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Just found this one, very cool. Hey i noticed the wallet has a coupon generator and a “My Wallet: RBE8JZ9 ( $ 6.00 )” indicator. Is it possible to remove the whole coupon thing and just use ” My Wallet: ($6.00) ”. The coupon thing is really confusing me and if there is an option to turn if off it would be very helpful and less confusing for clients aswell. Thank you reading and please let me know.

It’s really important because having that functionality for coupons will over populate my coupons page and my default it’s not that easy to manage coupons. I really want to keep that coupon area clean as possible


Thanks for using WooCoomerce Refund & Exchange.

Our My wallet system is totally dependent on our generated coupon so it is not possible to use My Wallet without coupon.

If you keep our Coupon in WooCommerce Coupon area then You can use our My Wallet feature.

For further more queries you can contact us over support desk Our team will assist you.

Thank You MWB Support

Okay thank you. i appreciate the response on that

I have a pre-sales question. I checked out the demo, but it seems all the orders are for 1 product. If the customer purchases more than 1 product, can they choose which product(s) they want to return?


Thanks for your interest in woocommerce refund and exchange.

Customer can return or exchange one or more product from an order that order have more than one product so choice is depends on customer.

And customer can able to generate request of refund or exchange separately of each order product.

Thank you

Thanks! Are you also available for customization of the plugin if needed?


Ofcourse we are available for anykind of customisation, please contact us at our support for this.

Thank you

Hello, Is the plugin compatible with woocommerce 3.2.1 ?

Kind regards


Thank you for your Interest in WooCommerce refund and exchange

We are going to release our next version which would be compatible with woo 3.2 on upcoming monday.

Thank you MWB

I see a question about two weeks ago asking about compatibility with WooCommerce 3.2. The answer suggests an update should have been released by now but the compatibility list for the product does not show WooCommerce 3.2.x.

Is the current version functional with WC 3.2 or is that update still pending?


Our plugin is now compatible with woocommerce 3.2 ver. Actually as an author we didn’t get selecttion in dropdown for 3.2 compatibility from codecanyon.

Means the list of compatibility you must saw at our product page is a long list provided by codecanyon for author to choose from there but till now we don’t get option of 3.2 that’s why we don’t able to choose and reflect over product page.

No problem we will add up a new image where we write this point as note.

You can purchase our extension if you have further queries you can ask presale questions from us or can check over demo also.

Thank you MWB

Will the refunded products get automatically added back into inventory ?

And will Exchanged products get automatically taken out of inventory ?


Thank you for your interest in WooCommerce Refund and exchange.

Yes our extension provide this functionality. Inventory will be synchronize after each exchange and refund process.

Thanks MWB support


jatindeep Purchased

Hello is it compatible with wc vendors can vendor himself process return and exchange in his own dashboard


supportatmwb Author Team


Thank you for purchasing WooCommerce Refund and Exchange.

We are working on the compatibility with the wc vendor. If you have any further queries or requirements then please let us know and we suggest you to please contact us over support, so that we could have better communication and our team will assist you. Follow the link to reach our support

Thank you MWB Support