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Tried to upload the plugin but only received the following error. “Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.”

WooCommerce is active…. Any suggestions?

Hi and thanks for purchasing our plugin.

Please redownload the plugin and try again (make sure that you delete all the versions that you may have downloaded).

Did you follow our installation instruction on our documentation?

If you still cannot make it, please contact us through our profile page in order to help you ok?


Hello, i have a presale question. We have a woocommerce shop and we use visual composer on our products single pages. The page is kind of a landing page which is longer. On this sale page we show 4 products, 1 box offer, 2 boxes offer, 3 boxes offer, 4 boxes offer. Each of theese products represent a different product which is not visible into our store, only when you access the products page or if you search for it. Basicly the product is published but is only shown on search pages. I would like to know if with your plugin we can hide the products in the shop, but we want them to be visible on the single page in order for people to add the offer to the cart. a page example can be found accesing the page

Hi! Our plugin hides products depending on user roles and not depending on pages. What you want to do is to hide the products depending on the site’s page, right? If this is the case, you won’t be able to achieve what you want through our plugin.Thanks for reaching!

Are you aware if I can extend this plugin to filter products by Subdomain that was accessed?

Example Scenario:

Customers see All products at, when customers access they don’t see products and categories filtered by the direct url feature(extended to all products with a specific subdomain).

In this scenario all Sub Domains would be masking the top level domain.

Let me know if you think I could extend the functionality easy enough.

So you have different databases for each site?

No, To be completely clear, I would be masking Sub Domains ontop of the Root Domain. Same DB Same root folder.

I just wanted to know if it would be possible to take predefined sub domains set them as variables that could extend to your plugin

No worries either way I’ve persuaded my Client in the current situation to move towards a different strategy.

Ok, let us know us if you have any other questions. Thank you!

can you hide variations by role?

Hi. For the time being, you cannot hide product variations. Maybe we will release this feature in a future update. Thank you!

After moving (finally!) to WooCommerce 3, I’m eventually obtaining a “Deadlock found when trying to get lock; try restarting transaction” WordPress database error when WCPV_FRONTEND->__construct calls WC_Cache_Helper::get_transient_version(), and this calls delete_version_transients.

Can you help?

Please send us a direct message through our profile page with a test user administrator login details details in order to look it further and continue the discussion there ok?

hello ,

we just order your plug in , we need to creat 1 categorie ( want people log in to account to have accesss to hidden products .

how to setup that ?


Hi and thanks for purchasing our plugin!

You can easily hide products for non-logged users (guests) by going to the guest user role at our plugin’s backend page and hide the desired products by their category.

You can also check out our extensive documentation here.

Let us know if you have any othe questions ok?

purchased your plugin, great work by the way but im having issues, i hide some products for guest user an i use linnworks for inventory an product mapping but they can not pick all the products via the woo api as they must be looking as a guest…. so can we allow an ip to view all products the same a user role in a sense ??



I’ve just purchased this plugin hoping to hide the “uncategorized” products, but it seems that I can only hide categories.

Is there a way to hide “uncategorized” products, if not, I’ll request a refund.

Ηι and thanks for purchasing our plugin.

You can hide the uncategorized products using 2 methods:

1. You can go to the plugin’s backend, select all the categories of your site (or just the parent categories if you have), and choose to show only these categories.

2. Create a tag “uncategorized”, assign it to the products that are uncategorized, go to the backend and choose to hide this tag.

Please try this and let us know if it fixes your issue ok?

Thank you


airsal Purchased

Hi there,

when i want to hide specific categories, my problem is that only two of my around 200 categories appear in the dropdown on the plugins setting site? how can this be?

Hi. Seems like your categories are empty and contain no products. If you assign at least one product to a category you will see it.


rhinish Purchased

Hey Guys, Our products are set up with a brand listing. When the products were hidden, the brand use to show up on our brand list, however, when you click into the brand, there would be no items listed (unless they were logged in). Now, however, it appears the product shows up under brands but when you click the item it shows the product as no longer available. I would like to show the brand as having no products for guests because some brands dont want their items shown to non-customers. How can I get those products to not show up when they click the brand? Here’s a link to show you a brand that should show no items:

Hi and thanks for purchasing our plugin. Our plugin works with products, categories and tags. You seem to be using a custom post type (brand) and for the time being, our plugin does not hide custom post types.

Product Visibility does not display in WooCommerce > Settings > Products. Having issues with this plugin enabled to restrict products by User Role, which I feel is probably related to not being able to access this specific setting.

Hi, which WooCommerce version are you using? Please update your WooCommerce to the latest version and let us know if the problem persists.

WC version 3.1.2, WP version 4.8.2, WP Multisite

Please send us your purchase code along with your WordPress admin details through our profile page in order to investigate the issue further ok? Thank you!

Hi there, I’ve set up a category for low priced products so that they won’t show up for customers in my Woocommerce store. This works fine except in the case of related products. Items that don’t show up in the main store area still show up as related products. Is there a way to ensure that products won’t show up in the ‘related products’ area?

Hi and thanks for purchasing our plugin. The plugin is configured so that it hides the products in the related products section. To see this in action, just go to our demo site, hide one product (eg. shirt 1). Now if you go to shirt 2, you will see that the shirt 1 is hidden from the related products.

Are you using the latest WooCommerce version and our plugin’s latest version? Are you using the WooCommerce standard shortcode for the related products?


loladela Purchased

Hello, I just bought the plugin and its working Great but I Will like it to hide some categories to customers but not to admin, I mean I want a product to be in a normal category and in a private category at the same time, admin can see both but the customer only sees the public category. I tried this but when I add the product to the private one customers cant see it enamore even if it has a public previous category. Thank you


loladela Purchased

ok, what i need is: I have a category thats for example “antique” , and I want admin to be the only one to see that a product is under “antique category”. That same product has other categories that customers can see but they cant see that is under “antique”, so watt I want is to hide one of the categories but not the product

Ok, this feature is not supported (the plugin hides products based on category or tag and at the same time hides categories from anywhere at your site), but please send us a personal message through our profile page in order to send you a patch which might work ok?


loladela Purchased

ok, i sent you the message, Thank you :-)

Hi there!

Pre-sales question.

Do you know if this will work with so I can hide things from the online store but have them still show up on the register?


Hi, we have not tested our plugin with the plugin you mention, so we cannot confirm that it will work as expected. Thank you!