Discussion on WooCommerce Products Wizard - Composite Product Builder

Discussion on WooCommerce Products Wizard - Composite Product Builder

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avawter1 Purchased

Hi, I am trying to configure this wizard to be like the product reflection wizard you have demonstrated. I need 3 steps of product filtering to narrow down what the user options are and would like to show them what the price is at each level they select. The last 3 steps are making final adjustments to the product. Is this possible? Also is it possible to copy the template that you have for the reflections wizard and edit that? I am way out of my league here and don’t have a developer that can use this.

Hi and thank you for your choice!

Could you show a conceptual schema to avoid any misunderstanding? Message me at, please.

Yes, this is possible to modify the wizard views, but I don’t really understand about the reflection view. Could you specify a bit?

Best regards, Alex


mrbertina Purchased

Hello. I bought this plugin to create something like the demo you have shown on your website: But, after I try to configure this plugin, for example: - The sticky sidebar (filter and cart) is not working - The sticky top menu is not working - The mobile version is very basic, and the sticky cart is not working.

How can I have the same design as your plugin on my website? Is there any option for demo import for us?

Hello and thank you for your choice!

Much probably that’s some kind of CSS cross-fire issue, which usually could be fixed easily.

May I take a look at your wizard, please?

You can message me at if you don’t want to share the link here.

Best regards, Alex


bipi Purchased

Hi, first die wizard works great, but it is possible to add a class (active) to the article with class woocommerce-products-wizard-form-item when the radio button is checked? So we could highlight the selected product

Just mailed you ;)

It has Decision Support System?

Hello! Not automatically, but you can lead the customer to suggest better products.

Hello I just bought your plugin and it looks really good.

Only I do not understand, I can say:

If this product is selected you show me this product in the next step.

But when I add several rules to say: If this product + this product is in the cart, you display these products.

I use different id attributes for each rule…But it doesn’t work

Do you have an idea?

Thanks to you

Hello and thank you for your choice!

That’s right, while you just tick some of the products they aren’t in the cart until you submit the form.

There are a couple of ways to send a product to the cart immediately:

- You can use individual add-to-cart product controls;

- Or you can send products to the cart while any of them is ticked. But you need to add a small extra script to your site to make it possible:

Take a try ;)

Also, could you message me at, please?

Best regards, Alex

We are using Single Step Layout which shows the cart at the end of the page. The problem is that, as soon as we select the first option, it adds all of the products (first variation) to the cart. Is there a way to not do this so it adds the products one by one? Also, is there a way to show the cart total instead of the separate items listed one by one?

May I take a look at your wizard, please? Cause I need to see it to understand better.


How can we add a blank option in the drop down list of attributes/variations? Currently, the option appears as pre-selected. However, it won’t trigger an action to move to next step/product. But if you choose the 2nd option it will trigger.

Hi there!

Unfortunately, blank variation dropdown option had a lot of problems and issues, so it was removed from the plugin.

But you can create a variation to be a default and disabled to not be purchased somehow. Usually that makes the trick ;)

Best regards, Alex


We have set availability rules but we use single-step behavior. When one product is selected, it is not showing up conditional product in the next option based on the availability rules. Is there a way to do that?

Hi there!

Single-step mode isn’t perfect for the product conditions indeed. But there is a way to achieve a correct behavior.

First of all, this is possible to hide the radio/checkbox input and use individual add-to-cart button for each product. This way conditions will affect next products according the current selection.

Also, this is possible to add/remove product while it’s chosen with the radio/checkbox. But you need to add a small extra script for that:

Best regards, Alex

Hi. Pre-purchase question. I’ve seen you mention here that the plugin is compatible with Woocommerce Subscriptions. However, I tried the Lite version of the plugin and those products don’t seem to be able to be selected. No radio or checkboxes appear but they do for other products. Do subscription products only work in the paid version?

Hi there!

That’s right :) While the lite version is frozen with its state, the full version get improvements each month, such as subscription products.

Best regards, Alex

Hello, I created my page but it doesn’t go to the next page. It stays on the same page. Although I press the next button, it does not go to the next page. I shared the link above. Thank you

Just mailed you!

Hello I wanted to know if your plugin allows to display only compatible pc components, example :

Step 1: Processor : “AMD 7600x” or “Intel i7 13700k” : I choose the “Intel 13700k”.

Step 2 : “motherboard”: the selection should then show only motherboards compatible with the processor “Intel 13700k” from step 1.

As the site or the components are displayed according to the compatible components:

Thank you for your answer Jonathan

Hello Jonathan!

Yeap, this way is possible to implement :) I saw such plug-in usage a few times.

Best regards, Alex

Hi there,

I cant seem to access the lite version – the link does not go anywhere. Is it still available?

Thank you

Hi there!

Sometime browsers block downloading of the lite version via this link. Here is another one ;)

Best regards, Alex

Presale Question. Can you remove the pricing on the step pages and only show pricing at the end. And remove the Add to Cart so it is only a quote?

Hello there! Both are possible ;)

Hello , we would like to change the style of the plugin to accordion mode ?

Like this link :

Awaiting you answer.

Thank you in advance.

Hello there!

This is possible to achieve a close look. I’d suggested to start with the “single-step” mode and “Enable step toggle button” setting under the “Controls” group.

Take a try ;)

Best regards, Alex

Hi i am trying to use this plugin facing a strange problem, when i place product X in #1 step, i see it correctly, but i change the order and now this step is step #2, i am getting a msg: no matching products … can u point me where to look at what?

yes we figure it, we are using polylang for multi lang, it created problems.

we found that if we want it to work correctly, we must ALSO create the product / category … in the En version, only then i can use the other lang.

do u have a tip in case we also use multilingual plugin?

So, if you have a done wizard you can clone it completely and change its queries to another language categories. Then just use its shortcode on the required language page.

That’s the fine way for multi-language sites to have duplicates of entities. This good plugin can help you with it ;)

Hi there,

i´ve tried to assigne my license to a new page with the same domain. Could you please reset my both liceses so I can assign them again?

Best Regards David

Just mailed you ;)



dadasas Purchased


We set up a percentage discount via the Woocommerce Product Wizard, but it’s not working properly. Specifically, the discount is triggered by the “ywcrbp_regular_price” variable. We have different price lists for each user role, we wanted the plugin to calculate the discount starting from the list price “ywcrbp_your_price”. Can you help us?

Dada staff

Just mailed you!


leiti Purchased

Hi, I have a question about excluding variants from steps. In the basic step, I used selected attributes to use, e.g. 12mm, 30mm, 40mm. However, products with these attributes – they also have the 2mm and 3mm attribute – these attributes should not be active in the wizard. At the moment, products with all possible variants are displayed, not just those marked for use. There is a global way to do this so as not to exclude all unnecessary variants one by one? There are about 300 variable products in our shop. Thanks for any hint :)

Hi Elwira! Unfortunately, this isn’t possible without extra code. Message me at, please.

Hi, i don’t have a private message from you. Did you get my email? Regards :)

Hi Elwira!

Somehow nope. Could you resend it once again at and, please?


customer: updated plugin and now the Start, Next etc steps do not show? any idea why this would be – Example Page they also got this email after update:

An error of type E_COMPILE_ERROR was caused in line 268 of the file /var/www/vhosts/ Error message: require_once(): Failed opening required ’/var/www/vhosts/’ (include_path=’.:/opt/plesk/php/7.4/share/pear’)


Hi there! That’s because of disabled “show header/footer” settings of the wizard. Take a look, please ;)


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