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Hi ! I have created some custom fields on a woocommerce product page (with woocommerce add-ons plugin) and I need instead of the “add to cart” button to place a button to a form that will include the product title and those custom fields, ideas to do that please?


Apologies for the delayed response. :( Item support was going through a vacation.

I guess, your requirements are not suitable for this plugin. These doesn’t matches closely.

I can build a custom version of the plugin for you as per your requirements, If you like. That will cost according to the customization works. You can mail me directly from my profile page, if you are interested.


hi ! thanks, already found solution, no problem, all is finish now ;)

That sounds good! :)

I have installed the WooCommerce – Quote Request or Enquiry plugin but I can´t see it in the Wordrpess Admin panel?


Please make sure DISALLOW FILE EDIT is set to FALSE in your wp-config.php file. You’ll find that file in the the root of your wordpress setup.

It the problem still exists, then please inform me. I’ll ask for further information.



1. Any possibility of using this in WooCommerce with multi-vendor so that when potential requests quote about a product, the request goes only to the vendor of that product inquired about? And can be seen by admin.

2. Possible to have follow-up communications between customer and seller based on the original inquiry?

Sorry, no such options are available with this plugin.


Hello I have installed you plugin but for some reason I don’t have quotation page with quotation form. my website is


Did you used both of the provided shortcode properly in your page, for contact from 7? Or, for the default form, you need to use a single default form shortcode.


To display the catalog mode is necessary to have the “WooCommerce Catalog Mode” plugin or does this plugin include both features? Thanks in advance

This plugin includes both features.


Hello, I buy the plugin, i install it and it’s easy to use. Nice

I have some questions please : - how can i make the translation of plugins for front office ? Wich file need to be translated ? Where can i add the files without loose the traduction when the plugin will be update ?

- Is that possible to add a field in the request form to have the desired quantity for each product selected ?

Thanks for your support. Thimy


Thanks for purchasing this plugin.

You can use 3rd party extensions, like WPML to translate static texts. Settings page also has some options.

There is not specific .po or .mo file to translate this plugin.

Quantity option is currently not available to select with the picked products. You can use extran contact form 7 fields, as per your convenience.


Thanks for your answers.

I see indeed settings to translate some parts, i use it already. But in the widget there is a field that doesn’t want to translate, it’s “Clear Button Title:”. I fill in the field but it remains with the “Clear list” mention.

For the translation, WPML is so expansive, there is no other option ?

For quantity field, do you think it will be a feature you could develop ?


Clear List button title should change as per your settings.

Quantity Maybe a good feature. But I can’t assure it about its integration within a short.



I have bought “WooCommerce – Quote Request or Enquiry” to use it in a marketplace… I am using “WC Vendors” (I can switch to Dokan if needed) to enable multiple vendors of products. For now, when my buyer submit his quote request, the message “There was a problem sending your message. Please try again.” is displayed… I need the request to be sent to the relevant vendor. Any idea how to solve that? Thank you in advance

Best regards


I am using this shortcode to have the CF7 field appear in my form: [enqproducts_field products-list]

The field does not show up. Any ideas as to why this might be happening?



I purchased your plugin and I’m trying to make it work in my form.

The “[enqproducts_field products-list]” does not bring any fields on my CF7 form.

Any help would be appreciated.


Not working after upgrade with Contact Form 7 4.8 Does not show products on form?

I am having same issue as everyone else. list not showing in contact form 7!

Hi, Attribute and variation options don’t appear to choose it under the product title. Any suggestion ? Thanks

So when Contact 7 Forms stopped working I switched to your code, to get our form up and running

[enqform to_email=”” name_label=”Name:” email_label=”Email:” tel_label=”Phone:” products_label=”Selected Products List” message_label=”Type Your Message” no_product_text=”Found no items in your list. Please add item(s)” submit_label=”Send Enquiry Request”]

The issue I have is that if you try and delete an item from the enquiry page, it does nothing. This functionality with the exact same code works on the widget.

So I then with the latest versions of all software, switched back to Contact form 7 and it is still not working for me.

Please advise how I can get the item delete functionality working on the enquiry form

I also have these displayed in my stylesheet

.cart_list_form.product_list_widget > li { position: relative; vertical-align: middle; }

.cart_list_form .remove.enq-item-remove { top: 5px !important; }

It seems to just refresh the page – see a similar issue was logged by josegil13, what was the resolution on that one

Every Time I download plugin from code canyon it is only 2.01 I need the latest version

New version will not download from code canyon. I need latest to see if that fixes site.

Two issues.

1. Contact Form 7 is not displaying the products selected for inquiry. I’m using the shortcodes recommended:

[enqproducts_list products-list-disp]

[enqproducts_field products-list]

They worked at one time. After being off the site for a time, they no longer work.

Using the latest WC, latest CF7 and 2.3 version of the plugin.

2. Also, in the settings, the “Turn ON if you want to display a product enquiry button” does not display a button to either to turn off or on. It only displays text in the blue label area. Seems to be a bug in the admin.



Hi, I want to add 2 more button’s to my shop with your plugin, each one of them needs to redirect to other site with forms. Can you tell me what are the costs of that upgrade?


Snap2013 Purchased

Hi, just purchased your plugin and have a couple of minor issues. First, after the form has been submitted, the products remain in the list instead of being cleared. Not sure if this is correct but it seems like the list should clear after submission. Second, in the right sidebar for the “Enquiry List & Link” widget, the red X (remove this item) is positioned in a line above the product instead of to the left in the same line as the product, and only appears for the first product in the list. Any ideas on how to fix? Thanks!


First one is fine. That behaves like this. Will try to add clear list button for the form itself in future.

Second one is most probably due to the CSS issue. Post your site UR, I’ll check for a CSS fix & will post here.



Snap2013 Purchased

Ok, on the first one, although I think most “carts” don’t behave like this and might lead to confusion – it did for me. As for the second, here’s a link: Thank you.

I can’t see your right sidebar in the site. Form button looks good to clear items.

On your demo I was not able to set quantity or request a quote inside a lightbox. Are these features really not available on your plugin? Thank you!

No. These features are not available currently.

Hi. 1. When will you add string translation? right now only hard coded translation works. I tried to translate with LOCO plugin. 2. How can i add Quantity of products to the quote? 3. Why doesn’t the list clear it self after form submission? 4. Why doe’s the Attribute and variation options not appear on the product page to choose from? 5. In the mail i’m receiving from CF7 the products doesn’t appear in list, but in one line. How can i change it to look normal?

Hope for quick response. thank you Sandra


1. String translation is already there, but not 100% complete.

2. Quantity option in not available at present.

Unfortunately, other option you stated is out of the plugins current scope. At this momemt these can’t be changed.