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Hi there, nice plugin but I think it needs also the option to tell people about these discounts in a popup somwhere when the plugin is activated and have a discount set up.

For example if you set up a discount of 20% off the cart for buying more than $100 than somewhere it should display a popup/banner that telles the people that if they buy more than $100 they will get a 20% discount.

Don’t you think ??

It is good idea. For now store owner can simply create a attractive banner with your sliders module to inform customer about promotion campaign

Thank you


what about the tax, can you provide it.

if buying 3 items and the tax is 10%

total is 30 tax is 3

then the discount 20%

then the total will be 24 + 3 dollars tax so tax is before the discount,

Does your plugin works like this.

Many Thanks

Hi Zaherhaddad,

Now we haven’t tax function in this plugin so it can’t work as you described.

Thank you!

- Magenest -

The discount can be set for certain type of customers?

Hi Nice Plugin ! 1. Can You do that in the Product page instead of in the Cart? 2. It is possible to used as an instant rebate, check link?

Please, let me Know. Thank You.

1.Yes. It can use in product page 2. I will investigate and let you know

Hi, I want to exclude coupon but the option “Exclude sale items” does not work.

hi can you please help me i cant set it up on my wordpress website, it is making fatal error , please send me email to my private mail:

i have a deadline to finish this today, please



We have received your email and process find solution.

Thank you

hi what is going on with the app? your support said they will get back to me! no email for 2 days and as i said its not working on my site, it always makes fatal-error…

Hi, two days ago, I sent two messages. When I get an answer?

Hi, still I have not got the answers. This is a problem I’ve found:

I have a product that is in 6 categories. Can I discount the product in 5 of those, and full price in the 6th?

Hi guys,

We won’t support here from now. If you have any issue or need a new feature , please create a ticket at

Thank you.

Best Regards

if i used this promotion plugin when adding the new product description part is not editable and the text does not appear. could you help me whit this?

or I get this message Fatal error: Can’t use function return value in write context in /web/decohobby/ on line 89

Hello, Have you submitted your issue in the support link above? This is a technical issue so just our senior technical support engineers can help you to fix it.

does it work with variable products?

It works with all product types


I’m looking for a plugin that can have a specific discount based on quantity. Ex. 10% on 1 item, 20% on 2 items, 30% on 3 items, of the same product.

Did your plugin do this?

Best regards,



Unfortunately, the module doesn’t support using a specific discount based on quantity. We will consider to add it to the next version in future.

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Hello guys,

The Magenest Team will be away from tomorrow Friday, February 5th, 2016 till Friday, February 12th, 2016 to celebrate the arrival of the Vietnammese New Year, which is also known as Lunar New Year. It will be one of the major public holidays in the country that we observe.

To know what is this Lunar New Year about, we leave it to Wikipedia to explain.

Our technical support will still be available however do expect some delays in getting your replies. While most of us will be away over the weekends, we will still try to squeeze in some time to answer urgent cases only.

Also, our plugins still available for all to purchase in Codecanyon.

We will resume work on Saturday, February 13th, 2016. Until then, have a great Lunar New Year.

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Hello. This plugin is very useful, I just wanted to make an observation. It would be good to have the possibility of creating a condition “if you already have a copon” no discount applies.

Or, if applicable number one promotion, the number two promotion does not apply.

Just installed the promotion plugin… a few comments for improvement. If your site uses a price “filter”, sale item prices won’t be reflected there, but rather the original price. (i.e. if you have a $20 item on sale for $15 and a customer sets the filter for $15 and under, your sale items WILL NOT display). Also, for some reason, some items aren’t displaying as a sale at all, even though those items’ categories have been selected, not sure why that is. Additionally, the option for a discount (fixed or percentage) is great except that you can’t enter decimal points into the discount, so if you want to offer $2.50 off $10 you can’t, it has to be in round numbers. Finally, there is a drop down option for items in stock, or out of stock, but for some sellers who don’t keep track of stock, you would now have to add stock numbers for all of your items in order for them to appear in the sale (that might be why several products in my store above are not displaying). Just a few thoughts… Other than that, it does what it should, and a great option for the price.

as a follow up to the message above, there is another issue with the plugin… There is an option to select featured vs not featured, but there isn’t an option for both. So, if you want to put an entire category of products on sale, but some of them are featured, one or the other won’t show up depending on what you choose.

Really need to work on this and the above. The selection options for the sale need some work.


1- This plugin works in WooCommerce 2.6 ?? 2- You can exclude payment methods? I earned only card payment or exclude delivery? 3- You can filter by brand?

Thank you


I’m using WooCommerce 2.6.14 on WordPress 4.7.5

In Auto Promotion tab, inside WooCommerce setting page, I did not select any choices in there.

Then I created many Catalog Autopromotion rules, but only the first rule that I created seems to work. The other rules do not work at all.

How do I fix this? Thanks.

Hi Krusell,

Thank you for contacting and we would be very glad to help you. Please log in our support portal: and send us some information such as: () Admin role () FTP or SSH (+) Path Directory Install Store. We will consider the problem for you. Look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards, _Magenest Support.

I’ve submitted the ticket. How do I follow up this?

Hi Krusell,

You will receive the inform from our support service via your email which you use to create issue. Hope you will contact well with Magenest support team.

Many thanks, _Magenest Support.

As of Dec 2017 with the many recent Woocommerce updates, does this work with the newest updates? Thanks.

Hi Worldembrace,

Thanks for contacting with us!

Our plugin is still compatible with the newest WooCommerce version.

Let us know if you have any question.

Best regards,

The Magenest Support Team.