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Hello. This plugin reduces my stock double when an order is created. Will this be fixed?

can you please email of your exact problem. We have many requests and very difficult to respond to all. so please give as much detailed and we will fix this issue.

Undefined index: report_enable_warehouse in /home/xxx/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-rapid-stock-manager/core_rapid_stock_manager.php on line 636

Undefined index: report_addd_warehouse in /home/xxx/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-rapid-stock-manager/core_rapid_stock_manager.php on line 643

Hi, does your plugin work with any pos plugins? Thanks

We tested this on pos plugins , a few of them and should not effect anything. The warehouse stock inventory will still be manual.

Is this plugin still being supported or it has reached its end?

this is still being supported, we are plan to release our new set of features in the few months.

Is this compatible with WooCommerce 3? We keep clicking Activate and it says it’s activated…but it doesn’t activate.

We will start testing this and should have a release in a week or so.

Presale questions.

Can I assign single product to multiple warehouses?

Is shipping calculation based on nearest to the warehouse?

Maybe it is possible to assign countries to the warehouse for the shipping calculation?

Thanks a million :)

you can sign single product to multiple ware houses.

shipping costs not calculated in this version or assign for different countries!



Congratulations for amazing plugin. Please tell me before i buy if i can to see stock for variations exemple. I have one shorts black, 2 shorts green, appear in the manager stock total quantity with variations? 3? I wait your answer. Thanks

Hello guys? You can answer my questions?


Hi there. Can this plugin connect shops in different domains and sync stocks between them? Rgds

Hi nice plugin can i do export producy to worl in a my excel and import the file again to update product ???


nutly Purchased

We recently bought your Rapid Stock Manager plugin, but it doesn’t seem to be able to list our products using only the Size-attribute like we’d prefer. If we select Size from the dropdown, it says: “Not products available to list. Please select different variation set.”

We know we have products that use only attributes set up properly in the attributes-section of WooCommerce. We suspect the listing is empty because the products also have other variation attributes. We can see a listing if we choose e.g. “Size + Batch + BDD + Origin” (which are our other variation attributes) but then the table gets so wide and full of “n/a” that it’s not usable. We’d like to group the products using only the Size attribute. Is that possible while having other variation attributes or is there some other bug going on here?

We’re also getting a lot of notifications from depracated methods: - Use woocommerce_product_data_panels action instead - get_stock_quantity on each child. Beware of performance issues in doing so - product_type was called incorrectly - etc.

Are you planning to update the plugin soon to use the recommended methods for WooCommerce 3+

Can you help us configure the plugin for our needs or is this even possible?

Your Demo not working

Hi there, can I use the warehouse feature to ensure the item ships from a set warehouse only? Say we have a US and a UK warehouse and the UK one would ship out all orders in that country, but also to all of Europe and the US warehouse would do US and ROW? Thanks for any insights.

Hi there, can I use the warehouse feature to ensure the item ships from a set warehouse only? I have 2 distribution points one for South Africa and one in Romania for all international orders. Can this plugin handle this?

I have just downloaded this and it is not allowing backorders. I have set it in the product to allow back orders but it is not allowing them.

can we use this for order processing and shipping too?

we need to process and ship orders from our warehouse


Is this plugin still being supported?

I’m thinking about buying a plugin, but I have not found the information whether it has the functionality of showing the total amount of products in the warehouse, both all and divided into categories?