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Hi, does it replace the native woocommerce pages or it’s new ones ? I want to use my theme design but just modify the cart page to replace the checkout button by an enquiry button that will send an email with the selected products embed. Is that possible ? Thanks


Hi there,

I purchased this licence a while back to help with kickstarting a business. However this is no longer being used and the website it was running on has shut down. Would it be possible to get a refund for this?

Kind Regards, Callum

No. Not Possible.


Is it possible to enable request quote just for specific products while all others can be bought?

No. Thanks

Hi Team, your plugin is compatible with theme “EmallShop – Responsive Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme”.

thanks Alessio


We didn’t tested with your mentioned theme yet. This plugin works with most of the themes.


Hello, I’m making a multilanguage site: how could i translate the button text in 2 languages with loco?

Any news?

Is it compatible with woocommerce 3.3.3 ?

Hi There. I recently downloaded and installed this plugin. I was under the impression that there was some documentation included with this plugin. However, there’s a single “index.html” file included, but none of the navigation links work. Can you help me find the instructions for this plugin, please?


Hello, please open that index.html file with any one of your browsers. Read the instructions from the opened page. That is actually the documentation file. Thanks.

OK, I’m looking at successfully using FireFox. For some reason, Chrome would not load the page fully. Thank you!


I was wondering if you had any additional documentation regarding your shortcodes? I’d like to change the way the requested product list looks in an email. Is that possible?

By default, the product list runs all together. I’d at least like each item to appear on it’s own line to make it easier to read.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Thank you.

As a follow up, I modified the …-enqform.php file to this: $commaListProducts = implode(’
’, $postedProducts); This worked great.

But, since I actually wanted to build a nicer-looking form in Contact Form 7, i used the shortcodes in the form and the email body. These work, but don’t give me products as a list. Is there a different PHP file I have modify to give me that list with line breaks?

No. Not actually.

You can use \b or other line break creating characters as a test. I am not sure about them.


Hello, please can you let me know if it is possible to specify quantity of a certain product for the quote? For example, my client is a furniture hire company, for the quote request a customer may be interested in 80 chairs or equally 35 chairs depending on the event. In the demo there is no drop down to select quantity either at the shop page or the quote page stage.

No. Quantity option is not there.


Does this plugin support elegant themes divi

i am interested to buy, please drop me a reply, doest it support elegant theme divi

I have purchased and installed this extenssion on my website i have used contact form 7 to create inquiry form but do not understand where to add “[products-list]” in “message body” as mentioned in document part

Have aquestion about

After clicking on Add to Quote Button, “Go to Enquiry Form” link appears below button.

I would like to highlight “Go to Enquiry Form” or it should be directly redirect to send-enquiry page. How can I do that?

Hi there, Just have two questions for this plug in.

1) Does it add a request quote to the product page and still show the add to cart option?

2) Is there anyway of displaying all my shop product in a list with the “Add to Quote” button there?

Cheers, Sam


I feel this plugin does not work as expected. Please correct me if i am wrong. Setup is here:

When i click to button to add to enquiry, it works. But at the cart page, Its not redirecting to the form. And i am not sure how that form will receive enquired products?

Please provide if you have any documentation. Your support will be appreciated.

Thank you Sumit

No reply yet..? Should i ask for refund?

Hello global-trend,

Thank you for this plugin. I use it on my website However it only works when i enter the site on the homepage and then navigate to a productpage and finally the contact page. If i instead land on the site on a productpage, for example and i hit the ‘quote me now’ button, the selected items box in the contact form stays empty.

Can you please help? Thanks

Nevermind i already found out, the reason is that there is http in the link instead of https