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I wonder If the product visibility plugin solves my needs;

My friend asked me to build her a web shop. Her customers are different kind of sport teams and companies that have customized products (clothes with their own logos etc.).

The need is that she could give to “sport team A” their own address => when a sport team A goes to her shop, they see (and can buy) only the sport team A products and the other sport teams B, C, D and E specialized products are not visible to them.

Thanks for your quick answer!


Kimmo Siukola

Hi and thanks for your interest at our plugin.

You can achieve what you want by following steps:

  • Create a separate user role for each team (eg. Team A, Team B, etc.)
  • Create a user for each user role. You will give the username and password for each team user role to the relevant users.
  • Define through the plugin, which products (or categories) will be visible for each user role. If you want you can hide these products (or categories) for all not-logged users (guests).

By doing do, if a user logs in to your site by using the username and password you gave him, he will see the relevant products only.

Does this plan suit your needs? Let us know!

Hi, I have installed the plugin and it was easy to set up, but I’m not sure it has the logic I need.

I need it to work like this, please can you advise on how I can achieve this:

1. The Retail role needs to be able to see the Retail category, but not the Trade category.

2. The Trade role needs to be able to see the Trade category, but not the Retail category.

So far, I have figured out how to show the Trade category to Trade users and hide it from Retail users, but how can I ALSO show the Retail category to Retail customers and hide it from Trade users? The settings page only has a Show OR Hide box for each user role, and I need to use both at the same time. How can I do this please?

Many thanks

Hi, thanks for your quick reply on a Sunday! How do I do that, because there’s only 1 box for each category with a Show/Hide radio button above it. I can choose to show OR hide categories for each user role, but not both.

e.g. If I have already ticked the ‘Show’ option for the Trade role and selected the Trade category here, then there’s nowhere for me to select ‘Hide’ and select the retail category for the same role – it seems to be one or the other.

Many thanks

Ok, here are the exact steps:

  • Go to the retail role, tick the hide box and select the trade category. This way the retail role users will not see the trade category.
  • Go to the trade role, tick the hide box and select the retails category. This way the trade role users will not see the retails category.

You don’t need to tick the show box, the show actually means – show ONLY, it’s a helper function if you only want to show a category (or categories) for a role.

Does this make sense?

Thank you very much, that worked!


Nic_ita Purchased

Hello there,

I just purchased your plugin and seems to work as expected hiding products per category basis.

The only question I have is about hiding process: if I try to visit an hidden product via private browser I get a too many redirection error.

I already have a sitemap generated accordingly the same rules I use to hide products, so it’s not an expected scenario, but there is any way to fine tune that? Right now the plugin it substitute the product category slug with the uncategorized slug entering a redirection loop. It would be awesome to redirect to the website home page instead.

Hi and thanks for purchasing our plugin.

Seems like your theme has a wrong setup somewhere.

Our plugin does not change the urls. For example, at our demo, if you hide one category complete (eg. we have hidden the shirts category for demonstration purposes) and go to this category url as the forbidden user, you will see that the urls stays the same (in our example ) but it says “No products were found matching your selection.”.

In our case we use the twenty-sixteen theme, which does not override any woocommerce template files, so it uses the default woo template which is


Could you check if your theme is overriding this template file and uses a redirect instead?


Nic_ita Purchased

yep, I forgot I had a custom permalink for woo commerce products with /shop/ product-category / removing the category fixed it. Thanks!

Perfect! Thanks for the feedback!


jonwolla Purchased

Is it possible to exclude all categories from view without putting them each and every one in the exclusion box?

Yes it is possible, with a small patch. Please see the detailed instructions here and let us know if you have any questions ok?

Pre Sales Question: Does this support WooMemberships and WooSubscriptions?

Hi! Sorry but we haven’t tested our plugin with the plugins you mention.

I have multi-role set to true.

I have one rule: Default Logged User hide tags “Distributor”

I have one product that is marked with this tag: Nature’s solution mix kits that have a tag “Distributor”

This product is still showing up.

I need more complex rules that I want to add

If the role is one of the following Administrator—cancel hide Distributor—cancel hide

but since the simple case above doesn’t work I can’t test out the more complicated case.

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Thanks—please let me know that you received the info


Can you hide/show products based on groups? From this plugin:

Seems a good feature, your competitor seems to have stopped updating since 2015 his plugin so this feature is needed:

also can you confirm it works with WP Bakery? My developer says that WP Bakery can affect woocomerce product listings.

Hi! Right now our plugin is not compatible with the Groups plugin.

About the WP Bakery, we ran some tests and since WP Bakery uses standard WooCommerce filters, our plugin seems to be compatible. For example, we used the Recent products and Featured products elements and it hides the selected products for the desired user role. Let us know if you want to check a specific WP Bakery feature ok?


If I add category to main menu “Sale” and I want it to be shown only for registered visitors will it work?

If visitor is not logged in the menu item is hidden

Yes, this is one of our features. You can check our demo if you want. We have hidden the “albums” category for the guest users. If you login, you will see the button “albums” on the menu.

I see example of link to Product in menu, but i will need to hide link to categories and tags. Will it work?

What exactly do you mean? Could you be more specific please? Our plugin hides categories and tags and products from everywhere at your site (menus, widgets etc.). Which means that the answer to your question is probably yes, it will hide the categories and tags from your menu. Please check our demo too. You can see the effect there also. Just login and run some tests ok?

Presale Question: Can we show/hide products according to individual users? For example, the website has 40 products. User A can see products 1- 10, User B can only see products 11-20, User C can only see products 21-30, User D can only see products 31-40. Nobody can see anyone elses products.

Yes you can. To do so:

  1. Create a separate user role for each of the users you want. For example create a User A role and assign it to the user you want, a User B role and assign to another, etc. You can user the User Role Editor plugin in order to create custom user roles.
  2. Go to the plugin’s options page and set your rules for each user role (which in our case is a user). For example, for user A, you will select the Show option, along with the products (or categories) you want the user to see. And so on for the remaining user roles.

Pre-sale question: can this plugin hide categories and subcategories for non-logged in users, and show them a prompt to register/login?