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Hello, i just bought your plugin and on install and activation i get:

Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

Fatal error: Can’t use method return value in write context in /home/pantysniffr/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-products-wizard/includes/frontend/WCProductsWizard.php on line 1147

It is 5.4.45

I changed to 5.6.29 and it activated fine.

Very well! Thank you alot for the response :)

Is there any documentation or a tutorial available for the plugin?

Hello! You can find documentation in the plugin’s directory :)

Hi, I do not want to rush with a poor rating because the idea itself is good.

I bought and installed the plugin but could not see part of the screen for configuring my first wizard – it remained hidden below the WP admin sidebar and remained so even when I minimized the sidebar. So my first attempt to use your plugin was a complete disappointment.

It goes without saying that this bug makes the plugin unusable for me as do not see what I am configuring.

Please fix or refund Thanks

Hello! Thank you for your choice!

Sorry for this problem, I think it’s some css collision with active theme.

Can you send me a screenshot with the bug to find better solution? My email is

Updated to latest version – 2.5.0. The problem with the displaying of the admin screen is fixed. Thanks!

You are welcome :)

Please, this plugin is a good idea, don’t spoil it!!... I’m amazed to see a product launched with absolutely no clues for the customer on how to use it. The “documentation” is totally useless. There needs to be at least a video, step-by-step guide for making this work….

You are absolutely right. I’m working on with this question.

Hello, I can not put products side by side. I tried everything. I want 3 columns. It is not. Can you help me please.

Hello dear programmer :) changing plugins views? How does this happen?

thank you very, very much

We place some changed plugins files into the active theme directory and the problem will gone :)

If you can give me your email I’ll send you a fix.

thank you very, very much :)


I have a problem, I have tried all settings but I cant get adding more than one procuct, I get the plus and minus button but I dont get it to add number och products to add in the cart


Please help!

Kind regards Jens

Hello! Thank you for your choice :)

The fact is that your quantity input have some customization and its type is “text”, not a “number”.

Probably this was made because of removing the native input increase/decrease buttons, but this can be done by css.

Do you need any help with it?

Thank you for the reply.

Not sure what you are saying but yes I need help:)

So we need to discuss this by email :)

Hi, how come I do not see any tabs like in the example? Can you please assist. I cant find any documentation. The wizard now looks like this:

Hello! Thank you for your choice :)

To add the styles go to “Woocommerce -> Settings -> Products wizard” admin page and check “Include full styles file” option.

Great! Thank you for the quick reply

You are welcome :)


zolton Purchased

troll_winner Awesome plugin, I have a question we install woocommerce product add-on, so we can add text field to the product but for some reason it is not showing up in your section, how can we add this, if possible.

Thank you very much! :)

I think it’s quet possible to realize cross-work of these plugins.

Can you give me the link of product add-on plugin and your site url? I need to take a look, make some tests and prepare customization for you.


zolton Purchased

Troll, thank you so much for quick reply. Sorry for getting back to you so late. I was on vacation. Here is the url the plugin we are using is woocommerece product add-on. do you need the login?

Yes, if it’s possible. Can you send the access data to

Hello, can i please talk to you about this product. I have a client which needs exactly the woocommerce tabs procedure as this software offers but i would like to discuss an (extra) requirement (or maybe it’s already built in). Can i contact you on email / skype ?

Hello! Yes, of course. My email is Ready to discuss :)

Pre order question: Is possible to not use the tabs? So that all group options are listed below each other?.

Any chance to read the email i send?

Have read and in work. Will answer as soon as possible.

Is thier a way to have the fields from WooCommerce Extra Product Options Plugin Show up ?

Or i think i have found another solution. Is their a way to have your plugin do the following. Pull in the data from the variation description field? Also is their a way to make the main thumbnails change like they do on the main products page?

Again loving the plugin in. I just need a few tweeks to make it work for my product setup.

Thanks again for all your help

Good day!

You can find information about AND/OR conditions in the plugins documentation in “Product Settings” chapter.

One thing: if you are using woocommerce version 3 and upper you need to update the wizard plugn to make all work correctly. This concerns AND/OR conditions in the admin part and changing products thumbnails according chosed variations.

The new version is under moderation now, so if you don’t want to wait, I can send it in your email.

About variation description: I think it’s quiet possible. You need to show it in somethere after variation changing, am I right?

Thank you very much for your interest and suggestions :)

Thank you again for such great support and a wonderful plugin. It would have been helpful for me to see the instructions in the beginning. That does shead more light on how to use it for the and or conditions with the product dependencys.

Yes i have upgraded to woocommerce 3.01 I sent an email to you for thee updated version. I think that will help alot.

Thanks Again

Is this compatible for a subscription product?

Hello! No, it doesn’t currently.


I am trying to set a category just like your “bottle cage”. How do you set this up? My requirement is to be able to choose many items of a product. I have set “Can add several products from a term”. It looks as in your DEMO, but the right panel (Cart) is not updated.

Looking forward to a fast reply. Thanks.



Hello :)

Very interesting. Can you give me the link to take a look what’s going wrong?

Solved. There is a conflict with Avada Theme.

Excellent :) Thank you!

I am unable to remove Dependencies from Products… They act like they are removed but after an update they are back. please help.


Yes, there is really something wrong with it. Will be fixed very soon.

I’ll give you a sing. Thank you!

Hello again!

It’s fixed and under review now. If you need this fix urgently, you can give me your email address :)

ignores the minimum product rule when utilizing a single directory.

now 1st item group selected is working correctly. however. can add several products from a term checked, it doesn’t do minimum, it lets you put whatever amount you decide on. variation template -> select

on second with add several products from term checked it allows you to add any amount of products. it should still check the temp cart. *

Hello again, dear customer! :)

Sorry, but I still work with your issues.

Thank you for your patience!


Misael01 Purchased

Hello and installed the wizard module in woocommerce but I do not understand how I have to make it work I could send some video so that I can make it to be like the one of its demo

Hello, dear customer :)

Okey, will be done, but required some time.

Right now you can find the documentation in the plugin directory.

Thank you!


Misael01 Purchased

Thanks, I’m waiting


kobealbo Purchased

Hello, purchased item. The products are not showing up in the wizard. Everything else is working fine


kobealbo Purchased

disregard, i was doing it wrong. Got it working, thanks!


kobealbo Purchased

hello again, i noticed that when editing , the page content area keeps generating this HTML code, is this a glitch??

Also , is there a way to make the products act like a bundle when added to the cart in the final step. SO that instead of individual items in the cart, it would be one package of items. My client is not selling individual items, he is selling a kit only.