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Great plugin good luck with sales :)

Nice!!!Best of luck :)

Thank you so much for your feedback! Very glad to hear you like it

Good idea.

One plugin I would love to buy is “recently viewed products” displaying products you recently checked out. Basiclly the same as this one but for just products you checked before!

Good luck

This is great, I was looking for something like this about a year ago. Bookmarking for future purchase :).

@LiveJens, WooCommerce ships with this feature. Just check out your widgets and you’ll see one for “your recently viewed products”

How long does it take to respond to a question via contact form? About a weekwaiting for the answer. Thank you.

Hi oopsEE,

It seems to be something strange, Please send a mail to with your site details(temporary access to your server). we are happy to look at your site and fix the problem. :)

Everything is fixed by author. Thanks a lot.

Great Plugin. Is there any way to remove “Date” from the displayed widget and also change the tie format to “2 hrs, 5 mins” ago. As in the time elapsed since the product was purchased?


The plugin is not working since i updated Wordpress to 3.9, all the products appear without image, and all products link to the same page they are displayed in. I need a fix for this urgently.


Our plugin perfectly works with wp 3.9 and the demo site is running on wordpress 3.9.

It may be problem with your theme, Please send a mail to with your site details(temporary access to your server). i am happy to look at your site. :)

what is the shortcode i cant see anywhere

AWESOME!! and great support Best of luck to you with sales :)

Hello, i have a bit silly pre-sale question but does your plugin show the shops latest sells from all the customers or shows the latest purchases of the customer viewing the website at that time?

Also, can you configure it to show the Country the item was shipped to instead the date?


Does this plugin give the option to show the price of the products just bought?

Hi, can you add the option that user can add the product to bag from that list? I’d love to have that function and absolutely will buy it. Thanks :)

Oh wait! Did I totally misunderstand this one? I believed it was like MY “recently purchased items”. Is this only displaying the global recently purchased??

Any response??


Yes, can achieve this with a small code adjustment (“list logged in user orders”), So Please contact us via our profile contact form or open a support ticket here [ ].

HI guys! Is that you working on the site?: Fatal error: Can’t use function return value in write context in /home/deboerdigtaal/public_html/dev/fuglsang/wp-content/plugins/wc-recently-purchased-products/inc/wcrpp-widget.php on line 54

Just got it sorry! Done ;)

I tried and resend my password but there is an error in the mail you send. It says follow the address: but there is nothing more in the email. So I cannot login and see if you have replied on my ticket… :(

we have already sent the password to your email, so please check your email.

HI guys. I just realised that the dates displaying in the lates purchased plug-in are not translateable. Will you release a translatable version soon?

Also, cant remember if I sent you my idea proposal for an update:

1. Option to include “sort by” to also select “my latest purchases” on the product-listing.

2. Product-page-listing only displaying latest purchased items (like category listing/ sorting) so that I can make a URL to link to inside “My Account”.



I am interested in this plugin, but the fact that it has never been updated since it was released is a turn off.

Is this Plugin working with the recent Woocommerce 2.4.10 and WordPress 4.3.1 Version?


I opened a ticket with you a few weeks back: #1208. I have yet to hear anything back. Can you please reply? Thank you!

I can see the live review, please check I interested in your plugin. Example i’m the buyer, If i go to MY ORDER -> Can i see all of order status such as:

page 1) All order included page 1,2,3,4,5

page 2) pending payment (which is not success payment yet)

page 3) shipped (which is the seller add tracking number already)

page 4) Deliveried

page 5) Dispute (order on dispute)

page 6) Refund (order on process refund, waiting buyer send back product to buyer, or the buyer did not ship a long time, buyer/seller accepted refund)

page 7) Evaluated (which is waiting for rating each other/ or still on time accepted click to dispute or refund time)

page 8 ) Success order (which is buyer no allow to requires dispute return any more, success purchase)

Importance: Each step 1 -> 2 >>> 3 >>> 4>>>> 5>>>> 6>>>> 7>>> 8 . will have notification to email to buyer and notification on website. when buyer click to the email link or notification, buyer will see the page of status.

Hi. I submitted a support query through your site and via email a couple of days after but have not received a reply or acknowledgement. Is this extension still being supported?