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I need to create a new system and am wondering if this plugin suitable with me .. In Functionality way is to provide an online service for customers to choose from building materials list items and determine the amount according what they needs and send their quotation to construction companies. The construction companies will receive the quotation from customers and submit their prices according to customer’s request. Then customers compare proposal that has been sent from construction companies and have a choice to select the best offer. I need the all proccing done through the website in the frontend. So it will be a profiles for construction companies and customers.

So when the customer select the products and send it, the construction companies should receive quotations in their profile in website also the customer will receive the prices from construction companies in his profile.

if it's that possible !

Thank you..

No. Your requirements are out of the scope of this pluigin.

I guess these are not possible without a custom job.


Hi Global-trend I can’t find the way to get the quote link. I though could be in the menu option under the woocommerce area but is not there. Best regards


There should be a menu outsite woocommerce, with the list of your dashboard menu.

If you unable to find such menu, then please check your wp-config.php file and make sure DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT is not set to TRUE. If you find it as TRUE, then make it as FALSE and save the file.

If the problem still existis, then please share your site credentials through email. You can email me directly from my profile page:


Emails for enquires are no longer being sent, can you assist?


Which form you are using ? Default form, or Contact Form 7 ?

If you are using the default form, then you can try Contact Form 7.

Emails depends on the servers PHP configuration.



pixelbird Purchased

I was just using the default form, I switched to using contact form 7 and it works now. Does the default form use the email in General -> Settings ?

There is a “to_email” parameter in defaulf form shortcode. If you use this parameter, then that email will be used. Otherwise, admin email (from, settings—> general) will be used.

It is recommended to use CF7 whenever possible.


Hi Global trend

I´m trying to customize the style of the plugin and I have three questions:

1. Can I hide the button in the products list and keep it just in the product detail?

2. The button is not taking the font style from my theme (Customize from the wp panel), I’m using roboto condensed everywhere. Do I need to changes the plugin styles?

3. What “language translate plugin” you know works with your plugin. I’m using “Loco Translate” and is not showing the changes in the site (translate to spanish)

Best regards


1. Yes, you can. You can use page wize CSS classes provided by WordPress to hide buttons from specific pages.

2. It should take theme style by default. You can change the plugin style. Or you can use important notation in your theme stylesheet to override plugin styles.

3. Actually, I don’t have any idea about Loco Translate. But, WPML string translation should work.