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I need to set a minimum order value (not quantity) on just one of my categories. Will this work?

Hi there,

Yes it will. You can send a value limit on your category and items in that category must had a total value that you specify in the cart before the user can checkout.

I need to limit the purchase of 1 item of 1 category, forever. Basically I have a category of free samples, I want the user to be able to order only 1 item from that category, only 1 time. Is this possible with this plug?

Hi there,

Only allowing 1 item from the category is possible but not forever. We haven’t implemented account limits yet which is what you would need.

Its something thats on the road map for the plugin and should be implemented soon.

ok so I got this working fine, only letting one product per category in the cart, but the user can order more than one of that product that is in the cart, is there a way to limit only 1 product (quantity)?

You can either set the limit for that product 1, or set the quantity limit on the cart to 1.

Hi, i want to import my products and i donÄt know what to write in the advanced custom field at wp all import:

purchase_limit » min

is this right or is there a special meta tag to insert for the import like:


kind regards

The limits are saved in a meta with a name of ‘purchase_limit’. The value is an array with the min and max value. i.e array( 'min' => X, 'max' => Y );

hy – yes i know but i’ve only one line to set the meta in the import form:

purchase_limit » min this doesn t work

Yes the array is serialized then stored in the database. If i remember correctly, you can run PHP during the import in WPALLImport? Is so then you can pass the array into the serialize() function.

Hi there – pre-sales question please. I have a small range of products but I need to limit one of the ranges/shipping classes to being ordered on its own, and not with other products. Can your plugin do this.?

Hi there,

Unfortunately, that is no possible with the plugin currently but its something we will look into adding in a future update.


Hello guys

Is it possible to set purchase limit per weight while purchasing on custom currency ?

Regards Kamil

Hi there,

No thats not possible currently but might be something we look into further. Thanks for the suggestion.


I have a couple of questions please. Pardon my first question. I just want to be sure…

1. Would it be possible to limit the quantity of order to only one or a couple of items?

2. When I tested a purchase of 19 units, which is 1 unit under the minimum 20 you set across the board, I got error messages.

I test ordered 19 units of “Flying Ninja” posters:

This is the error message I got above the page for adding only 19 units in the cart:

Notice: Undefined property: wpdb::$woocommerce_termmeta in /home/abbidmco/ on line 684 Notice: Undefined property: wpdb::$woocommerce_termmeta in /home/abbidmco/ on line 684 Notice: Undefined property: wpdb::$woocommerce_termmeta in /home/abbidmco/ on line 684

When I clicked on the Checkout link above the nav menu, I got this error message on this page below—

Error Message:

Notice: Undefined property: wpdb::$woocommerce_termmeta in /home/abbidmco/ on line 684

Checkout Page:

The reason I’m pointing this out is, could this also be an issue when the plugin is activated on an actual site.

Thank you.

Thanks. Back to my first question—

1. Would it be possible to limit the quantity of order to only one or a couple of items?

Sorry, forgot to answer the first question :)

You can limit the the total quantity of the cart or the quantity of individual products or the quantity of products from a particular category. So when you say limit the order, you could set a cart limit of 1.

Hope that makes sense

Thank you.

Hi, before buying the add-on I would like to know if you can put a monthly shopping limit, I will give away three digital products to customers and I need to put the limit of three monthly products for each user, I have found add-ons that limit purchases, But none works on a monthly basis, is this supplement what I need? Thank you very much!!

Hi there,

Unfortunately, user limits (based on time) are not available in the plugin at the moment. Its something thats on the roadmap for the future though.

I have a question before I buy. I have a shop and I have to make sure that every user can only buy one type of product per month. The user can buy more types of products, but for each type only one per month. Then the next month will be able to repurchase it. Is it possible to do this?

Hi there,

At the moment, no its not possible but we are looking user limits and time limits for a future update. Keep an eye out for it :)

Pre sales question: can I create multiple notices for cart purchase limits based on shipping zone tiers? For example: Zone 1 gets free shipping at $1500, Zone 2 gets free shipping at $2000 etc. Please advise. Thanks.

Hi there,

Unfortunately no, notices for shipping zones are not possible at the moment. I’ve made a note and we’ll look into it as soon as we can.

Will I be able to do this:

Minimum 3 dozens of any item.

Minimum of total order $500. Must equal

Hi there,

Yes, you can set a minimum quantity limit of 36 for all items and also set a minimum cart limit of $500. Both conditions must be satisfied before you can checkout.

Hope that helps

it have been 3 years no updated, is it could be used in WC 4.8.X?

Hi there,

I assume you mean Wordpress 4.8. Woocommrce is at version 3.2. The plugin is still fully compatible with both.


oblaum Purchased

hello, when i set the cart limit to 20€ including tax, it works proper only with one more 21€, how to fix this? latest wordpress and woocommerce versions.


oblaum Purchased

yes! is there a fix?

Leave it with me and i’ll try to replicate the issue and get a fix out as soon as possible.


oblaum Purchased

okay. very great. thanks. :)

Hey Code-Ninjas! Loving the Plugin. Do you know if its possible to bulk set the variations purchase limits. For Example, One of my products has multiple variations. I have the product set to a minimum of 12 on the product level. I want the customers to also order no less then 3 of each variation that they are getting (I have over 100 variations in just one product with multiple products like this, so it can get tedious to do it individually). Possibly if you could incorporate something like this, or so its compatible with the advanced bulk edit app that would be awesome!

Hi there,

If i remember correctly, changing the variation limits in bulk was something we looked into during a previous update. I can’t seem to recall the reason we didn’t include it, but its a useful feature and i’ll make a note to look into it as soon as we get back to developing this plugin



So glad to hear that!! Any idea as far as time frame. This would complete the plugin for me!


The plugins currently in developement but I don’t think we’ll be able to pick this into this update. But I’ll add it to the feature list for the next one. We’d be looking at a one or so atleast.

For purchase limit on individual items – is this per cart or per user forever? If per user forever, which value do you key off of, just out of curiosity?

Hi there,

User limits haven’t been implemented yet but we will be adding that functionality soon. The current limits is on a per cart/order basis.

1. Same questions as miamizx (8 months ago) and thomasbrigantino (11 hours ago) – can we limit one product SKU to be purchased 1 time, per Customer and Subscriber for the lifetime?

2. With additional User Roles (ie: Employee), could we assign a max number of products (based on products the Employee role has access to) to be ordered in their lifetime? in a set window of time (ie: 1 year)?

Hi there,

1. Currently no, you can only limit on a cart/order basis.

2. User/role limits are not currently implemented but its something that we want to add in a future update.

Hi, I got 2 pre-sale queries:

1. consider a variable product(t-shirt) that has 2 color attribute: red & brown. Now is it possible to set a minimum order quantity of 10 if the user selects the red variant and a minimum quantity of 7 if the user selects the brown variant on the product page?

2. is it possible to get access to ur demo store’s admin ? i need to see the plugin options from the backend

Hi there,

1. Yes. You can get a limit either for each variant, or for the product as a while regardless of variants..

2. Email us using the contact from on the profile page and we’ll get something set up for you.


I purchased the script but I don’t think it actually does what I though it will, its nearly close to what I needed.

I needed that the product value needs to meet a minimum £10 and let the buyer to adjust the qty to meet this criteria. I managed to set this in a checkout but its combines the subtotal together so they could add 2 products worth of £5 each and this would fool the subtotal system to be => £10

Is it possible so each product added needs to be £10 minimum even if its the same product, we run another script where price is obtained from a dimensions buyer needs and we require them to order each print for at least £10 and not below.

Hope you can help.

Hi there,

In its current form, the plugin won’t be able to do what you require. As you found, the plugin will set limits on the value of the cart only rather than the value of individual products.

Value limits on individual products is a limit we could add. The only issue is with finding the time to do it as paying clients work takes priority over plugin work. If you need this functionality urgently and are willing to pay for the development that would make you a priority client and we can get the functionality out to you sooner rather than later.

Either way email us using the contact form on the profile page and we’ll discuss it further.



Kindly I’ve the following requirements, so just let me know if this plugin possibly do it or not…

Role A customers not be able to make any new future orders when reaching/ making total order(s) – not only per one order- of $1000, so they stopped from making any new orders

Role B customers can make any purchases with any amount.


Hi there,

Limits based on users/roles in not currently implemented but it planned to be. I will let you know once we get around to implementing this


Hi there. It is possible, to limit total price? i have bookstore and i want to set minimum limit to $50. If books in cart won’t be minimum 50$, there won’t be purchase button. Thanks

Hi there,

Yes it is. You can set the value the cart needs to be and the user won’t be able to proceed to the checkout until that value has been achieved.