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Hi Just bought your plugin, can you tell me how to add it as a shortcode to a page ?

Hi, hanks for the purchase, this module does not have shortcode. As it needs related products and use the hooks to work with. thanks

Hi, will this override my current “related products” feature on WooCommerce? Page example: http://www.atequsa.us/product/rubber-seal-for-si-or-sim/

Hi, we get 500 internal server error while checking your url. If you need to know more information, please email us at developers@solvercircle.com. Thanks

Pre Sales Questions…

1. Can this plugin replace the Woocommerce Related Products display at the bottom of the Single Product page? 2. Will this plugin display related products based on the selected category or sub-category in a sidebar widget?


1. Yes, this plugin replaces the Woocommerce Related Products display at the bootom of the Single Product page. 2. It Automatically selects Related Products based on the Category or Tag.


I’m customizing a theme, and this plugin might work for me. Could you please tell me, if I insert woocommerce_related_products hook anywhere on my website, say I put it on sidebar.php manually, will it still take your plugin’s param?

If answer is yes, I might buy that plugin.


If you need something for sidebar, then you can check the http://codecanyon.net/item/related-products-widget-for-woocommerce/7162747?ref=wpproducts

This WooCommerce Related Products Slider needs a good width to show multiples products and would show at the Product Details page. So, it replaces the hook at the Product Details page. Thanks


Presale Question:

If a product is in the following categories:

Category 1 > Subcategory 1, Subcategory 2

Will it show related products of Category 1 or of Subcategory 1 & 2?

Kind regards.

Also, any option to add product attributes as an option to show the related products?

Hi James, thanks for liking our plugin.

=> You can select from the admin panel, whether you want to show related products of Category 1 or of Subcategory 1 & 2. It is up to you completely. => As this is a slider and can have have fixed height from admin, so, we did not think it appropriate to show the dynamic variations here. However if you want we can perform custom development specifically for your site.

i just bought the plugin but it shows the same related products no matter what product is shown which is definitely NOT what i wanted.

Thanks for the purchase. Please email us at developers@solvercircle.com with your site information, we shall check it out for you. No worries please :)

Can this product remove related products from my product s?

sorry, your question is not clear. Why should it remove products and why would you need that ?

Hi, I have the same problem as mistatony – I have it set to work by TAGS but it just shows the same products on all. Please advise ASAP.

Please email us at developers@solvercircle.com with your site access info.

Have done, and Facebook. It’s an urgent issue. Thanks

Resolved and Replied to your email :)

Hi there. PPQ: Say you sell mobile phones, and want to display related accessories like covers etc. BUT they need to fit exactly that specific model. How would you achieve that? And would it be possible to list the accessories by category? Like “Covers” “Batteries” etc.?

+ is it possible to BULK IMPORT these rules during import??

This plugins slider shows Related Products based on the Category Or Tag. So, you may try to utilize Tag for your purpose.

Maybe custom script can be written to import category or tags if there is any.

Hi there,

Does a plugin have a widget?

Thanks, Igor

Here is the Widget plugin : codecanyon.net/item/wp-woocommerce-products-scroller/4541015?ref=wpproducts

Hi, I have set up for some of my woocommerce products “linked products” > Upsells which show selected products at the bottom of the product page.

I am thinking on buying your plugin as I also need to show a list of all products within their categories only.

Can I have in addition your related products slider which I assume will show all products within that category only?

It can show Related Products based on the Category or Tag. That is it will show the products from the same category.

Thanks – yes I can understand that but what I want to know is will it display this addition to the woocommerce > linked products > up sells? these upsells show at the bottom of the product and are manually selected ie “you may also like”

will you plugin allow a seperate list of related products based on category?

Our plugin is independent and it has its own settings, so it should not have issue with the upsells.

Hi, can you determine the sorting order by menu_order?

we can perform custom development at additional cost. Please email us at developers@solvercircle.com

Hi. Not sure if this plugin is still alive but I have a question.

Lets say we have the following category/product structure:

Parent Category
    – Sub Category 1
       - Product A
       - Product B
       - Product C
    – Sub Category 2
       - Product D
       - Product E
       - Product F

The customer is viewing product F. What related products would show? Just D & E because they are in the same sub-category, or would it show A, B, C, D & E because they all have the same parent category?


Suppose if you view the details page of product A (Sub Category 1) then the slider will show products B and C. But if you set parent category and Sub Category 1 for product A then the slider will show products B, C, D, E and F.

thank you for the quick response. I see what you mean. You are correct in assuming that products are assigned to a parent category AND a sub-category. Is there anyway to customise the code to only show products from the sub-category?

Hello, could I use this plugin how a shortcode, or an add_action for to any php template, or maybe the single product?

It works only with wordpress and woocommerce.

after i installed the slider, it made my category page show error, the products show under at the bottom of category page: https://www.customtshirts.design/product-category/shop/clothing-accessories/graphic-tees

Please submit a ticket with your issue details, screenshot and site access information at support.solvercircle.com

Hello, can your plugin display ‘Related Products’ from a custom category. For example Product is in Category 1 and single product page displays related products only from Category 2. Thanks!

Please email us and we can offer you a custom solution.

Does this plugin allow display of multiple sliders on a single product page. I want to display different categories or related products.

It shows one slider with related products in page. Please email us for custom development.

Is this plugin compatible with the latest version of Woocommerce 3.1.2?