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nivranz Purchased

Hi, When you add the selected products to the cart is there a way to prevent the user from removing a specific product? For example:

A customer chooses a box and then several items to go with the box. I donot sell the items without a box so can I prevent them from removing the box at the cart level?

You might take a look at this plugins:

It allows chaining some products to each other globally :)


wlcox409 Purchased

Hi, I’m back again ;-)

I just noticed a problem with your Product Wizard. On my first product tab, the buyer MUST select one product and ONLY one product to move to the Next tab. For this tab, I have selected: Miminum products selected = 1 Minimum product quantity = 1 Maximum product quantity = 1 But when the buyer moves from the Instructions page to the first product tab, there is a SKIP button which allows the buyer to skip buying any products and advance to the second product tab. This is incorrect behavior. If the buyer instead clicks the NEXT button or clicks the second tab, an error message appears and he cannot advance until he selects 1 and only 1 product from the first tab. This behavior is correct. So either the SKIP button must be made inactive or, even better, it should not show up at all when the buyer is not allowed to skip selecting any products on a tab. Please let me know when this bug is corrected. Thanks.

Could you re-acivate my account on your site to check it all from inside, please?

Yes, it’s available now.

Solved again! (I hope it’s the last bug of this kind)

Hey! Thanks for this new update ;-) Btw, dont forget to update ur changelog sir! Wish you a great one!

:D After the new update, i’m still with the 3.4.1 Alex :)

I think it’s a little cache :)

You’ve got mail sir ;)


nivranz Purchased

Hi. I was using this css fix to not display product gallery for items and it is no longer working after installing the update :(

.woocommerce-products-wizard-form-item-gallery { display: none; }

Copy it pure from the text here:

The comment broke the quotes.


nivranz Purchased

works perfect! Thanks. Excellent support!

You are welcome :)

Thanks for this new update sir!

You are welcome as always :)

All is good sir! :D

As always ;)