased numbers 1,2,4,8 and love them I don’t want or expect them to write a separate review for each number, but rather a review for the order or set of numbers. If they give it 5 stars I would like the review to show for all of the numbers in the order.

Will your plugin allow me to do this?

Hi there,

Thanks for getting in touch. The plugin will not do what you want. Our plugin will send out an email to the customer automatically after a number of days to remind them to leave a review.

What your after will need to be custom coded so that a single product review is also applied to all other products in the order too.

Its something we can look into a quote for if you wish.

Email us suing the form on the profile page and we’ll be more than happy to discuss it further.

Hi, thank you for the quick reply, I sent you a request for quote.

Hi, I forgot to ask the most important question and that is, is the star rating and review SEO friendly?

The plugin doesn’t actually handle the reviews themselves, it leaves that to Woocommerce.

The plugin will only send a reminder to the customer to leave a review. Actually placing the review is handled by Woocommerce’s built in functionality.

But to answer your question, yes the start rating and the review are SEO friendly.

Hi I’m looking for a plugin, compatible with Woocommerce Booking. I’m working with functionality like I want to send a request to the customer, who has booked my product, 3 days after he finish his stay.

Hi there,

I can’t confirm that the two plugins will be compatible because we haven’t tested them out ourselves. It all depends on how the booking plugins handles each booking. If it uses Woocommerce bullt in order type then it should work fine.

Hi there, This plugin is installed on my website but emails are not sent automatically. I always have to manually send the emails. Is there something I’m missing? Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks.

PHP version now updated to 5.6.23, MySQL version is 5.6.30

6 days, no answer, this is certainly great support. Well done!


We’re a little swamped at the moment with a few different projects. We haven’t forgotten about your issue and will be looking into it as soon as we can.

Author is dead ?


No we’re not dead :P (not yet anway!). What can we help you with?

Is this plugin compatible with WP 4.6.1 and latest woocommerce 2.6.4? The only information I can see is WP 4.1 and WC 2.3.* which is very outdated.


Hi there,

Yes it is. We just didn’t get around to updating the information. But if come across any issue let us know and we’ll be more than happy to help.

OK thanks

Does your plugin also check/verify if a customer has left a review? I want to send a reminder email to a customer after purchase (e.g. 4 days later). If they write a review and it’s approved by shop manager, I want to give them a coupon (random generated by specific criteria) as bonus/thank you.

Can your plugin handle this?

I have created code myself in child theme functions.php some time ago to create a random coupon code and show/apply it to the cart. If you want, I can send you this code if you could integrate it with your plugin to handle auto coupon generation when review is approved?


Hi there,

At the moment, no it doesn’t, but its a feature we’ve been wanting to add to the plugin for a while now. If you don’t mind sending us the code you have and having it included in the plugin then by all means send it to us, It’ll serve as a good starting point for us!

Hi, is it possible to send the reminders only to customers how subscripted to a newsletter (mailchimp)?

Hi there,

Apologies for the late reply. With Christmas and New Years, and a few problems on our end we’ve got a bit of a back log of work that we’re trying to get through and its causing a delay on everything.

What you want is not possible with the plugin currently and will require some custom coding to get it to work.

Hi, I would like to know if with your plugin is posssible to use the coupon code of woocommerce and if your plugin works with this:


Hi there,

Its not possible (yet) to automatically generate a coupon code to use in the email. But you can always manually create a coupon code and add that to the email template.

With regards to the plugin, i can’t comment because we haven’t checked it ourselves, however, the plugin adds the extra email in the same was that Woocommerce itself does it so in theory it should work fine.

Hope that helps