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I like that kid in the picture, it is exactly a good picture for such plugin!

Thank you very match! Idea for this picture came up with my brother. Here is his portfolio


We use WC Vendors, is there a way to have the Promotion Helper vendor specific? Thanks.

Hi sneako. Sorry, but I do not very understand what you need. If you want to – I can install plugins “WooCommerce Promotion Helper” and “WC Vendors Free” to the demo site and give you access. If you will need some new features that we can discuss it and perhaps I will implement them in the next version of plugin. Just write me an email for access to the demo site.

Hi there,

Nice plugin and I would like to buy it.

But this plugin works only with more products in cart ? We can’t set a message where telling the user that if he buys more than $500 for example he will get a discount in the cart instead of telling him to add 1-2 more products ?

Also, will this work with variable products ??

And finally, will it work with the final version of Wordpress and WooCommerce ?

Thanks for replying me. Can you please also tell me if we can have a coupon amount that will have a %discount of the total price cart instead of a fixed price ?

And also, what about the generated coupons, once they expire or they are used by the user, will they erase automatically or do we have to erase them from time to time ?

And finally is it possible to have a coupon where the delivery to be free ?

1. Yes. You can use %discount instead of fixed price 2. Each coupons have field “Coupon amount”. You can set it to 1 and each generated coupon will be used only one time. 3. At this moment there is no good way to make the delivery free of charge. I’m working on this feature. If you have a fixed amount of delivery then you can create another coupon for that amount.

Ok, please think about a way of having free delivery also and let me know.


I saw you left a comment on our site linking to this product. I am going to be honest, from the live demo it’s a bit hard to tell what the plugin really does. I would highly recommend if you could create a little video demonstration I think it would help sales a lot more then the current demo – just a tip ;)


Thank you so much for your honesty. I already have one video, but it seems this is not enough. I’ll try to make one more in the near future and post it in a prominent place. Thanks again!

Pre-purchase Questions:

I’m interested in your plugin and wondering if it supports the following requirements:
  • Does it auto generate coupon codes?
  • Can coupon code be used for % discount other than amount discount?
  • I need to customize it to show associated order numbers for each coupon code so I want to understand a bit on the table structure. Is there documentations or link where I can see the database table structure?

  • Thanks!

1. Yes. You create pattern for new coupons and it will be generated automatic

2. Yes

3. Plugin creates a pattern for the automatic creation of standard WooCommerce coupons. Patterns and coupons it’s just posts for WordPress. They store main information in table ‘wp_posts’ and additional information in table ‘wp_postmeta’.

If you need more information – please write me email . I am happy to help you.

cool work, i wish you all the best for your sales

Thanks ;)