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paulvb84 Purchased

How do you get your plugin to work with WooCommerce Extra Product Options? I see in the comment you say that they are compatible but it doesn’t seem to be the case. Here is a link to an image explaining more: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xt1c7wzh2mmkp98/Request%20For%20a%20Quote%20Problem.png?dl=0

The quote list table still does not show up in my emails for both contact form 7 and gravity forms.

Hi, I sent 2 support tickets with no Answers. The first ticket was from 3 weeks ago.

1) Image don’t show in the email sent with the Request a Quote form. 2) How can we make the attributes (size , colours) selectable to add to the quote.

Please help. Thanks.


tahseeny Purchased

I just bought the plugin. Still I haven’t received any reply.

Hi there. Your plugin is awesome, works perfect!

How can I share with you spanish (spain) translation to dont loose it every time I upload an updated version? I will love to share it with you so you can add it in netx releases. Thanks.

Actually I just found one important thing. In responsive versions you use “data-title” to populate Request a quote cart columns, but they are not “translatebles” it looks like they are simple echo code.

In table header you got

<?php _e($coltitle,'dvinwcql');?>

That is fine.

But in cell data-title you got simply “echo”

<?php echo $coltitle;?>

This coltitle must be translatable too.

Line 29 is:

<td class="product-<?php echo $colname;?>" data-title="<?php echo $coltitle;?>"><?php echo $cart_item[$colname];?></td>

should be:

<td class="product-<?php echo $colname;?>" data-title="<?php _e($coltitle,'dvinwcql');?>"><?php echo $cart_item[$colname];?></td>

That is an error you must fix. Thanks!

(File quotelist.php lines 16 and 29!)

Can the quote be done directly through a lightbox on single product page? Thank you!

Can’t tell from the demo. We want to having fully functioning shop with cart & check out but the person is building a list of products for a quote so at no point should they see a price. (no price in product, cart, checkout or emails) Is this possible with this plugin?


genkee Purchased

Hi great plugin thanks, even though ive added item to the quote list the basket icon still says 0 Items, can this be changed and linked to the quotes?