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Hello, is there an option to batch add cost price? We have more than 1500 products listed :-) thanks a lot.


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Hi, do you have plan in future to add this feature? Its kind of embarasing to edit goods one by one.

Is it possible to filter order status?


Could you explain more about your question, where do you want to filter the order status? The report itself takes the completed orders into profit calculation (and some statuses like canceled, returned etc).


I just want to show profit at completed orders at the report painel. Is that possible?


The plugin has its own profit report, there it’s calculating the profit from completed orders, returned orders, cancelled etc. If the calculation takes the completed orders only, it will result wrong value.


Hi, pre-sale question… I see there is one big thing missing here and that is stoct total value (cost and retail total). Is there any way you could add this?

Is this compatible with woocommerce 3.0?



Sorry but I can’t promise to add that feature.

So far, in our test site it has no issue with WC 3.0.



please I get a strange report from the previously month, so my questions are. 1) can I get the right numbers from time I have not installed profit and sales plugin? (I have cleared all catches and calculate cost of goods) but get the wrong numbers from the sales before installing plugin as I have now after installing 2) Is your plugin fully compatible with the plugin chained products from woocommerce?


Please contact us via my profile with access to admin panel, also please tell us the specific order that has the problem.


I actually did 2 day ago, no answer…


I had replied your email and I got another email without quoting the original email, is that yours? An email that telling about the product item ##8051, #8055.


Wondering if there’s an update to work w/ the new WooCommerce 3.0. My COGS no longer show up on the order form any longer since the update of WC. It just shows 0.00 even though the product has a COG inputted. Thanks!


We have tested it in WC 3.0 and it works, the COGS does show up on orders page in the admin.


Can you issue a refund on this plugin? It does not seem to deliver what I was hoping. It does not seem to work with Quick Export plugin to download cost of goods sold. I have an issue with the bundles products, where cost of good dynamically change based on individual prices. It also seems to conflict with my theme, distorting the orders page under subtotal section.

Thank you


We can’t guarantee that the plugin can work with other plugin like Quick Export as it might not know how the data are saved by our plugin. As other issues, could you provide more info? Like bundle product, we may need to see how it works, please provide access to admin panel, you can send the info via my profile.


Guidance states ‘In case you need to edit the COG related to an order, you can do it on Order Details’

But Woocommerce does not let me edit the COG stating ‘This order is no longer editable’ and ‘to edit this order, change the status back to pending’ – but the status IS Pending.

Please help as the only reason I bought the plugin is so that I can edit orders after purchase as some of my products price changes often


Please refer to this doc: https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/managing-orders/ Whatever the order status you should be able to view the order (where you can see Order Data and Order Items – I’m referring to the doc above). If the order status is On Hold or Pending Payment, then you can move the cursor to any order item so the edit button (pencil icon) appears, and you can edit it. Otherwise, change the status and click update first before editing item is enabled. So, in what screen could you not edit the order?


Why does the profit not calculate including the money taken for shipping? Profit should = Cost of Goods + Delivery charges – cost of product + Delivery costs


Please refer to my comment here: https://codecanyon.net/comments/8776265. To be short, the cost like shipping cost could be applied to the whole order, where the COG is on item level, it would add quite complexity to prorate such cost to each item for profit calculation.


In the previous WooCommerce update, all orders have a COG of 0 even though the COG is entered in the product. Would have to manually edit an order to say it’s not been paid for yet, put the price in then change back to paid which would resend the order confirmed email. Not practical at all.

In this WooCommerce update, WooCommerce can’t even run if Profit of Sales Report is running ‘Fatal error: Cannot redeclare wc_get_price_decimals() (previously declared in /public_html/wp-content/plugins/wc-profit-of-sales/class-posr-base.php:43) in /public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/includes/wc-formatting-functions.php on line 458’

Hello, interested in this plugin to see the report of sold items and sales. Is it compatible with any multi-currency plugin?


Why COGS field on order page in admin site is blank when we add product (order) from admin page ?

but it is fine when order is placed by customer.

Dear developer, very cool plugin – I’m using it for a while now, and it works great. One question or maybe feature request: In what field of the product are you writing/saving the profit of each product? Is it a custom field that is accessable for die admin? Currently I can’t find it. Because I’m currently setting up ads for my products, and if I could access the “profit” value of each product, I’d be able to automatically set bid values – according to how much profit I make with the individual product. Thanks

Hello, is this compatible with: Prices By User Roles plugin? https://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-prices-by-user-role/8562616

I’m also using: Product Sales Report for WooCommerce plugin.

I have 5 user roles, each user role have a different price/level. I want to know the real profit based on the product price for each user role. Is this possible with this plugin?

As of the latest Woocommerce update, the field ‘_posr_line_cog_total:’ and the numerical cost of the good shows up everywhere in plain text, on order pages, delivery notes, emails, even if the plug-in isn’t activated. It’s not good that the customer can see this too..

Hello, Thank you for the good plugin,

I uploaded the plugin but when I tried to use it, i get this Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in /home/ibralk/1001nights.ae/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-sales-reporter/includes/class-woo-sales-report-model.php on line 264

is there anything I can do to fix it?

Hello, A decent Plugin, well done.

However one thing that is sorely missing is the ability to have a “Cost Price” of a product and the Markup (percentage increase) for that field.

Many store owners work on creating their Sell price (Regular price) from a base Cost of Goods price. This is something that is missing in Woocommerce which is crazy because it is needed. It would be a very worthwhile addition to your Plugin to be able to enter Cost prices for products, and then have that increased by a percentage (or amount as an option) to result in the Regular Price.

Also, import a CSV to bulk add the Cost to products, it is too slow and not practical to enter each one manually. We have 3500 products.


Hi, I have cost of goods from Woo now, but it is expensive. Does your Plugin take the data from woo, or need I to add all again?

5 days and no reply… This is not a plugin I will use in a running shop system… too bad


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Will you be updating this to be compatible with the newest versions of WP and WC? Thinking about renewing the license.

I like this plugin. It’s simple and does what I’d like it to do, which is to be able to set the cost of goods and to calculate the profit of sales.

But somehow the developer stoped updating this plugin made me frustrated. I can’t find other plugin which does the same thing as simple as this plugin and without changing the simple look of the report in WooCommerce.

I hope the developer will rejoice and make this plugin great again. Peace!

Hi, This plugin dont have any update?