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Does this support multisite? Thank you

did you mean Network site ?

Hi, can i change the search filter? e.g., year , make , model?

If they Year is a Category then it would show in the Dropdown. But if you need separate selection dropdowns for year, make and model, then it will require additional customization.

how I can add variations?

Variation items are showing under the main item as an individual product. Please email us if you need any other customization.

Hi,, Does the plugin support “WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing”, we need to show that if you order 1-50 items the price is $1.5 and if you order between 50-100 items from a product the price would be $1.25…

will this plugin work with such configuration?

It will require custom integration for 3rd party plugins. Please email us to developers@solvercircle.com for a Quote.

Hi there, this is a pre sale question. I can see a few question about the ability to show [SKU]s on the list along with title and variation. This is an important feature for us and our clients so that the right model is ordered when there is cases of variation with same color but different attributes. However in looking at the Demo there doesn’t seem to show the SKU, is it possible, an option perhaps?

Thanks for your time.

Will require customization to implement your custom need. Please email to developers@solvercircle.com to discuss a quote.

I see, strange you replied it would be an added feature 2 years ago + it is quite an important feature for the ordering process :| I guess I’ll write to your developer and see how much it would be to add “a” field :( thank you anyway

Hi, pre-sales question, can i filter by category AND tag products? I i want to filter food products only in Los angeles for example. can i do this with the shortcode? thanks

Is it possible to add a search field?

But it is a bit funny, that you try to make some extra money, by saying that you can develop the feature into the plugin, and not just implement it directly in the plugin as other plugin developers would do.

Actually, we may add such feature at future releases, but we do not make any advance promises. So, if someone need it right away, we try to let him have the feature through custom development for them. I hope you can understand this. Thanks :)

Okay, I will look forward to that and buy when it has those extra features :-)

Dear Team, I am Getting Error after install the plugin: deprecated since version 4.5.0! Use add_menu_page() instead. in /home/smartseo/public_html/demo/new/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3828 and also send email also

Please submit a Ticket with your issue details and site FTP and Admin access information at support.solvercircle.com

Yes Thank you i have share all required detail by email

Question, Will this Plugin play nice and work with Divi Theme?


Last question is it compatible with WordPress 4.7.1 and Woocommerce 2.6.12

Pre-purchase question:

Is there any trial period for the plugin? We need to test out the plugin but if it’s not what we need, we might need to refund it.

I am afraid, it does not have any trial period.

Can this plugin be used as a quick view catalogue with prices hidden to visitors until they have logged in?

Please email us to developers@solvercircle.com with your desired look for discussion.

Is there a setting for more than one quickshop per online store? Or would I just have to use the categories to seperate different brands with the same product?

Yeah, I think you should use the Categories with the shortcode of this item.

hi… how can i exclude jus one product from the list using the shorcode ? thank you

Sorry, this feature is not offered. In shortcode we have included category ids only.

Maybe you can contact with our developers@solvercircle.com with your need and example , then they will provide you a quotation.

Hello Can this plugn be made as an email only order (like a pickup or delivery order placement via email)? And will I also be able to remove the ‘estimate shipping’? Thank you.

Sorry, the requirement is not clear to us, can you please e-mail us to developers@solvercircle.com with examples amd paraphrased details.

Hello, I tried adding the shortcode with a specific category ID but it showed all products instead, what’s up with that?

Please make sure to use proper double quote. If you still face any issue please submit a ticket at support.solvercircle.com

Hi, I have some presale questions regarding module 1. Is it compatible with Woo 2.6.4.? 2. Will a table allow to choose variatons/ for example I have a product that has variations. I need to be able to select variations in a table (not from a filtering) 3. If I assign different photo per variation, will a small picture on the left change, when I select a variation?

The variation items show as Individual products in the list view.

and yes it supports Woo 2.6.4

Hello, demo doesn’t work on iPad mini 3rd gen.

Is there a way to change the Quantity to automatically be ‘0” instead of ‘1’, even if this means changing the PHP. Thanks.

Please submit a Ticket with your request and site access information at support.solvercircle.com.

I would love to see a demo of your plugin handling variable products as I need it for variable products.


Hey, in the youtube video of the plugin


you show a search bar with filters, i can’t see that search bar in the live demo. the search bar comes with the pluggin?

Please check the DEMO of this item for confirmation of existing features. Yes, it has the search Button like shown on the DEMO.