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Hello, any updates on getting this working with Wordpress 3.0+? I’d like to make a purchase :)

Update will be soon.

Hi, where can I see the plugin configuration options before buy it?

Kind regards.

In product table?

For now, is thumbnail max size in table.

I bought your plugin WooCommerce Quick Order but I get WooCommerce Discount Master on the download… why?

Kind regards.

I am not sure, i will check it.

How to show all products with just one shortcode?

Kind regards.

For example: [wqo-category catid=”0”] or [wqo-category catid=”x,y,z”]

There is not way, how dispay all prodducts. Try set main category and set products number.

That’s no a good solution, sorry. The easy way is add an “all” category on your shortcode.

Kind regards.

Please, review your plugin localization, Adding to cart… isn’t translatable :-(

How to remove the product link?

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From which shortcode?

wqo-category, for example.

Is it working now with Woo 3.0+?

Hello. If there no solution please let me know and I will ask Envato for a refund

Sorry, i dont get any email from you. Please use

Problem solved.

The plugin doesn’t work, don’t send the products to the cart.

Try it here:

Kind regards.

It isn’t a problem with WP Rocket, it’s a problem with your plugin :-(

Don’t worry, I contacted with ThemeForest to get a refund… your plugin isn’t good for me, sorry. I’ll use another one.

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jk2jun Purchased

how to change the text on button for [wqo-call-to-action] ?

Hello, insert text into shortcode: last 10 items![/wqo-call-to-action]

I bought your plugin WooCommerce Quick Order but I get WooCommerce Discount Master on the download… why?

Kind regards.

Hello, i dont know, i will fix it.

I add the shortcode and then all I see is the shortcode on the page, please advise. Plugin is active.

Hell, please write this shortcode here. Maybe wrong syntax.

Hi, Does this work with variable products as well? Could you create a demo showing or screenshot?

Hello, you can use variable product id

Hi Not sure why but the category quick order ‘buy now’ button is not adding products to the cart when it redirects to the checkout.

here is the short code I’m using [wqo-category catid=”22” redirect=”checkout”] and when I add products and am redirected to checkout the cart is empty?

Thanks in advance for any help Cheers Grant

Hello, i will update plugin today and issue will be fixed.

That’s worked :) thanks for the response – Cheers Grant

Hi there, Your plugin says it was updated to version 1.1.3 with the new shortcode but when I download I’m still getting version 1.1.2. Can you please check this?

Are you download installable file? Or all files package?

Can this plugin show stock/inventory levels?

Hello, no, plugin does not show stock levels.

Hi, Just curious if there is a way that I can arrange a category listing in alphabetical order? Cheers Grant

Hello, i can do update for this.

HI Muslida, That’d be great – big thanks :)

Hi Musilda! With you plugin, is it possible to make a pricelist like so people can order different quantities of every variation (different price per variation) of a product quickly?

No, plugin not working this way.

Thanks for your quick reply. I will keep looking for the solution I need.


codix Purchased

Is the plugin already compatible with WooCommerce 3.2?

Hello, yes, plugin is compatible.

Hello sir, I am using visual composer Woocommerce page builder for product pages. Is it possible to use this plugin as Buy Now button in the visual composer? I read the description on your website. Where it is stated that button will work with shortcodes with product id. But on working with Woocommerce page builder(Visual composer) one can’t give product id particularly. Is there any solution that I can use this as Direct checkout button(Buy Now Button).

Yes, you can use shortcodes in Visual Composer.

Are you sure about this? Have you used Buy Now Button as a shortcodes in visual composer? And in shortcodes how do I use product I’d?

Yes, i am sure about this. You can use text box and insert any shortcode you want.