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zaffarn Purchased

Hi Is there a way I can remove the image from QuickView modal only, and decrease the width of the modal ?

Hey, only with CSS at the moment!

Can I enable/disable this on some/all products…I need to only have it on selected products

Yeah, you can tell it not to auto-insert and then use the data-jckqvpid=”42” attribute on any elements in your template. Where 42 is the product ID

I’ve bought both this plugin & your product swatches plugin – Is it possible to have the product image update when you change variations? (like it does on the single product page)

ALSO website is on a multisite.

After some testing I figured out the problem – Your plugins conflict with Thrive Themes – Thrive Leads plugin, which is HUGE for our marketing efforts. Any way we can get these 2 to play better together?

Hey, sorry for the delay. If you’re still facing issues, please email support at support@iconicwp.com

Thanks, James

Is your plugin WPML compatible? It would be a deciding factor for buying a license. Thanks!

Hello, I haven’t checked the latest versions, but yes, it should be. Feel free to try it out. If there’s any issues we can fix them or you can ask for a refund :)


It has been for a long time!

Hi, is it possible to set the quick view to get the whole item? How is your image item generated? Can I get the image item as the set thumb, medium or big size? Or even from the woocommerce img sizes? And how are them loaded? Through ajax? Any speed test to show me? How can I have a grid filter integrated with this plugin? Thank you!

Hey, do you mean exactly replicate the single product page? The image is custom in the popup (unless you’re using WooThumbs). You can modify the template quite easily, though!

Yes, all loaded through Ajax. Not got a speed test to show, but happy to make any optimisations if you feel there are some to make. not sure what you mean by grid filter!

Hope this answers everything

By “get the whole item” I was referring about to have the quick view link wrapping the whole product item on the catalog. About this catalog, is it any? Do you know if your plugin works well with this one (https://codecanyon.net/item/live-search-and-custom-fields/18598007)? Thank you!

Ah, yes, it’s possible – check out “Manually Inserting the Quickview Button” http://docs.iconicwp.com/article/19-getting-started-with-woocommerce-quickview

Hello, Can I use this plugin to load for all products instead of taking customers to product page?

You could, yes, but you’d need to redirect the single pages yourself.

Would you help with the code to do that?

I’d suggest duplicating the single-product page template and adding wp_safe_redirect() to it

Hi, I am working on a project for a client and he has variable products (color and size combinations) and also using Show Single variations. When in catalog mode and clicking on a variation product (let’s say the Red variation) it opens Quickview but it is displaying the wrong product (Black, which is the main variation). How can you click on an assigned variation product and open in the right selection? It is confusing when clicking on the Red product but it opens the Black one… Thanks

Hi, just sent you an email with a staging site and all necessary credentials along with the purchase codes. Please look into it asap. Im on a really tight deadline. Thanks in advance for your help!

All sorted!

Yes, thank you!


charlyv Purchased

Hi, I submitted a request on your support portal 2 days ago (PRIVATE TICKET #1203617), and haven’t heard back. Just want to check the general turnaround time for response or at least acknowledgement of receipt? Thanks

Hey, sorry – will be taking a look ASAP. Thanks for your patience.

Hello, can you advise if there is a shortcode yet? If so how to use? Many thanks.

Oh! I did add it :D

[quickview_button product_id=”42”]

Updated the doc :)

Thanks for the info!

Presale question

I would like to buy your plugin, but i have a question. Is it possible to replace the product link (category page) with the quick view button link? I would like the quick view button to disappear.

Thank you

There’s a guide here about the code you need: http://docs.iconicwp.com/article/45-manually-insert-the-quickview-button

I wouldn’t be able to add it to the theme for you though. You would need to modify your template files. Hope it helps!


1) Is this plugin compatimple with -> https://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-extra-product-options/7908619?

2) Can i place the quick view button (with product’s options) manually in custom post type in my theme?

Thank you


1. I’m afraid I do not know the answer to that. Let me know if not.

2. http://docs.iconicwp.com/article/45-manually-insert-the-quickview-button

Thanks, James

Hi, does this plugin support now composite products? https://woocommerce.com/products/composite-products/ Thanks.


No, I don’t believe so. But happy to look into it if you wanted to send the plugin over to support@iconicwp.com

Thanks, James

Hi, is there any chance of WPML multi-currency support? Currently the plugin seems to always pull the price in the base currency. Thanks.

I’ve patched this myself, the plugin is using the wcml_multi_currency_is_ajax hook, which doesn’t exist. Using wcml_load_multi_currency_in_ajax seems to fix it.

Awesome, I’ll make sure to update it!

Hello, the link to the tutorial for adding a “Add to Wishlist” button to QuickView (https://jamesckemp.ticksy.com/article/4605/) is broken.. Can you perhaps provide another link or tip how to do that? Thanks a lot.


Where did you find the link? I don’t have another tutorial for that, but do have one for adding a “View Product” link, which could be adjusted: http://docs.iconicwp.com/article/46-add-a-product-link-to-quickview

Hello, Thank you. Just look into the comments of QuickView on Envato. You find that dead link there when you search for “wishlist”.

Ah, OK – thanks

Hello! Is there a way to customize the modal only for certain views? I am using the Woocommerce Bundled Products plugin and I have overridden it so a link to each individual product shows on the bundled product page, but I’d love for them to be in a modal quickview. For that specific view I don’t want an add to cart or pricing, just the image and long description. But I may want to use the quick view other places in the store and for those I’d want the full view.

Actually never mind. I decided to ONLY use it on the bundle products page, in a template override, and I found the settings to just disable the parts I want. It works great!

Awesome! Glad you’re sorted :)

I have a question on the shop page. Is it possible with your theme to have a quick view popup on the product? I can’t seem to find any settings for it in the theme options and I installed 2 different modal woocommerce quick view popup plugins and they don’t work on Avada. Thank you.

Hey, you can add quickview to any element like so: http://docs.iconicwp.com/article/45-manually-insert-the-quickview-button