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Hi, just wondering if it is possible for the price to hide if the price of the item is 0?

Having £0 or FREE is misleading for the customer on my site.

Please let me know. Thankyou


Hi there! Probably, it’s a bit easier to hide these zero prices using CSS, how do you think? Do you need to help with it?


We’ve got 2 small questions.

1. You’ve got max quantity, but we want to have 1 category to allow only 5 products selected. There are 20+ products, but only 5 should be allowed. Is there a possibility that you can set max amount of products? This is mandatory for our project.

2. The quantity amount of a “Box” can’t be edited on the cart page. Is there a possibility that you can give the “Wizard Kit No1” a quantity. So for companies to buy 10 boxes. This would be great instead of creating 10 of the same boxes over and over again.

We would love to hear from you. So far an amazing plugin!

Kind regards, Mick

Hello there! It is ready :)

Hello, thank you so much! Amazing support.

You are welcome :) And thank you very much for the review!


One of our tabs will need to have a large number of products in it. Is there a way to filter the products or even use a search box to display relevant images? Or does this plugin work with any other plugin to do that?

Many thanks in advance Martin

Hi there :)

First of all, you can set “Products per page” option in a term settings modal. Then scroll the modal to the end and there you can find “Select filters for using” setting. There are a few arguments available for filtering. Take a look, please. Are they suits your requirements?

Super thanks. I will take a look. Great service!

Having an issue with this plugin. It will not move to the next tab. It works fine if I put the link to the page directly into the browser url bar but it does not work if I follow through to that page from another link or page.

Hello! Much probably your site is using ajax redirects. Could I take a look?

Yes. I sent you an email and you already have ftp access to my site.

I did some troubleshooting last night and found out the plugin only works if I am logged into Wordpress, Why would that be?

Answered by email.


Mickyyman Purchased

Hello Troll_winner,

You’ve helped us big time setting up a project, but we’ve recently encountered a problem. When using your plugin with any IE it doesn’t work.

Upon starting the wizard we get error: SCRIPT438: Object doesn’t support property or method IE.

We would love to hear from you.

Kind regards, Paul

Hello there, Paul!

Thank you for reporting! I have been tried to find an old portable IE for tests, but without success yet :(

I will try to do something with it and give you a sign as soon as this will be solved.

Best regards!