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Hi, Does this plugin also work on the admin backend of WC, or only on the website?

Plugin only works on the website for now. If you want to repeat your orders WC admin backend, we can implement it.



can not install on WordPress 4.4.1 with “upload plugin” function. something like “no plugin found in package” ;) please help!


when i make a .zip out of the plugin folder i can install it. next problem is that nothing happens, when “repeat this order” gets clicked.

order detail page works: example link ../mein-konto/view-order/11372/?order_again=11372&_wpnonce=733a217114

order overview does not work: ../mein-konto/#repeat-order_11343

Hi, datendrang,

Thanks for purchasing our plugin. Can you send your website link from my profile?

Regards, Kodea

Just Curious. Why would someone repeat a order?

Hello, i´m also interested in repeat order, or better copy/duplicate an existing order in woo-backend to a new order-draft. it should be able to add products after that or give a discount. is this possible in the next time. thanks.

We can implement this feature for you. Please contact us our profile page.

Im looking to add this on a website for a sandwich supplier – so that people can re-order easy.

Is it easy to add more or remove things from the order each time if needed? In-case they have more people in a meeting for example and need to order more.

Thanks in advance.

How exactly can i see all orders to repeat previous orders of my clients?

Looking at buying your plugin, but have a question first. Want to be able to add the reorder button to a sidemenu to make it easy for customers to put in regular orders. Is that possible? When the re-order button is pressed, do the same items get added to the cart, or does the order get processed further? Finally, once the re-order button is pressed, can the order be changed?

Many thanks Looks good otherwise

Hi, I get this error when i try and activate the plugin

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in /home/musiczone/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-repeat-order/includes/Kodea_Repeat_Order.php on line 80


sbutz Purchased

My products are date related so if my client wanted to do a repeat order, they would need to change the date for that order, is this a possibility with this plugin?


I have your plugin on my site and it works when im signed in and view the order the order page, however, it is not working on the my account page where it lists all the previous orders with the options view/ repeat this order. When clicking on the button the url goes to http://log-barn.co.uk/my-account/#repeat-order_16720

the added #repeat-order_16720 but the page does not change.

When pressing the button from the order page it works with this http://log-barn.co.uk/my-account/view-order/16720/#repeat-order_16720

Can you suggest how to solve this?

Thanks Liam


sbutz Purchased

I just purchased and installed this plugin but I am using the WooCommerce – Gravity Forms Product Add-Ons plugin and it doesn’t seem to repeat all of the options from that previous order. Can you advise?

Hey there! We just purchased your Plugin. Unfortunately it does not work. Button is displayed but nothing happens when hitting “repeat order”. The Cart stays empty!

How can i get this solved? Greetings from Germany, David

Hello, before buying this plugin, I have a question for you. For a instance, if my customer want to repeat the order. And the prices of the product has changed from last order(plus or minus price from last order). Will the plugin system will know that price has changed or it will automatically detect the price and list down the change price at checkout?

we would like to use repeatorder via emails can your extension be used or can you customize it to be used in this fashion?

We would like to be able to repeat our orders in WC admin backend, we see you offered to implement it 10 months ago. Has this happened? I cannot see any info to say its a feature. Can it as we have a client wanting to be able to do this.

Nice job, glws!

Will this plugin pass the order metadata back into the cart? We have quite a bit metadata that is important for our orders so in order for our clients to order again this would have to be passed back into the cart. Thanks!


ycspzoo Purchased

Hi, I get this error when i try and activate the plugin

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in /home/dev/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-repeat-order/includes/Kodea_Repeat_Order.php on line 80

WordPressem version 4.7.1 WooCommerce version 2.6.11

Thank you in advance for your help! Regards

Hi, I’m interested in buying your Repeat Order plugin but I need to know if it works with WC Fields Factory Custom Fields. Other plugins do not transfer the custom fields data from the ordered items.


Hi, will this plugin be updated for the latest Woo version? I purchased it, but although the option to reorder does show, nothing happens when you click it. I really would like this plugin to work, I use Woo 2.6.14. is this the issue? or might there be another reason the plugin does not work?