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Hello, is there a sidebar widget with the booking calendar included in the plugin?

In our future release we shall add the widget. thanks.

I got some errors.

1.Fatal error: Call to a member function get_cart_url() on a non-object in D:\xampp\htdocs\mobile.rental.com\wp-content\plugins\wc-quick-booking\includes\add_booking.php on line 419

2. Please Activate Wp WooCommerce Plugin How can I Activate it? i have already code.

Install the woocommerce plugin first and install that woocommerce plugin for your site. And then you should install our plugin. Please search on google to find how you can download the free woocommerce plugin and install.


i am desperately trying to find a plugin that suits my needs – i tried 3 so far and so far none is doing so – its kinda special so i just ask you, hope thats fine.

what i need to do:

the client offers 9 single bed rooms one of these rooms is handicapped accessible

most booking processes consist of 2 persons (patient and caretaker) each needs his own single bed room

so i need to be able to check and book multiple rooms in one booking process

it should still be possible to book for a single person as well as for 3 (2 patients + caretaker)

also it should be possible to add a service or more accuate discount if the caretaker is from a partner facility

picking start end end date directly from the calendar would be nice as well

We can perform custom development to facilitate your requirement. Please email us at developers@solvercircle.com to discuss a quote.

I’m would like to buy your plugin but i have two questions:

1. I’s there a way to see how the Admin Panel works. 2. Can the Admin change the room number of a room that is booked? For example – someone booked a Room Standard, and the system reserved Room no. 2. But for some reason room no.2 can’t be rented. So we changed that room no. 2 to room no. 3.

Presale question. I´m thinking about to implement the plugin in a website for house rental (only one house). If it possible to add different season prices and have diffrent prices depending the number of guests in the backend?

Thank you. How much will that cost?

Please email us to developers@solvercircle.com to discuss the cost

You can try the Discount features of woocommerce to provide the discount during season or off season.

Hi, I got a few pre sale question here.

can this be used in a marketplace environment where multi vendors can use and manage their own bookings?

Sorry, no. We are working on a separate plugin to offer marketplace environment. You can email us to developers@solvercircle.com for a quote.

Please check the Woocommerce Hotel Reservation & Booking Marketplace plugin, maybe it is close to your need :


I want to make (booking.com) clone can your plugin serve this purpose ? i want the visitor to be able to search for available bookings within start and leave dates as well as choosing number of rooms and number of persons and also be able to search within specific country or city. In general i want to make booking directory tell me if your plugin can serve this purpose and if it not can we make it as custom developed for extra money ? Also is there a way to add flying ticket option. many thanks

Please email us at developers@solvercircle.com to discuss the quote for such custom solution.

Please check the Woocommerce Hotel Reservation & Booking Marketplace plugin, maybe it is close to your need :


Presale Question:

I‘ll try to explain it to you.

We have a climbing center with 25 belts per hour. That is, it is only possible in 1 hour 25 belts reserve.

But you can book various tickets. There are 10 different tickets. We currently have deposited behind each ticket / Product 25 belts.

That would be 250 belts. But there should be a total reserve only 25 belts.

TOTALY only 25 seats to forgive in 1 hour. If these are booked, should be possible no further more.

So it must be programmed individually, which can be a maximum of 25 blets in an hour from this 5 tickets / products.

Can we do this with the plugin?

Hi! I would like buy it, but can i try a demo version?, to see how is the admin panel?2. i tried to book in demo version plugging, but i can’t do it.(when i click in room, there is a button “BOOKING CALENDARY”i click but never show me how to enter my personal info. Always show a entry panel reservations. i need to know how is the interface to book a room, and how is the form to pay the booking. thanks!

Please check the DEMO and when you book a room for a specific Date it will show the booking form to insert your information. Thanks

Mi esce questa cosa e non riesco ad andare avanti Please create a woocommerce product with SKU “sc_quick_booking”

sorry ??? Can you please clarify your question and ask in the Ticket ?

Sir, Can I have backed access to check once, and also i would like to know if the display can happen for that particular day rather than showing all the days in a month


eworld7 Purchased

Hi i bought this plugin and also installed the woo commerce but still not working see the screen short https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-qWgOq94HkeU/Wh1FKtwjqQI/AAAAAAAADsM/4tU1TcQCc0wIET62xpcvK4-UqBYfsauDgCL0BGAYYCw/h768/2017-11-28.png

Thanks for the purchase. Our support team is responding to your ticket. Thanks.