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Hello, it tried to access the admin panel using test/test but i can’t access Woocommerce dashboard to test the plugin

Hello, thanks for the note. I gave more rights to the test user.

you could implement this functionality in the plugin? http://goo.gl/HVhLh1

Hi, Could you describe the issue to me in english? I’d like to know, before implementing.


One question:

I want to reset the cart after some minutes if the user doesn’t pay for them. The only factor here is that my products don’t have stock associated (it’s a monthly subscription/intangible product).

Even without stock management, can I still use this plugin to allow the system to clear the cart after some minutes?

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and thank you for the good question. As a result of a bug, this is possible in the plugin. There is an option ‘link all’ that sets this behaviour for all products, but creates an artifact as well for virtual products. I’ll do an update to remove this artifact and send you an email when it’s approved if you’d like.

Hi there, I am having some troubles with this plugin. It is not showing the amount of time a user has to checkout or how long it will be until the item is free again. Can you please advise? Thanks.

All of my quantities are showing .000000 at the end and I can’t remove it. Are you up to date with the latest Woocommerce release?

Same thing is happening to your test site after upgrading woocommerce.

If I can’t get a reply then I’ll need to request a refund.

Hii demo don’t working

Hi. What is it mean of time-limited?

I want: add to cart real stock change cart change number of stock out of stock (grey color for line of product, notification to buyer who added to cart) back in stock (notification for owner cart + defaul color of item back). Is it work available? P/S: real stock mean inclued purchased— or refunded/cancled ++ stock number

This plugin doesn’t work at all. I will request a refund.

Is this plugin working with the latest woocommerce? I am keen to buy

Hello My friend,

Can you update the plugin to compitable with latest wordpress? We are in urgent need of your plugin.

Your demo is broken

this plugin still have support?