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I am interested in this plugin. Is the plugin compatible with any price calculator (for Woocommerce) plugins, for example, Uni CPO Price Calculator plugin to generate a calculated price based on the customers’ inputs?

Thank you.

Hi. What we need/want is to transform a WooCommerce shop from an ordering platform (“shop”) to one that works identical in nearly every way (having a cart, in particular) but substitutes the order/checkout process by an inquiry for a quote. The inquirer should get a copy of their inquiry, which I think your plugin does. Shipping costs should be ommitted completely.

I would appreciate if you could answer those questions: - Can your plugin do all that or do I need any other WC plugins? - Is this the catalog thing I read about? Even with the inquiries?

PS: Sorry if that has been asked, I’m struggling with the WooCommerce terminology, hence I have a hard time searching.

The quotelist email template is broken. Well, the image that is linked to the website, is. Instead of starting with “https” like for the site I’m currently working on, it starts with just ”//”. This screws up Outlook and the connection times out when they’re trying to reach it. Other email clients are simply displaying a broken image.

So the URL becomes ”//www.domain.se/wp-content/uploads/filename.jpg”.

Actually, my bad. I was using an old version and didn’t realize it. However there is a bug with “resend notification” when using Gravity Forms: It doesn’t render the HTML when it arrives in the email client. It just prints it out.

So that’s something to look at :)

That did not help unfortunately :-/

Hello, im looking for purchasing your plugin, i have some questions though.

1. With this plugin It is possible that, if i have multiple kind of users, for example, a wholesaler and regular costumer; the Quote function can replace the buy function only for the wholesaler still leting regular costumer make a normal purchase?

2. ¿It is possible to control if the quote fuction are linked to the current product stock?

Thank you in advance for your attention and excuse my poor english.


DVin Author

Unfortunately both functionalities are not possible.