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Great work! :-)

Thanks a lot!

good work, very nice ! all the best for your sales ;)

Thank you!

Hello , where can find demo for plugin WooCommerce Products Visibility

Hi, we are working on a live demo, soon it will be available! For the time being you can see the screenshots to get an idea of how the plugin works.

Hi again. We just uploaded a live demo preview for the plugin. Take a look and let us know if you need something else ok? Cheers!

Hello , I have a presale question.

I want to show the products of one category to a user role but hide some specific products although that they belong to this category.Is this possible with your with plugin?

My eshop is also multilingual. I use the WPML plugin and I have translated all products in 3 languages. Will your plugin work in all languages? Or does it work with only 2 languages?

Hi! Regarding your first question, it’s definitely possible to do so following these simple steps:

  1. In the plugin’s backend, select the user role to which you will apply the rule.
  2. In the categories section, tick the show radio button and in the dropdown field below, select the category (or categories) that you want to show.
  3. In the products section, tick the hide radio button and in the dropdown field below, select the product (or products) that you want to hide.
  4. Press save changes and you’re set!

You can try it at our online demo.

Regarding the WMPL compatibility question, the answer is yes, the plugin will work in all languages, no matter how many are they. Just make sure that your products are translated to all languages. You can also check this at our online demo (which is set up for 2 languages).

Let us know if you need something else, ok? Take care! :grin:

Thank you for your quick response! It works great! Wish you luck and many-many sales!!

Thank you! Cheers!

Hi, does it work with custom roles?

Hi. Yes, with the plugin you can add your own rules to any custom roles that you may have added. Cheers!

Fast support and very professional plugin. 100% guaranteed!!!

Thank you for your kind words! Take care!

Hi, I’m interested by your plugin, do you know if it works with fancy product designer? Thanks

Hi, since Fancy Product Designer products, are standard WooCommerce products, to which you can append standard WooCommerce categories and tags, the plugin should be compatible.

To ensure this, we tested the plugin with one fancy product, and it works. You can either show or hide the fancy product by ID, category and/or tags.

Since we are not completely familiar with the plugin you mention, let us know if you have a more specific question ok? Cheers!

We have a product in our WooComm for $100. I want to show the same product on a landing page for $75. Can your plug in do this? if so how do we set it up? Thanks

Hi! Unfortunately the feature you want is outside of the plugin’s scope. The plugin shows or hides WooCommerce products and does not change a product’s price according to the user’s role.

Nevertheless, as a workaround, you could achieve what you want by following the steps below. From what we get, you want to show the 100$ product to some user roles only, and the 75$ product to some other roles, right? To do so:

  1. Create 2 different products, one that costs 75$, and one that costs 100$.
  2. Create 2 different user roles. Let’s name one “75visible” and the other “100visible”.
  3. Now, in the plugin’s settings page, go to the “75visible” role, and hide the product that costs 100$.
  4. Likewise, go to the “100visible” role, and hide the product that costs 75$.

If you want, only these two roles to see these products, than you should go to every other role that you use in your site (eg. guest) and hide both these products for these roles.

Also, we assume that you fetch these products to a page using a theme or a by using a wordpress query right?

Let us know if you have a more specific question ok? Take care!

Hi guys, im interested in buying the plugin but I’m having a problem with your online demo. Im trying to show only shirts and posters to the shop manager role. To do that I go to the admin panel and add the shirts and posters to the textbox and select the show option in the radio button and click the save button, but when I go to the front-end it only shows me one category. Am I doing something wrong?

Hi! You are correct, there was a bug which is now fixed. You can verify it on the online demo.

We will upload the new version asap, but in case you want the new files earlier, we can always send them by email.

Thanks a lot for your feedback!


Hi, I purchased your plugin, installed successfully and have added rules to hide product categories, but it’s not working. the hidden categories are still displaying on my shop page.

Hi and thanks for purchasing our plugin!

Could you please give more details about the nature of the problem? The plugin should hide all the products that have the categories that you set for the specific role.

From what we understand, you see the products that match the hidden categories, right? If this is the case, please send us your WordPress administration login details to our email, in order to check it out. Thank you!

Hello. I have the same problem as mjsdesert.

On your demo site, if I choose to hide T-Shirts category from guest – It will disappear from everywhere. There are no T-shirt products and no T-Shirt category as well (because categories widgets have their “Hide empty” option turned on). So if I want not to show t-shirts (including category link) to guests – it just works on demo.

But on my site (no matter of theme – I’ve tested it on Organici theme and on Storefront (standard woocommerce theme)) it doesn’t works properly. It hides products, but the categories are remaining visible. And also these categories are showing their products count. But when we go to this category – woocommerce says it’s empty (not 404, just “There are no products in this category”).

Can you help me? Please provide your email or skype so I can give you an access to my test website and contact you in the real time.

This is my sites’ key function – to keep some products and categories hidden from guests.

Waiting for your answer, thanks!

update: oops, found an email contact form. I will send account details on your mail.

Hi! We ‘ve uploaded a new version to our demo site which fixes the issues you have mentioned.

In detail:

  1. We have added a WooCommerce Product Categories widget to the sidebar. The hidden categories are hidden from the sidebar as well. Even the category counting adjusts to the rules.
  2. We have added a Product Tags widget to the the sidebar. The hidden tags are hidden from the sidebar as well.
  3. The hidden categories are hidden from the main menu as well.

We will upload in the next days the new updated plugin version ok?

Thanks a lot for feedback!

All my problems have been solved. This plugin rocks! Very good job!

If it works as in demo, I think this plugin is causing conflicts with other WC plugins which would cause strange behaviour. Hide a product or category for a user role, some categories and products became hidden from the menu. Probably work for a simple WC site with minimal plugins. Possible to get a refund?

Hi, and thanks for purchasing our plugin.

The plugin works exactly as in demo, that’s the purpose of the demo, after all, to try the plugin before you buy it.

We have tested the plugin thoroughly on heavy WordPress sites with a lot of plugins installed at the same time and, from our scope, we haven’t, so far, found any incompatibilities.

Could you please be more specific and tell us what the exact problem is? You could also give us the site at which this problem occurs in order for us to check it thoroughly.

Please send us a direct message through the envato form here with the exact problem and your site details in order to look it further and we will get back to you asap ok?

Hesitant to contact Codemine for support at first, but decided to do so and was pleasantly surprised by the prompt action in resolving the issues. They uploaded the fix within a very short time. Glad to have contacted support to resolve the issues rather than gave up on the plugin. So far it works perfectly after the fix.

We are more than happy when our customers reach to us for support and we manage to help!

Please let us know (with no hesitation at all :)) if something else comes up, ok?

Take care!

Pre-Sale Question:

If I have a shop full of products that I want to be visible to the public and pretty much every other user role, however have a few products that are to be visible to ONLY ONE role, is this possible?

So that the shop looks normal for guests/other roles but when a certain role logs in, it shows a few extra products in the shop?

Thanks for your help.

Hi! You can certainly do what you want.

In the plugin’s backend page, you will just hide the desired products (or categories or even tags) for all user roles, except for the ONLY ONE role you want to see these products.

You can use our demo site for testing purposes. Bear in mind, that in our demo, you only have access as a guest or as a shop manager.

Let us know if you have any more questions ok?

Ok, however there are lots of user roles that have been custom created. Is there no way to say “show all products to guests and all user roles, however for “x” user role, show these extra products”

Does that make sense? As in the demo, there is no way to apply a rule to “all users” so I would have to go through each role and add the 20 or so products to “hide”.

Sorry if that is slightly confusing.


The way you can do this faster is this:

  1. Add a category (or a tag) , let’s say ‘extra products’, to the extra products using WooCommerce.
  2. Go to plugin’s backend and add the category (or tag) from step 1 to all the user roles you want to hide these products.

This way, you will not have to add each product one-by-one which is time consuming.

Let us know if this helps you ok?

Hy, is it possible to load self created Taxonomy categories by itself or do i have to extend the plugin!?

Hi! For the time being, the plugin works only with WooCommerce product categories or tags. We will let you know, if we include this feature in a future version ok? Take care!

PRESALE QUESTION: can i use this plugin to HIDE all product categories from appearing on my SHOP landing page. we have 2 different “shops” in our site and when the cart is empty or a customer clicks “continue shopping” it takes then to our default SHOP page but we dont want to show any categories because it will show categories from our 2 different “shops”

yes. JUST on the SHOP landing page only:

all categories now and in the future… we will always be adding new ones.

Then in that case, the plugin does not suit you. What the plugin does, is that it hides products for user roles site-wide, not for specific pages.

ok, thanks.