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Hello everybody,

Currently, FinalThemes is upgrading our product WooCommerce Quick Edit Products Pro to be compatible with Woocommerce latest version (3.x) . The new version will be coming shortly and we’ll inform soon once it’s done.

Many thanks for all your questions and information to make our product better. FinalThemes

Any news on this upgrade? Plugin does not work for the latest version of Wordpress

Hi, my Quick Edit Product Pro has stopped working. When I click on it in WooCommerce I am directed to an Error 404 page.

Purchase Confirmation 23rd November 2016.

Please advise.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Dom Broadley.

Please, update this plugin. It didn’t work with the latest woocomerce

Thank you for the update on letting us know what’s going on – i thought there was no more support for it – i bought the plugin and it did not seem to function – guess we’ll wait for the update!

Hi. Just bought this on the assumption that it would work on V3. It obviously doesn’t. When will the update be done. Saw you commented 4 weeks ago that it would be shortly. How long is shortly?

Hello. I imported over 1100 products and they are all set to “Pending Review”. How do i publish all of them without having to manually select for each one?

500 Internal Server Error . Please update.

Did the product update release to support latest WooCommerce & Wordpress?


ifede84 Purchased

Dear Costumer Support,

I’ve just purchase your plugin but it didn’t run, check here: