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hi, would this work in combination with a cart-modal such as https://wordpress.org/plugins/woocommerce-woocart-popup-lite/ , or do you have your own solution of a cart-modal what would work with Quickview? Also: is it possible to replace by default the ‘product detail’ button by the quickview button, so that there won’t be two buttons ‘fighting for the same thing’? Thanks!

ps and dont you sell a bundle with all your plugins?

Hey, yes, it should work with that popup (although, not tested it!). You can insert the quickview button anywhere like so: https://iconicwp.com/add-woocommerce-quickview-anywhere-theme/

In terms of the bundle – not yet! ;)


micden Purchased

Is it possible to have an external link to an archive page and once page is loaded, have a specific quickview open?

So basically: a href=”http://sample.org/shop/?data-jckqvid=46”

Would land on sample.org/shop/ and have the corresponding quickview modal open.

Hey, you could write a snippet of jquery that finds the element with that data attribute and clicks it? It’s not possible by default (but I might add it!)

is it possible to remove the quick view button and use quick view as a standard? I want to remove the product detail page and just keep quick view. Thanks!!!

Hey, it’s possible – but you’d have to custom code it! Anything with data-jckqvpid=”42” will open the quickview modal – where “42” is the product ID.

Hi, I opened a Private Ticket #992509 over at your support system 4 days ago and still no answer. The plugin as it is is unusable for now and the site is nearly ready to go live. A swift response would be appreciated. Thank you. JJ.

Hey, sorry for the delay. Replied.

So the plugin is not compatible with Woocommerce Addons?

Hey, currently, no, it’s unlikely to be compatible. But if you share the plugin I can look to add compatibility in the future.

Hello having an issue with latest version of woo. Notice: Undefined index: trigger_position_autoinsert in /home/ruggedth/public_html/dev/wp-content/plugins/jck-woo-quickview/jck-woo-quickview.php on line 195

If you get time I sent you a message through codecanyon.

Hey, not seen anything come through?

I re-sent again. Should send to your email or whatever your profile is connected to.

Is there a link to the product page within the quick view window?

Thank you – could you possibly put me in the right direction on how to add this as this is really important to me to have this. I am looking to buy some of you plugins but need to know I can make them work for me first. Many thanks.

Do you know how to use hooks at all? The list of available hooks is here: https://iconicwp.ticksy.com/article/4567

Did you get the new one I re-sent a couple days ago?

I would but it’s trying to make me buy support when I’ve never requested support on this item before.

If you purchased support over 6 months ago then you will need a new support license!

Ok purchased and opened tickets.

Hi there, great plugin!

How can I style the arrows? I tried modifying css but I’m confused.


Hey, have you got a link to your site – should be able to provide the CSS for you!


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hi, i just started to use the plugin and stumbles on two bugs: 1- the codes from Visual Composer are visible in the product description text modal. 2- the modal shows all texts in English (not content text but things like ‘add to cart’, ‘selection’,...) even when the main language of site in set in another language and English isn’t even being used. (wpml) How to solve that please? (especially nr 1) Thanks

I have video tab in my product can I display it in the pop up as well? I can’t find this option to enable display additional tab in the settings.

Hey, you can add it with a hook, if you;re familiar with PHP?

Great plugin!

I wonder if you could hlep me with a problem on mobile. I’ve added the QuickView code in php to a woocommerce carousel on this page – http://www.site6.brisbne.pl/ (the products at the top of the page) which is working nicely on desktop view and tablet view. However, on a mobile phone, the quickview lightbox doesn’t work. I’m thinking it’s a conflict with the carousel but I don’t get any errors in console – the quickview simply doesn’t activate on click. Do you have any ideas what might cause this?

Thank you.

Could you try changing the element to a span (it would still trigger QV)?

Ok that makes sense… I cant see anything excluded in the js for the carousel. Which part do you mean as a span? This is the code I have for the woocommerce products where I’ve added quickview code – http://pastebin.com/KzmCVEsv

This part:

<a href="#" class="link-overlay" data-jckqvpid="82"></a>


<span class="link-overlay" data-jckqvpid="82" />

Hey I’m interested in this plugin, but would like to ensure some details before I purchase it:

This is my website http://quentinscloset.com . If you scroll to the bottom you will see a feature called Magic Box. Those products are Variable Products and I want to download this plugin so that users can quickly view the variations and add one to their cart.

As you will see there, currently when you hover over one of the “magic boxes” the button that appears is a Select Options box, which takes you to the product page. I would like to know if it is possible to replace that Select Options box with a Quick View box using this plugin.

Awaiting your reply. Thanks!

Hello – yes! Depending on how that section is coded, you may be required to insert the button yourself, but it;s easy to do