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Thank you for this new update! :)

You are welcome! :)


Is it possible to use this plugin reversed? i.e. Having a max prize and then let the costumer remove items and the price will go down? I also would like to create like a survey where every question is answered with a yes or no for the item. For example “do you need an extra wheel for your bike?” yes the item/price stays in basket “No” the item is removed and the price goes down.


There is no such things as “Yes/No” questions in the plugin, but what if the user will get a wizard with the already filled cart and will walk through the steps to make his changes? What do you think? I planned to add this functional.


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Hello, me again…. I notice you have an option for minimum items to add…. but is it possible to have an option for Minimum Quantity? I have an item that requires a minimum of 2 brackets… It would be great if this could be added to the plugin.

Hello again!

I already did this kind of feature once. There are some important notes to mark: wizard have the influence only on minimum quantity within itself. So it’s more global functional required to limit the minimum quantity of a product, for example in the main woocommerce cart.

Any way, I will add this feature in the plugin to set the quantity limits in a workflow of wizards. Also, I have quite simple code, which allow to set quantity limits in a global scope, and most likely I’ll add it into my “Product Dependencies” plugin or new.

Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts :)


locko69 Purchased

Thank you for the quick replies. that’s great…. Sorry to tell you this, but i have found another little bug. When your plugin is enabled, I can not edit the Variations. I just get the spinning icon… (screenshot: ) When the plugin is not active. I can edit the variations.

Hmm, very interesting. I can’t found the same error on my server. Could you make more detailed screenshots with showing console errors? If you are using chrome, press F12 and select “console” tab – there must be some errors. Or I may look by myself, if it is possible to get an access from you.


I am trying to activate the plugin on my local Wordpress install and keep getting redirected to the /wp-admin/upgrade.php page although everything is up to date. I have tried to deactivate all other plugins and switch themes without success.

I am running WP 4.8.2 with WC 3.2.1 on nginx with PHP 7.1.7 and MySQL 5.5.

Tested with WC 3.1.2… Same issue


Thanks! Great Support!


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Hello, I’ve discovered an issue with the product wizard plugin. This plugin is causing product variations to hang indefinately. I turned off all the plugins and set the theme to the Woocommerce ‘storefront’ theme and activated only the woocommerce plugin, and could add variations without issue. I then activated ONLY woocommerce and Product wizard and then the problem reappeared.

I will have to create all product variations with the product wizard plugin deactivated, and then once I have my variables in place turn on the wizard plugin.

I hope you can find a solution to thi soon.



I think this is the same bug, which was fixed a couple days ago. Please, re-upload the plugin from the repository and tell me if the problem persist.

Thank you!

Hello, yes- I can confirm that the last update fixes this issue. Thank you.

You are welcome :)