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Hi, Just wondering if you could let me know how to use the multi table forms? I have used the shortcode in the instructions but it’s just loading the shortcode onto the website. Thanks!

Show me used shortcode please, there must be some kind of typo.

Hi, I had just copied and pasted it from the demo site and then changed the product numbers

woo-multitable-form redirect=”no” formid=”first” wqo-multitable-item id=”96” wqo-multitable-item id=”90” woo-multitable-table wqo-multitable-item id=”56” /woo-multitable-table wqo-multitable-item id=”31” wqo-multitable-item id=”15” /woo-multitable-table


HI! Is it possible display product from a specific category? I buy the plugin but I don’t want to insert manually all the products. Thanks

Hi, you can use product category shortcode

Good day. I would like to use your plug-in (within) “Uni CPO – WooCommerce Options and Price Calculation Formulas” How can I check it before buying the purchase?

It havent tested yet with this plugin. So i dont know, how solve this.

Hooray, you’re here))

We need to know whether it will work in the card Woo goods. I can send it to you for the test, or you send me to the test.

You can also set the WP + WooCommerce Quick Order. After giving me access to install the “Uni CPO”.

Is that possible? Thank you.

is who?))


mhekler Purchased

Hi Musilda,

is it possible to create also Tables of products with the variations in a shortcode? Would be great! For Fast Order I would need. You Homepage is only czech? Do you create it also in english?

Where I can see all the shortcodes you can use with quick order?



Hi, on this site you can find shortcodes with examples.


ydweik Purchased

Hello, it is not working , installation is failing, and this is what it is showing:

Destination folder already exists. /home2/ydweik/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-product-addons/

Plugin install failed.

as I already have the same folder, please help, or i would kindly request for a refund

Hi,try rename this folder, but in plugin dont exist folder with woocommerce-product-addons.

Hi, any user feedback unable to use this plugin lately?

It was ok for me but not lately, I wondering why?

Thank you!

Today will be an update.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

can you help me to remove this post please? I thought it’s private message. Thanks!

Hi there, I am trying to use the example shortcode for multi table and it does not convert the shortcode into the correct table, it just shows the shortcode text.

A single table works fine.

Also category tables work fine.

The only issue is with the multi table from what i can see.

Hi, I will check it.


kybod Purchased

Hi, can help me about button ’ BUY NOW ‘

after finish insert quantity and press BUY NOW , this page redirect to checkout page..

not same with your sample. have button ‘BUY NOW” and button “View Cart”

can help me to resolve this


Hello, use redirect atribute redirect=”no” in shortcode.


ddybas Purchased

Hi Musilda:

I recently purchased your WooCommerce QuickOrder plugin and I think it’s great.

The challenge I’m having is that there are multiple line breaks (
) at the beginning of the post, pushing the table in which the products sit down below the fold of the page.

I’m wondering if you could point me to the part of the code that generates the line breaks, or offer another way to get rid of these and bring the table back up above the fold.

Here’s a couple of screenshots showing my challenge, along with the code that I am using.

If you have any suggestions, it would be a great deal of help!



Hi Dan try to remove breaks line and add all shortcodes on one line. I will do new update in next week and i will fix it.


sjfou Purchased

I am hoping you can help me before I get a refund. I have had the following problems so far: 1) The download zip file ( does not upload as a plug in wordpress. You get the following error:

Installing Plugin from uploaded file: Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.

Return to Plugin Installer

2) Install the zip file via FTP also fails. I upload and extract the file in the WP plugins file. I believe because the data for the plugin is not in the extracted folder (WooCommerce Quick Order) as it contains 3 other folders (Documentation, Licensing & woocommerce-quick-order folder)

3) So I just compressed the woocommerce-quick-order folder into to upload it via the Wordpress plugin page. This was successful and the plugin can be found in the plugins folder. It has been activated but I cannot see it anywhere.

4) All links to your site are 403 forbidden errors

So my question is – how do I make the plug in work? Where do I find it?!? It is not under the WooCommerce tab on the left, where I thought I would find it!

Hello, plugin only generate shortcodes, there is not any admin screen. All shortcodes are in documentations, only images missing, because demo web is down. I will try restore demo today.

The demo url is FORBIDDEN.

Is this product still actively supported ?

Hello, plugin is supported, only demo is off now.

Good to hear.


just bought woocommerce quick order.

Because your demo site is down, I can not find all the info you are referencing to in your previous comments to other users.

I need a current list of shortcodes, especially the multiple-table are of interest for me.

Do you have a readme or simple text with shortcodes you could share?

I did browse through the php files in the plugs folder, cant seem to understand how the multiple list works.

Thanks for your help, Tom

Sorry for this, demo will be ready this week.

Hi, interested but your live preview is down…

Hi, demo will be online tomorrow.

Look forward to it!

Could you add a “Empty Cart” button to the Quick Order screen please.

I am not sure, what exactly you need. Be more specific please.

Dont worry I added it myself already as 21 days for a reply for support is terrible especially for a paid for product!!

@Musilda I have the same issue with the table that it has multiple line breaks before the post as @ddybas

it’s the only thing stopping it from being very nice.

SOLUTION: OK I see what the extra spacing is ;-) One has to butt up the quickorder [SHORTTCODES] using no new lines or spaces, else these are all rendered BEFORE the quickorder table

All the [shortocde] post must be empty, after the quiickorder shortcodes, or again it is rendered BEFORE the quickorder table

Hi, thank you, i will fix it in next update.

Hi I have purchased your plugin but it is not uploading..

I am not sure why. Be sure, that you uploading plugin zip file.

Just purchased, while trying to install this message is appearing…

Installing Plugin from uploaded file: Quick Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.

can you elaborate how to unpack this…

Yes, it is installed but where I have to see this, there is not any option is present in my screen regarding Quick Order.

Hi, in demo website you have shortcode examples

I have just bought this plugin and cannot understand how to use the short codes. Your demo site doesn’t explain what we actually have to type. I’m selling membership to an online course and I want to have a BUY NOW button that takes them directly to the payment page. Please explain exactly what I’m meant to type to make that happen.

Please, specify your problem.

Your explanation of the short code is not sufficient. All that code creates is a small, blank blue button. More instruction on how to edit the appearance of then button would be useful. Especially for a paid product.


on this link you can see big button Only last 10 Items! Shortcode is: [wqo-call-to-action id=”96″ redirect=”checkout” class=”quick-custom-call”] Where: 96 – is product id checkout – redirect to checkout after click on button quick-custom-call – is css class for define your own css style for button.

Custom css for this example is:

.quick-custom-call{ font-weight: 400; font-size: 40px; background: #6c2eb9; border-radius: 5px; } .quick-custom-call:hover{ background: #2eb946; }

On this page is working example, thry this.