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This product seems to be conflicting with the WooCommerce API, it is offsetting the number of returned orders by the per_page amount.

For example the endpoint /wp-json/wc/v2/orders?page=1&per_page=10

It is giving me orders 11-20 rather than 1-10

We tested the WooCommerce orders API and it seems to work fine. Are you sure the conflict is caused by our plugin? Try to deactivate and re-activate your plugins in order to find out which causes the problem.

Hi, I have a problem with your plugin. When I activate that certain categories are not visible and I import products with Cron, products of some categories are shown in others. When I deactivate your plugin, this does not happen.

Also, if I request that certain labels be invisible, all products that belong to the same category as those with that label are invisible.

Sorry, but we do not speak Spanish.

I have images of what happens, but I can not go through here.

Please send us a message through the form here and we will continue the discussion through email ok?

Is it possible to set products as hidden but display them in specific categories? I want the product hidden in search and the shop, but to display in specific categories.

Yes, you can remove the rules added through our plugin in specific, but you have to use some basic PHP.

You will have to use your own conditions and use our filters, as expained in our relevant FAQ page here.

Hello, I use the product visibility plugin and try to hide my product:

Everything is OK, the product is hidden for the role setting I use:

The product is added to cart too when I clicked the Add to Cart button (in my local language, is written: Beli ).

And the problem is when I clicked to show the Cart (View Cart, in my local language is written: Lihat Daftar Belanja ) or CheckOut (in my local language is written: Bayar) the product is suddenly deleted and remove from the cart.

I also had remove the PopUp Fly Cart Plugin but the problem is still appear. Please your help. Thank you

Hi and thanks for purchasing our plugin.

Please send us a test admin account through the form in our profile page and we will continue the resolution of your problem through mail ok?

Thank you

This is a really great plugin, but I’m having an odd issue with it.

I have several categories of products. I want some customers to have access to some categories. When I make a role for each category, and assign multiple roles to a user, one role in particular is adding in categories that are not assigned to that role.

For example, my categories are Edibles, Topicals and Vapor. I have a role called Edibles+Topicals+Vapor which shows all three categories to the user. If I make a role for each individual category, and assign Edibles, Topicals to a user, that user also gets Vapor, even though I have not assigned the Vapor role to the user. I have a user that gets just Edibles. If I then add the “Topicals” role to that user, the user also sees Vapor, which is not correct. If I remove the Topical role, then the user just sees Edibles again (no Topicals, no Vapor) which is correct.

So for some reason, the Vapor category is showing in new roles whether I explicitly add it or not.

Any ideas?

Hi and thanks for purchasing our plugin.

Please send us a test administrator account through the form in our profile page and we will continue the resolution of your problem through mail ok?

Thank you

Hi, presale question here. I have products that needs to be hidden from the customer but still purchasable (it is part of another product). Can this plugin help me do that?

Sorry, but since the plugin will remove all the hidden products from your site, it will remove these products too (the fact that they are part of another products).

When outputting our products via API to our reporting software it seems like any category/product hidden does not output to the<yourKey>&consumer_secret=<yourSecret>

Hi and thanks for purchasing our plugin.

We have just uploaded a new version 2.11 which includes a filter that solves your issue. Please download the new version, install it add follow the directions here.

Please let us know if this fixes your issue ok?

Thank you

Hi, I’ve just bought your plugin and tryed to upload. It says”Plugin installation failed.” On dowloads there’s not “Wordpress file only” so iìve uploaded “all documents ”. It doesn’t work

when there will be an update of your plugin can i click on it without having any problems if the version isntalled is different?

Hi again. What exactly do you mean? The plugin will work expected with the newer WooCommerce versions. If something changes drastically at the WooCommerce and the plugin does not work, then we will update the plugin, and you will have to redownload it and replace the old version. Does the answer your question?

Hello, I wanted to be sure that the message will not appear again in the future, also with future updates. I’m using child-theme but for example I’ve plugin installed on it in which i made changes and when there’s an update for that plugin, i need to rewrite a code. So this is not the case? Thank you for your help

hi i want to purchase this product but need to know if a hidden product can be seen by a direct link or is it hidden

Yes, you can do so, please see the relevant section at our documentation page here.

Presale question here: Can I hide the product on the logged-in user who previously bought the product? So if a person who previously bought it checks the shop page, he/she will no longer be seeing the product he previously purchased. Can it be done with your plugin? Example, there are products a,b,c,d and e. Then user1 buys product a. Upon revisiting the shop page, he will no longer see the product a, but is still available for other users to buy. It’s like restricting buyers from repurchasing.

Hi and thanks for contacting us. For the time being, the feature you request is not available through our plugin.

Hello, The plugin doesn’t work correctly with our categories. We have made a special category we want to hide from guest users. When we do as advised in your FAQ a second category with no connection to that gets hidden too! So the menu is shortened by an additional category and the one which should be unvisible. Very weird behavior. Can you help? Ah! I found it in your Doc: the category in question had no products asigned to it, so adding products solved the visibility issue! Works as expected now!

Glad you solved it, let us know if you have any further questions!


owena81 Purchased

Hello, Does this work for categories also?? I have a category and products I only want visible to wholesale customers. The product is working, but the category is still showing up for everyone.

Hi and thanks for purchasing our plugin.

It should work with categories also. We will have to take a closer look to see that’s the issue.

Please send us a test administrator account through the form in our profile page and we will continue the resolution of your problem through mail ok?

Thank you