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Since you do not see fit to answer users on this forum, it is fair to say that the plugin is actually quite harmful to the site. It is impossible to deactivate it. At the moment, if I try to deactivate it, all prices are wiped out and everything shows zero. The feeling is being held to ransom by the plugin, because it misbehaves, but then will not let you deactivate it. Unfortunately, because there is no support, I have to deactivate it anyway and look into manually re-entering prices for hundreds of products.


Hello I’ve got warning/error messages all over the place in the admin saying this and that have been deprecated since version 2.6 of wordpress; is there a compatibility update to be released soon?

for example: on the product > Inventory panel: Action: woocommerce_product_write_panels is deprecated since version 2.6! Use Use woocommerce_product_data_panels action instead

it makes it impossible to use the interface (forms going out of the page etc.)

could you please let me know if you have a date for an update to this plugin?

Will this be updated this year as there have been MANY Woocommerce changes since the last update which was over a year ago?

Can somebody share a command that’s need to be add into a cron to generate promotions? I’ve try to replace whole WP cron following this guide: https://www.siteground.com/tutorials/wordpress/setup-cron-job.htm but still it’s not working. It only work when i press Run Campaigns button. There is any way to do it automatically few minutes after midnight ? It should fix all problems.

If somebody have problem with module just install WP Crontrol plugin. Go to Tools-> Cron events. And change woocommerce_scheduled_sales from 23:00 everyday to 1 minute after midnight every day (00:01) . I even switch it to run this promotions every 4 hours.

Hi Mate, I bouth your plugin and i created already one campaign. But this campaign is nowere visibale???what i do wrong? My purchase code is 182e71a3-34b4-46f2-8b68-ee4c48426f23

best regards

Hi Mate i will get an answer or not???? If your plugin dosnt work i wish an refund of my money!!!!

On this screenshot you can see that the banner is not on the shop page?! http://prntscr.com/ho4ian

And the layout from your plugin works not more as well!!! check the screenshots!! Criterias: http://prntscr.com/ho4ggu Price Adj.: http://prntscr.com/ho4gut


We have purchased plugin, but its not showing anything on front end..admin side working, but by using wc vendor not able to add promotion.. Please guide us to use it on front end..checked documentation but its not working..

Waiting for a immediate reply..

Hi, I buy the plugin tonight and work perfect!!

But in the admin page I see the panel in a different view: That’s yours https://mosstheshop.com/aa.png That’s mine https://mosstheshop.com/zz.jpg

It’s for the Wordpress version? I run the 4.9.1

Thanks in advance