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Pre-sale question: Is this plugin compatible with Wordpress 4.6.1 and Woocommerce 2.6.6?

Hi there.

Yes it is :) but if you have any problems let us know and we’ll be more than happy to help


Can limit total amount of category in 3 days? For example a user can only buy 1 category product in 3 days, he can buy other product of this category again after 3 days.


Hi there,

Not currently. Time limits are not part of the plugin yet,

I need to be able to allow only 1 item per purchase at a time. If user tried to add another item in the cart it will give an error message. Does your plugin do this?

Its been 5 days and no one has responded to my question? I would purchase this if it does what I am asking. Guess you don’t want my order.

Hi there,

Sorry for the late reply. We’ve been a little busy :) In answer to your question, yes the plugin does this. You can set the maximum quantity limit of 1 to the cart and users will only be able to checkout with 1 item.

Is this compatible with Woocommerce One Page Checkout? I am using your plugin here and it’s putting my review order total details in a constant load. Please advise..

Hi there,

Unfortunately i can’t comment on compatibility with the One Page Checkout plugin because we haven’t tested the plugin out ourselves. There obviously is a problem if its not working. However i’m not sure where the potential problem could be.

The plugin stops the user at the cart if the purchase limits have not been fulfilled. Does this plugin bypass the cart?

Is there a way to limit a minimum of 10 items that are in a specific category?

Hi there,

Yes you can set quantity limits for categories so the users cart must contains a minimum of X (or a maximum) from a specific category before they can checkout.

Pre-Sale question: Is there an estimate on time limitation functionality? Example: Only allowing customer to buy 30 items per day/week/month, then it resets. Also having multiple limits in place based on subscriber plan?

Hi there,

Unfortunately, we are unable to give you a timeframe on when this can be added. We work on our plugins in between client work so it’s difficult say when development work can be carried out on the plugin.

Sorry i couldn’t be more help.

Pre-Sale question: Can you limit products per username? Example let customer A buy 12 products but only let customer B buy 6 of that same product?

Hi there,

Not currently, but its a feature that we are planning on adding in a future update soon.

Hi, can I limit a purchase product for a single user?

oh… I have buy the wrong plugin… is possible to have moneyback?

oh… I have buy the wrong plugin… is possible to have moneyback?

Hi there,

Please issue a refund request on Code Canyon and we can proceed from there.

Hello, I have a serious problem with your plugin, I hope you can help me even if I have just finished the terms of the support.

I have noticed that for certain products the minimum purchase limit is not calculated even if they are in the same of other category that appears is calculated. Because? thank you…

Replied to your email.

Exactly so, they are the same type. I created a parent category and I applied to this minimum purchase limit … then I created subcategories which in theory take the limit from the parent class. The problem is that for certain products the purchasing min limit is calculated for some not even if you pass it. The products are similar and are part of different sub-categories but all linked to the parent with the limit…thanks

Hi Greta,

Replied to your email, but in case anyone else is looking. Child categories do not inherit their limits from the parent category. You will need to set the limit for each child category individually.

If you have any problem, feel free to reply to our email.


Hello, I saw comments from 2 years ago stating that features for lifetime purchase limits would be implemented in a future update. I am wondering if this feature has already been included in this plugin?

HI there,

Unfortunately, no not yet. The feature is on the road map but we working on our plugins in between client work so we’re unable to give a time frame of when this will be added.

HI, We are having a bit of an issue. We have a product with variants. The product has a minimum order of 5. But the plugin is treating each variant as unique so it wants 5 of the same variant in the basket in order to checkout.

Can we set it to 5 of any variant of the same product?



Hi there,

Yes you can. Remove the limits on each variant and add the limit on the parent product (the variable product itself). That will apply the limit for the product as a whole (any variants).

Give it a try and let me know how you get on.


HI, Thanks for coming back to me. We have set that but we are using the code canyon plugin WooCommerce Extra Product Options for some product options and it is seeing each option as unique. Any idea how to make it compatible?



Hi AJ,

Which options have you set up?

I’m not sure how to make the 2 compatible without looking into the code, but i have a feeling its not going to be a quick solution.

Hi guys,

Incredible plug-in. Easy to work with. I just have a small issue. When I am on the product I get the message about the minimum quantity.But when I buy using fast cart (not product page but lets say first page) and go to cart I do not get a specific message that I need to add products

Hi there,

Glad you like it. What happens when you add a product from the product page, then go to the cart? Does the message show up? Can you proceed to the checkout?

It might be that the messages haven’t been pushed into the database. Simple go to the setting and click save in each section to force them in and see if the messages appear on the cart page.

Let me know how you get on.

Will this plugin let you set a limit to products that are allowed for backorder after it reaches zero? I.E. Our client has products that are pre-ordered so they have to put in a 0 for stock levels so that the customer will be notified. Will your plugin let them set a limit in the negative so that no more than that negative amount can be ordered? I hope this makes sense.

Hi there,

I think i understand. We;ve setup a test here:

This product is out of stock with back order enabled. If you try to purchase this product, the limits are still applied.

So in answer to your question, yes. If you set a limit then the user will not be able to purchase more than than limit in the order.

Hope that helps

Pre-sale question.

With your plugin is there a way to set a rule that : If a customer buys from Category A, the can’t buy from Category B, and the other way around ?

Hi there,

Unfortunately no, that type of rule hasn’t been implemented into the plugin yet. I’ll make a note of it and see if it can get added in a future update.

can i limit by user and user groups?

Hi there,

Unfortunately, no not yet. Thats something that were working on for a future update.