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Who can access to the export module ?

By default, the quick export function is only available for admin. But you can modify the requested capability/role using a filter. Here is a snippet you can use : http://pastebin.com/8CgvT2tt

Were can I find the order meta and product meta I can use using filters ? (Since 2.0.2)

In the back-end, when you are to the Quick Export panel, in the “help” tab top right, there is a Quick export tab with the all the post meta you can use.

How do I add a custom time interval I can choose when I set up the scheduled export ?

By adding a small piece of code in the functions.php file in the theme. See the sample code here : http://pastebin.com/YFtyTcs6

I have a blank screen when I try do an export…

It’s because php memory limit is exceeded. You may have a lot of orders to export or a low php memory limit.

Two options :

1/ Increase the php limit you allow to php in your WordPress back-end. (But your hosting may not allow you as much memory as you want.)

Just add this line to your wp_config.php file (replace 1024M by any value you want) :

define( 'WP_MAX_MEMORY_LIMIT', '1024M' );

2/ Reduce the number of orders to export by filtering by date.

What is a filter and how do I use it ?

A filter is a small piece of code you add to your functions.php theme file. It allows you (if the plugin is designed for using filters) to modify the behavior of the plugin, without modifying it.

Quick export plugin offers a lot of filters you can use this way to customize your export. Most of the filters are illustrated with a pasteBin example, that you can find in the FAQ.

(Be careful, if you use a premium theme, if you update it it will probably erase the you you add in the functions.php file. But most of times there are specific file in your theme you can edit, which are update-proof.)

In the order export, I need a totally custom column, which is not stored as as a post meta… Like : empty column / column with always the same data / concatenating two order meta / anything fancy…

There is a filter for that : http://pastebin.com/mdTxdecB

You get the order object in parameter… so it’s up to you doing whatever you want ! (Requires some development skills)

(Be careful, if the treatment you do to get the data for each order is too complicated, with a lot of order, you could run out php memory)

Can I order the fields ? How ?

It’s possible to order some fields, but not all.

1/ What can be ordered :

Those can be ordered therebetween :

//general ‘id’, ‘status’, ‘order_date’,

//billing infos ‘billing_first_name’, ‘billing_last_name’, ‘billing_company’, ‘billing_address_1’, ‘billing_address_2’,’billing_city’, ‘billing_postcode’, ‘billing_country’, ‘billing_state’, ‘billing_email’, ‘billing_phone’,

//shipping infos ‘shipping_first_name’, ‘shipping_last_name’, ‘shipping_company’, ‘shipping_address_1’, ‘shipping_address_2’, ‘shipping_city’, ‘shipping_postcode’, ‘shipping_state’, ‘shipping_country’,

//note ‘customer_note’,

//payment, shipping and total ‘shipping_method_title’, ‘payment_method_title’, ‘order_discount’, ‘cart_discount’, ‘order_tax’, ‘order_shipping’, ‘order_shipping_tax’, ‘order_total’, ‘order_tax_detail’, ‘completed_date’,

But after this columns, you have those data that can’t be reordered :

//others ‘number_of_different_items’, ‘total_number_of_items’,

Products informations

‘used_coupons’, ‘coupon_name’, ‘coupon_discount’

Products informations :

Standard data that can be reordered therebetween :

‘sku’ ‘name’ ‘quantity’ ‘line_price_without_taxes’ ‘line_price_with_taxes’

Then, come the custom product informations in the order you set them.

2/ How

Using filters : For order informations : http://pastebin.com/8JR3aXGB For standart product informations : the filter name is : wqep_included_order_default_product_keys_filter

Summary of all the customization that can be done using filters (piece of code you have to add in your functions.php theme file)

– Adding columns :

• To add a column related to the order : http://pastebin.com/Thw5MGWN

• To add a column related to the products : http://pastebin.com/FGZJxHgA

• To add anything else that you can retrieve using order id (little bit trickier, experience of coding needed) : http://pastebin.com/mdTxdecB

– Removing columns :

• To remove columns related to the order data : http://pastebin.com/6GCV4Xfw

• To remove columns related to the product data : http://pastebin.com/44ErNYqp

– To know which keys you have to use in the filters, refer to the help tab in the back-end.

I use WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor / WooCommerce Products Add-Ons, can I export the data added by those plugins ?

Yes you can, but using a filter (small piece of code to put into your functions.php theme file).

For fields related to the order (WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor), you have to use this filter : http://pastebin.com/Thw5MGWN

For fields related to the products (WooCommerce Products Add-Ons), you have to use this filter : http://pastebin.com/FGZJxHgA

Then you have to customize this code with your own keys that you want to export. You can find them in the back-end, when you are to the Quick Export panel, in the “help” tab top right, there is a Quick export tab with the all the keys you can use.

Can I rename the columns ?

You can rename the columns using a filter (small piece of code to put into your functions.php theme file) : http://pastebin.com/3FYm06Mv

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