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Hello guys,

The Magenest Team will be away from tomorrow Friday, February 5th, 2016 till Friday, February 12th, 2016 to celebrate the arrival of the Vietnammese New Year, which is also known as Lunar New Year. It will be one of the major public holidays in the country that we observe.

To know what is this Lunar New Year about, we leave it to Wikipedia to explain.

Our technical support will still be available however do expect some delays in getting your replies. While most of us will be away over the weekends, we will still try to squeeze in some time to answer urgent cases only.

Also, our plugins still available for all to purchase in Codecanyon.

We will resume work on Saturday, February 13th, 2016. Until then, have a great Lunar New Year.

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Hi there, is the plugin customizable with actions and filters?

Can you provide more detail about your request? Thank you

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Do this plugin work perfectly with latest version of WordPress and WooCommerce ?

Hi, the plugin is compatible with Woocommerce 2.2.x ->2.3.x and Wordpress 4.0 -> 4.3

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We returned to work from holiday so the support went back to normal!

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Hello demo link not available?

I have installed the plugin and its not working fine and breaking up the whole theme and not working properly thank you message is not showing at all can you please let me know how can I resolve the issues ?


Hi, Is there a way to have the affiliate link in showing in full under My Account instead of having clickable “Share link” option. I want the full referral link listed under customer account, how can I do this please?

Poor documentation / support. it doesn’t even indicate the shortcode to use for the form I have to go back here to search in the comments. The price is cheap but features are very limited.


Previously we have contacted with your support ticket section ( about this issue, but no reply to us that disappointed very much. Also the replied email from bug status link showing a dead link.

Please check the below issue and let us know where the problem is.

For checking the functionality of Woocommerce Refer a Friend plugin we have created a Refer Friend form page using your shortcode ([rf_sponsor_form]). After submitting the form it not showing any successful message, and it send a blank email with no subject to the refered Friend mail. However it generates a coupon code to the admin. We exactly don’t know where the problem. Please check the issue and let us know the solution.

N.B: WP-Version 4.5.2 and Woocommerce-Version 2.5.5



shakuf Purchased

when i get the “reward” email most of the tags doesnt work..
here is the email as i recive it: (sorry all in hebrew)
???? {{sponsor_name}}

??? ????? ?? ?? ????? ?? ???? ?????? ???????? ?? ????? ????? ???? ?- 5% ???? ??????? ???? ????!
?????? ?????? ??? ??? ?? ???? 172978363346574 ?????.

??? ?? ?? ???? ?????? ???? ?????? {{coupon_expiry_date}}
???? ???????:
???: {{refer_type}}
?????? ?????: {{invited_email}}



Hello! i wanted to create the following referral program:

person A can refer a friend through an affiliate link. if he refers 3 people, he’ll ge a coupon or an automatic discount on a purchase of my store. if he refers 5, he’l get another reward, and so on and so forth. if he refers 3 people and chooses to claim the reward he’ll have to refer 5 more people to get the 5-people reward.

if person B clicks on a person A’s link, person B will get a reward as well (a coupon.)

could this scenario be doable with this plugin?


Can you send me the plugin documentation and the translation file?

Can you tell me where can I change the coupon redirection on my account page?

I try desperately by all means to contact you but without return of answer to my problems!

thank you in advance

Hello, About the translation string can you add a .pot language file to translate? thank you in advance

I have Buy your plugin !

I am still waiting for an answer from you despite but different emails as well via Themeforest, email and your support !!!

plugin not sending any mail to user or admin or display any where in product purchase… , who refer friend of can it can be solved

This plugin just making people asshole…pls DO NOT BUY this…highly recommended not to buy…


tipytv Purchased

Bonjour, j’ai acheter et installer le plugin ” Woocommerce Refer a Friend ” sur wordpress 4.7.4. nous utilisons le theme Impreza child ainsi que visual composer. J’ai suivi votre vidéo tutoriel mais le menu ’ Referfriend ’ le méné pas au formulaire voulu. . Ce lien me renvois vers une copie identique a la page d’accueil. en espérant que vous puissiez m’aider.

Hi Tipytv,

Please log in our support portal and provide us some information such as: + Admin role + FTP or SSH + Path Directory Install Store We will consider your problem in the best way.

Best regards, _Magenest Support.

Nice plugin.

On our store we do not require customer accounts for check-out.

Will your plugin work without customer accounts?

Please advise.

Thank you.

Hi Sedlic,

You have to create the account to work with this plugin. Thank for your interest!

Best regards, _Magenest Support.


There is a big problem. I bought your plugin but the shortcode no longer work? Best regards

Hi Naniedance,

Please log in our support portal and provide us some information such as: + Admin role + FTP or SSH + Path Directory Install Store We will consider your problem in the best way.

Best regards, _Magenest Support.