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Good Day,

1. I was wondering if the option to adjust pricing (set price, sale price & wholesale price) may be a feature for future updates. Using Woocommerce, LOVE Rapid Stock manager but revising prices and setting sale prices is really laborious through Woo.

2. Any future integration planned with Xero & Woo? I use Xero, and it’s great as my Woo pushes sales (stock) through to Xero, but it doesn’t push back to Woo if there are adjustments in Xero.

1. we really like you idea and something that could be something as a new feature, but maybe something for our future release.

2. thats something could be introduced, but it would be good if you could contact us so we can validate this idea at

Hi, where is the demo? I don’t see it at

thank you! Did you also see my other question?

Question: I have 2 places with stock; our shop and the warehouse. Does this plugin show to the visiters where the stock is?

Can you please give me a reponse?

I am afriad not, but could be a feature we can implement if more users require this feature.

Hi there, does this show item location in warehouse when order received and manage inventory when order dispatched?

no not at the moment

Presale :

Does the plugin already updated so we can see the VARIATIONS on the right order?

Because I saw in preview that event the size of clothing is in order of alphabetic like L M S XL XS

Will that be possible to make XS S M L XL XXL

Actually I am afraid its based on alphabet order. We will review this in our new release of set of features.

and when is the new feature gonna be updated? Estimation is fine

It can take a while, as we need to accumulate requests and time to start development on prioritised features. There is still many feature requests from our customers.

Hi, this plugin looks great, seems to be what I’m looking for.

Pre-sale Question: 1. Is this plugin compatible with WP All Import (WooCommerce Addon)? 2. If so, can the quantities be imported by warehouse?

At the moment you would have to do this manually. If you give us all the details we can work out a solution for this at

Will this work with the woocomerce POS plugin and will it also do a click and collect option for orders online?

Please email us at with all the details and we can see if this will integrate and work with this plugin. rsm does allow a bar code scanner to search and find items.


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Is it possible to restrict woocommerce purchase to only use stock of certain warehouse?

My case: I use this plugin to also manage my offline stock. So I created 2 warehouses, ONLINE and OFFLINE, and put all inventory stock data here. But I just want sales from web only deducts from ONLINE warehouse, not OFFLINE warehouse when ONLINE warehouse stock is empty. Possible?


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I notice there is MAIN WAREHOUSE, does this plugin ONLY deducts stocks in this MAIN WAREHOUSE and does not deduct stocks in the other warehouses?

the main warehouse stock does get deducted, the other warehouses will be manual.

Hi. I wonder if you can help us urgently please:

1) When a product has 2 variations we can only input the stock quantity at the age variant. We would need to input at both the age + colour variants. Is this possible? 2) Can we manage the stock for multiple products at one stock level (example. “plain shorts” are used at various schools but we only need to keep one stock record?)


Hello – please can somebody come back to me and answer my questions, my client is getting impatient! Thanks.

can you email us all the details at with all your issues and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Hi, A screenshot from the product edit page with variation setup and screenshot from the Rapid Stock Manager will help.

When the products have multiple attributes like age and colour, it allows you to choose the variation combination from a dropdown.

Point 2, I’m also not sure how that is set up. Do you have only one product? Or do you have the “plain shorts” product in Woocommerce multiple times?

Thank you.

I’m facing a big problem with this plugin. It lists only 1/3 of products existing in my shop. I can see many people struggled with that. I’ve contacted your support by email but 14 days have passed and it seems you didn’t even try to help. You stopped responding to my emails. The time is running out and I don’t know if I can count on you.

Hi Michael, we are looking at this issue. Please email us all the details on and we can analyse the issue for you. Can you please verify if its simple products or variants products. ishouty.

In Frontend of my shop I see between description and reviews a custom tab. It’s generated through rapid stock but I can’t find to turn iT of. Can you tell me how to fix this?

Hi Keeslamper,

Could you please send us a screenshot to I’m not sure why there would be and additional tab generated on front of the shop. It will have new tab in product edit page in the admin area, but should not affect the front end. Also please send us the link to the page which has this issue. Thanks.

Hi, the demo does not work. ‘Error establishing a database connection’

The plugin is compatible with ‘Yith Woocommerce Role Based Price’?

Hi Daniele,

Sorry about the demo page. It should be now up and running. We don’t know if the plugin is compatible with your mentioned one. But because in RSM you will not be changing the price, but the stock amount only, I guess it should work fine together with role based price.


URGENT!!! I have problems with the plugin. I created several warehouses and when I try to enter the stock quantity per warehouse from the product page, it automatically cleans the field, it will not let me enter the quantity. You can see here:

Hi Fenix, I just double checked on our demo server and seems to be working fine for both – variable as well as simple products. What browser are you using? Could you please try to open the page in Google Chrome and display the developer’s console and see if there are any errors? We are also okay to login to your shop, to see what can cause this issue. Please send us login details to Thanks.

Thank you for replying. My default browser is Google Chrome and I have installed the latest version 2.0.2 of the plugin. I already sent you login details.

Replied via email. Once we find a solution, we will post it here.

Dear Sir, Before buying i just want to know is this Inventory system work With POS

the link does not work i am afraid. please send the link again.

For anyone missing products after using some of the automated import plugins, please use the sql queries below. As we found some of the plugins don’t respect the taxonomy terms for simple products, as Woocommerce displays them as default, but those don’t appear in RSM until you open the missing product and save it again. To fix the products after import:

SELECT term_id FROM `wp_terms` WHERE slug='simple'; -- this should give you some number A1 (usually 2), use that in the below: SELECT term_taxonomy_id FROM `wp_term_taxonomy` WHERE term_id= A1; -- this should give you some number A2 (usually 2). SELECT term_id FROM `wp_terms` WHERE slug='variable'; -- this should give you some number B1 (usually 4), use that in the below: SELECT term_taxonomy_id FROM `wp_term_taxonomy` WHERE term_id= B1; -- this should give you some number B2 (usually 4). -- use the number A2 (usually 2) to find all products with missing taxonomy and put them into a temporary view: CREATE VIEW rsm_tmp_view AS SELECT distinct(,term_taxonomy_id FROM wp_posts,wp_term_relationships WHERE AND post_type='product' GROUP BY id HAVING term_taxonomy_id<>A2 AND term_taxonomy_id<>B2; -- then insert missing taxonomy to term_relationships, using products from the view: INSERT INTO wp_term_relationships (object_id,term_taxonomy_id) SELECT, A2 FROM rsm_tmp_view; -- and drop the view at the end: DROP VIEW rsm_tmp_view;

We hope this helps. It took quite a while to track this down. And we thank to one of our customers to help us to use their website with 1700 products to find this out and test it. Thanks!

hi,I just want to share why is this Deducting stock from only main Warehouse.Than what is the benefit of multi warehouses if it deducting stock value from main warehouse.?\ This plugin is than useless…please help me and its also not supporting POS ….

Hi, I just want to sell my product using POS “” two warehouses so its not working with …only deducting value from main warehouse…

is any update about NEW Integration with ActualityExtentions WooCommerce Point of Sale (POS).


designnown Purchased

is any update about NEW Integration with ActualityExtentions WooCommerce Point of Sale (POS).

I’m operating on a multisite network and after buying, installing and activating your product it appears to not be showing up at all in my woocommerce section of my WP toolbar as it’s supposed to. Have you ever tested your product on a multi-site network and is there anything you can do to help me get it up and running?

Does this show locations where the product is in stock and allow the customer to select the location for local pickup?

Hi. I need to manage the inventory of 10 warehouses but the plugin does not allow me to create more than 5 warehouses. Why this limitation? How can I create more warehouses?