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I’m interested to purchase this plugin. Could you recommend a discount plugin that works hand-in-hand with this plugin?

Hi, it works fine with WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts.

But it should work with most discount plugins, since what the plugin does, is that it hides products completely from your site (along with their price), while the discount plugins, usually temper with a product’s price.

Hello, I purchased the plugin some days ago and I have the following problem: If I hide any product or slug oder category, the shop menu isnt shown correctly anymore and no product can be found.

Woocommerce 3.09 and WP 4.8 installed

Hi, first of all, make sure that you have no empty product categories at your WooCommerce site in order for the plugin to work as expected.

If you continue to have the problem, please send us your WordPress admin login details in order to take a closer look ok?

Thank you!

Hi. I bought this because I’m trying to sell a product from a hidden menu. For example. I’m using your plugin to hide certain categories and products that I am hoping will be available if a user searches for that category specifically. The plugin is hiding the category, but when a user searches for it specifically, no products appear. I’m wondering what I did wrong. Can you please help? Thank you!

Hi! Currently, the plugin won’t allow direct access to hidden pages. I’d like to be able to hide certain categories and products from the menu from customers and guests, but I would still like customers and guests to be able to find those categories and products by typing the direct URL for the hidden category.

Thanks again.

Hi again! Please send us a message through our profile page with your WooCommerce admin details in order to run some tests and try to achieve what you want ok?

Thank you!


Hi – I have some presales questions

Looking at the demo this plugin hides the entire product. Is there any way to hide the add to cart button and price using this plugin? And if not, which i think is the case can you see any reason why it wouldn’t work with alongside a plugin that does that.

This is my scenario

Logged out user – Can see ALL Products but NO cart buttons or prices

Logged in user Role A (basic customer) – Can see ALL cart buttons, prices and products

Logged in user Role B – (custom role) Can ONLY see cart buttons, prices and products in Category A


Hi! Your scenario is totally achievable through our plugin.

  1. At our plugin’s backend page, go to user role B and select to show only category A
  2. If your theme is developed using the wordpress standard filters, you can add a few lines of code to your functions.php and hide prices and add to cart buttons for not-logged users (or use a plugin that does exactly that).

Feel free to message us in order to send you the code mentioned in step 2 once you purchase the plugin ok?

Thank you!


I tried to hide a subcategory but it hides the whole parent category.

Can you please advise on a solution?


It also breaks the menu.

the parent category doesn’t have product attached to in but subcategories has all products

if your category is a subcategory, and it’s parent category has no products attached to it, then the plugin may not work as expected. Please attach at least one product to it’s parent category and see if it fixes the problem ok?


I am looking for a particular functionality that I believe your Product Visibility plugin can help me with, however I need some functionality clarification.

If I have 1 product in two different categories and I hide one category, but have the other visible, will the product still be visible?

I would need the product to be visible, as I really just want to hide the category itself and not the product.

Hi! Unfortunately what you want cannot be achieved through our plugin.

If you have a product in 2 different categories and you hide the one category, the product will be hidden completely from the site.

Hi, i have a problem. For the role ” Author ” the category “Acrilici” is avaiable and the other category is hide. For the role “customer” all the category are avaiable except the category “acrilici”. For the role “Author” i have set plug in : Products hide Label Hide Category Show and “Select Categories” Acrilici

Fro the role “Customer ” : Products show Label show Category hide and “Select Categories” Acrilici

Are the settings correct? On the frontend , like Autthor , i don’t see zero category . what am I doing wrong?

Thx Gabriele

Hi :). I set the filter as you indicated. For “customer-retailers” I see SOLO the dealer category. For other roles, the category “Resellers” disappears but other categories (eg Acrylics) disappear. I did a test and I inserted a NEW product ONLY ON “customer-dealers”. What can I try to do? Thank you Hello

Hi :). I set the filter as you indicated. For “customer-rivenditori I see SOLO the dealer category. For other roles, the category “Rivenditori” disappears but other categories (eg acrilici) disappear. I did a test and I inserted a NEW product ONLY ON “customer-rivenditori. What can I try to do? Thank you Hello

Hi again! Please send us a message through our profile page with your WooCommerce admin details in order to understand your problem and continue the discussion through mail ok? Thank you!

Hello, i’d like to create a PRO category in my shop. visitor/not registered user and regular customer will see only regular product, and pro customer will see only pro product. It seems i can do it with this plugin, can you confirm please ?

is it possible then i can export only PRO client in a csv file ? thx

Thx for your time, and sorryfor my english… ! i meant, is there a way with your plugin to sort user by role and then export only PRO user role to a .csv file for marketing purpose? or will it work with a third party plugin ?

No problem!

From what we get you want to export user data (like. name, email, etc.) to a CSV?

That’s out of our plugin’s scope, but you can try a plugin like Export User Data or Export Users to CSV.

Good day! We’re running v2.3 of your software and are experiencing a problem.

When we hide a product category for a specific user role more than just the selected category are hidden. The categories in question are not subcategories and there are no empty categories in the site.

We’re currently running WooCommerce 3.0.8. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. :-)

Hi and thanks for purchasing our plugin!

Please send us your WordPress admin login details through our profile page in order to take a closer look ok?

Thank you!

On it now… Thx.

Hello, the function of this plugin does exactly what I had hoped it would, however, I am experiencing a bug that started recently when the plugin is active, that prevents users with any role other than administrator from viewing products. When a user with a role of Guest, Customer, or Wholesale attempts to view any product on the site they are presented with a 500 internal server error which logs to the debug log as:PHP Catchable fatal error: Object of class WP_Term could not be converted to string in [file location for woohideproducts.php] on line 255. Unfortunately, my knowledge of php is very limited so I am unable to figure out what this means, but here is the code excerpt for line 255 of the woohideproducts.php: $term_ids = array_diff($term_ids, $merge_data); Thank you very much for any assistance you are able to provide.

Hi. Are you sure you are posting to the correct plugin page?

Our plugin does not contain the file you mention and you also don’t seem to have bought our plugin.

Maybe you posted your comment by mistake to our page?

My apologies I had this tab and the one for the other plugin opened and I must have posted to the wrong one.

No problem! Take care!

dose it support geo location hide product or category ?

Sorry, for the time being we do not support this feature. Thank you!

Hi, Does this plugin work with WP 4.2.4?

Hi, the plugin is compatible with WordPress versions greater than 4.4.Thank you!

Hi, any plan to support geo location based products or categories ?

Sorry, no plans to support it for the time being.Thank you!

I downloaded the plugin and it worked as described but was expecting more option than the Woocommerce Catalog Visibility plugin.

our issue is hiding catalogs but when a user clicks on they should be prompted to sign up for an account or login (send them to My Account page) is this possible?