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immeemz Purchased

Hello, this is a pre-purchase question. Do you happen to know if this plugin will work okay with the “Gravity Forms Product Add Ons” plugin? Your plugin appears to be exactly what I need, but the Gravity Forms plugin is required for one of my products. I know you can’t test every single plugin with your product, but if you happen to know anything, I would be grateful for any information. Thank you!

Hello! Sorry for the delay. Unfortunately, this plugins seems like doesn’t support its fields for multiple products per page, so it’ll not work fine. The only supported plugin now is “Extra Product Options”, which is pretty good :)


immeemz Purchased

Okay thank you. One more question. Is this compatible with WPML? I will need it to be in a language other than English.

Unfortunately, not yet. It’s turned out to be difficult to combine them. But it is translate-ready at all using translate files :)

Buen día. Disculpe, he instalado el plugín, y funciona correctamente. Sólo tengo una pregunta, y es: ¿Cómo puedo configurar para que aparezcan los button radio o select? Quedo muy atento.

Muchas gracias.

¡Hola! Para ello, abra cada modo de configuración de paso y marque las opciones “Can add several products from a term”: aparecerán las casillas de verificación.


Sr Troll Winner, así como lo molesto para pedir su ayuda, también paso a darle las gracias por todo el soporte que me presto, y el acompañamiento.

El plugin ha quedado bien configurado.

Le agradezco enormemente

Posdata: Cualquier otra eventualidad, lo estaré molestando.

Feliz tarde.

¡De nada! :)

Hi, May I know how to set the default items for each category?

Hello there :)

To set default wizard cart, setup your wizard, place it on a page, walk through it and add products to the wizard’s cart, but don’t submit it to the main WooCommerce cart. Afterward, go to the admin part of the wizard and click “Set default cart” button in the “Basic” options group. You will see the message about the stored products count.

Hello there.

Can we build a configurator similar to :

With your plugin?

We also need to add some dependencies based on the steps.

Thank you in advance cheers


I think it is possible with a few remarks:

- There is no accordion view by default, but probably it might be done;

- There is a possibility to combine glass product groups (like color and quality) into a single category with variable products having these attributes. This required to avoid an order only one part of the glass (color, for example) from the category page. But this doesn’t necessarily in a case if the wizard will be the only way to order a product. I saw some people use it this way;

- Might be some difficulties with getting eyes info, but this is possible to do using “Extra Product Fields” plugin. I saw this usage too.

Yes, dependencies are available in the plugin. Some products can be hidden based on the previous user’s selection.

Feel free to ask :)

Hello sir! Thanks for this new update. Hope you are well? I saw that you’ll be away for a few days? Hope it’s for holiday :D

To work on a plugin as I spoke to you in a previous email? ;-)

Something like that :)

Yeah ;-) I want to be a beta tester :D

Is your plugin better than woocommerce composite products? Does it work with variable products? Can you set a fixed price in the end step regardless the product selection that you have made?


At first, the “wizard” is much cheaper :)

Yes, variable products are supported.

No, the “wizard” plugin is not about creating the single product, it’s about selecting several products from different categories, which suits each other.

How the final price would be? Let’s say we have 3 products that they are 10$ each and make like bundle with your plug in. The final price would be 30$? Is there anywhere on your plugin to apply a discount at last step? Is there any documentation? Thank you.

Exactly, 30$ :)

After the user makes his selection the kit goes into default Woocommerce cart, there you can use any other plugins for the discount.

The documentation is in the plugin only currently.

You are welcome :)

Hello :)

When we add few steps and one of the steps is based on dependency from last step, after clicking next it jumps to the end.
For example:
step 1 to 5 exists but step 5 just shows up if one specific radio button from step 4 is chosen. In our case after chosing the right radio button, the step shows up but selected step is the one after. To be 100% clear, step4 chosen then it goes to step 6 but the tab of step 5 shows up.

What shall we do?
Thank you in advance.

I still didn’t find a way how to show these kits on an admin order page, but I don’t give up. Do you have a deadline?


Babimcc Purchased

Actually we have postponed the project already one week.
Since the admin order page is not that important yet, could we add the front end in moment and start creating the products until you find a solution?

Ok, I’ll send you the beta version :)

Hello. One more question. Can you select individual products or only categories for the step selection to work?

The problem happens on our both production and test environment on different servers. Steps to reproduce. Create a simple product wizard, go to page select a product and hit refreash page. Problem occurs. Maybe its our theme but its full compatible with latest version of wordpress and woocommerce

Hello there! Sorry for a bit delay and thank you for your choice!

- The first issue can be solved using “Included products” option in each step settings modal.

- No, there are no fields for CSS, but you can use default Wordpress field in “Appearance – Customize – Additional CSS”

- No option to make images not clickable, but I did it once on a customer site. I can make it for you again, but also consider this issue as a new feature.

- Could you give me the link to take a look how it’s going wrong?

Private message sent


I’m trying to use your wizard plugin but it seems that it doesn’t work as expected. The problem that I am having is that when I have dependent products when I click “next” the tabs appears but the wizard goes to the last step (Result tab) instead of going to the steps that appears because of the condition (the category dependent of the first product selection).

Specifically I’m using your wizard to create a Food Menu, I have products for example that include breakfast, lunch and dinner. Others only include lunch and other only includes lunch and dinner. If I select the first product that includes all three meals, I want the user to specify which breakfast, which lunch and which dinner do they want. The tabs of the breakfast, lunch, and dinner appears but the wizard passes directly to the result tab. I think this is a plugin error or many a misconfiguration made by me.

Can you help me with this please. I am only doing test for the final site, so you can see exactly what happens here ( the products and categories are in spanish.

Thanks for your help.


Hi there, Felipe!

The update will be available in an hour, the bug is already solved.

Thank you for reporting :)

Hello sir! Thanks for this new update! Keep Up the good work. Cheer!

eh eh! Tell me, and without wanting to put unnecessarily pressure on, did you start what we had talked about? A plugin that would make you rich !? ;)

Still walking through my todo-list to this plugin. But this is not 100% guaranteed of realization of the plugin because this is necessary to be the better than other or the only one to compensate efforts :) This kind of work always takes a lot of time.

The plugin was working fine at first but now Wordpress has added the new privacy page and your plugin keeps loading. It never goes to the next step. What is going on? Is there an updated version?

So bad. Let’s go the easiest way. Could you give me the admin access to fix all of the problems on your configuration? This will be faster. If yes, so here is my email:

just did

is there a way to relate products? Depending on the product chose on the first step, will load related products in the second step, is that possible?

Hello there! Absolutely right, this is possible :)

Hi, I just uploaded the plugin and it isn’t pulling in the products by category. Do you have some documentation I can read to help me set this up?

Here is the URL –

Here is a short screencast of what’s going on. I will look at the documentation to see if I’m missing something. But basically it’s not pulling in the products via the categories.

My client’s site is in development. I can make it public for a short while if you need me to.

This is some code problem, so I need to take a look from the inside of the site. Could you give me an admin access? By mail


Can you help me. It doesn’t look like the products are not being pulled into the plugin I just purchased. Check it out here.

I will help you for sure :)

But I need the access to your site. I can’t even see it. Could you send it me to, please?