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Hi, we are trying to use this plugin that we purchased:

to offer a selection of free gifts at checkout. However, the selection is from products that should not be visible in the store, ONLY at checkout for the purposes of the free gift selection.

Currently, all the gifts are showing in the catalog and on search and I need them to disappear!

Can your plugin remove them form shop/search visibility yet make them available at checkout?



Hi! We have tested our plugin and is compatible with Woo Gift : Advanced Woocommerce Gift Plugin.

Which means that if you hide a gift product, it will be hidden from everywhere on your site (menus, widgets, search etc.) but it will be visible in the cart page and checkout page.

Let us know if you have any further questions ok?

Hi, just purchased this and set two categories of products to be hidden but I can still find the products on search…does it or can it not hide them from search?



Hi and thanks for purchasing our plugin!

Our plugin will hide the hidden products from search results. Which theme are you using?

You could also try to install Relevanssi plugin or YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search, 2 plugins with which we are compatible.

Hi Codemine

I have your plugin installed on my clients website but it is causing an issue. I need your help ASAP?

When the plugin is disabled, the error doesn’t appear. Below is a link to the site where you can see the error.


Thanks for getting in touch. We will take a look and let you know asap ok? We will continue the discussion through email (already got your email).

Also, are you sure you have our plugin’s latest version activated (version 3.0)?

Fixed. Client had an old version of the plugin.

Hi, We’ve purchased and installed the plugin but when we try to hide a category it’s still visible. Please could you assist?

Hi and thanks for purchasing our plugin.

Please send us a test administrator account through the form in our profile page and we will continue the resolution of your problem through mail ok?

Thank you

Fixed in version 3.1.

Hi i have one question. On my webpage the user can see videos. we have 30 videos. Only if they pay for the video, they can see it. is this possible with this plugin?

Hi. What you request, is outside of the plugin’s scope. Thank you.


jussigirl Purchased

I purchased this plug-in to hide products for user roles that are accessed via direct link. My site is set up with register buttons that link to each product page. Any visitor or logged in user would be able to click the button that goes to the product, but It is only certain user roles that can view and purchase those products. This plugin just sends my restricted users to a 404 not found page. This is going to cause confusion to my users and looks really unprofessional. How can I redirect users to another page or show a message instead?

Hi and thanks for purchasing our plugin.

Please insert the code found here in your functions.php and let us know if it works ok?

can i use it on more then 1 site?

Hi. If you buy the regular license, you can use our plugin to 1 site only.

If you wish to use it on more websites, you should buy additional copies (licenses) for each one of them.

Or you can buy the extened license and use it on as many sites as you wish.

You can read more about Envato licenses here.

Let us know if you have any further questions.