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I am setting up your plugin on

And I have a few questions:

1. How can I make it look like your demo? On the page I inserted the wizard, it’s all messed.

2. Can I add a maximum number of products that the customer can select?

Please contact me for the login credentials:

Thank you in advance for your support.

Best regards,

Samuel Chopard

Hi I have a problem: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, class ‘WCProductsWizard’ not found in /home/repro24/ftp/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php on line 298. Can you help me?

Thank you for your help :)

You are welcome! :)

Hello, I’m getting this error message when I tried ti Activate your plugin. I’m uing version 2.10.4. Please advise.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in /home/qctnetwo/public_html/wp/wp-content/plugins/codecanyon-16254396-woocommerce-products-wizard/woocommerce-products-wizard.php on line 56

Thanks for your support!

Hello :)

The reason of this error is an old PHP version. Try to make it 5.4 or higher.

Hello, do this plugin integrates with Produc addons and other Woocommerce extensions? seems to me that it is not working. Am I correct? thanks.

Hello :)

Unfortunately, this plugin cannot be used with several products on a page. But I still looking for a good one to add extra fields support in the Wizard plugin.

Hello, your plugin is very interesting.

Here is the scenario for my shop. I sell bikes.

I would like to allow my clients to build their bikes. We have several categories of components

  • Transmission : by manufacturers (sram or shimano) 10 speeds, 12 speeds, etc.
  • Wheels :by manufacturers & by type
  • Handlebars,
  • Tape by manufacturers & by type and variation colors
  • Tires : by manufacturers & by type and variation colors
  • Brakes & lever : by manufacturers & by type
  • Cables : variation colors
  • And so on …
Can we do this with your plugin? I think so. Do we have to pay particular attention to something?

If it turns out that we have a compatibility problem with an already installed plugin, is it possible to be reimbursed without too much fuss? Obviously after contacting your support to find a solution.

Thanks for ur time!


Very well, Mary :)

Done. :) Thanks!

Thank you for your choice! :)


Bahula Purchased

Hello, I only get the message “No results for your choice ”. But I have created the categories and productsw which are in the categories. What can be the reason that I don’t get the products in the tabs? Thanks


Is it possible me to take a look at admin part of your site?

If it is, could you send me an access to

Hi, great plugin. I’m having an issue with Google Analytics Enhanced. I use 8 steps, user can choose various products in each step. Then at the end there is a bulk action, that adds those products to the cart. Now in GA Enhanced I see the action was triggered, but GA sees the cart as abandoned. No analytics as to which products were added.

Hello, dear customer :)

Ok, I got it and will find the solution.

Thank you!


A pre-sale question: I am thinking of a car / computer configurator wizard.

Would it be possible to default a product in each step and show the price differences instead of the regular “full” prices (compared to the default one in that step)?

Would it be possible to show all chosen products on the side (so as well in the beginning with all defaulted products), but only at the end add it to the cart when confirming the configuration?

Thanks for letting me know if your plugin might be what I am looking for (or if there are any hooks / filters that might make this possible with some extra coding)!

Best regards, Jurgen

I thought about this feature, but there are some difficulties with defining of default products which have variations. Do you going to use variable products in a wizard?

That should be possible too idd. All products from that category so variable products too (also the defaulted ones).

Would it also be possible to show the price difference based on the defaulted / current selected item?

I am only in a bidding phase right now, so I can’t guarantee any thing at this point of time, honestly…

I think it’s a quite possible customization about the prices, but default kit feature is requires some work. Anyway, I was going to make it, so it will be added in the next update :)


TonyMosley Purchased

I am trying to upload and activate the Woocommerce Products Wizard plugin but it’s causing a syntax error and jamming up the admin panel…

Fatal error: Call to undefined function WCProductsWizard\WC() in /nas/content/staging/eatupfood/wp-content/plugins/codecanyon-16254396-woocommerce-products-wizard/includes/Admin.php on line 112

I’m using wordpress 4.8.1 running on

Hello, dear customer!

Thank you very much for your choice!

Could you give me your email address to send you the fixed version?