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Nice. Can a user upload an image of their room?

Thanks, yes users can upload an image of their rooms, or take a snapshot of their room using webcam .

good stuff.

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Great work GLWS :)

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Great work! :-)

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definitely excellent idea

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Looks great ! :)

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you could put an option to disable the function on mobile.

Ok, will add it %

Hello, we have bought the plugin, but to activate the products come out blank, only the header appears. for example this product http://www.zazazuu.com/shop/poster-prints/premium-luster-photo-paper-poster-12x12/ was blank, however, if hosting there are source code but does not display anything.

Also, inspecting the page have detected that a css file http://snap.ashampoo.com/ndgKD6U6 , the same thing happens in your page demo of the plugin. Please can you ayduarnos?, this only happens to activate your plugin, and when I deactivate your plugin all this rather new

Plz email me your site wp-admin and Ftp details to gordoncodes@gmail.com
will check what’s wrong %

Thank you very much, now you send message with the access data. Best regards.

Hey, there will be an answer?

We have the same exact issue ad Webtilia and furthermore cannot find any instructions on how to use or setup. Only Room Templates and Product Templates. Please Help.

Plz email me your site wp-admin and Ftp details to gordoncodes@gmail.com
will check what’s wrong %

My Apologies Gordonweb, had I looked closer in the Plugin download, I would have seen the carefully written instructions you had kindly provided. I will follow through with the instructions tomorrow and I’m sure everything will work as it should. Apologies again; Great Plugin*

It’s okay ;)


mkearns Purchased

We are facing these two issues (1) Popup doesn’t get woocommerce product’s featured image to test in available rooms. (2) Some products show footer in popup http://qa.webxity.com/watercolourdelanna/product/local-market-luang-prabang-laos-2/

Need to know: Popup only shows room templates to test woocommerce product, what is need of Product templates ? how product templates will be connected with room templates or wocommmerce product

It gets Product templates featured images, and will get connected to wocommmerce product by giving the product template the same title of the product you want to attach.
and about the footer, you can email me a temporary FTP and WP-admin details to gordoncodes@gmail.com , i’ll fix it .. Regards,

Hi, does this plugin adjust the size of the preview to scale within a room?

Hi, As you can see in the demo link , Users can resize products images in using a slider .., if you want a customization, Plez email me to : gordoncodes@gmail.com

Hi Gordon…I need this plugin for an arts shop on wordpress using the divi theme …will i have any problems with this ?....many thanks

Also…I’ve tried to use the demo link…but it’s not working for me…any ideas how I can access it ?...many thanks

Just emailed you back :)

Can i design a room by entering dimension ??

You should upload your rooms images no matter what dimensions you got . Regards,

thanks for that … one last question .. can i choose a certain room pictures for products ?? Ex: if kitchen only room of kitchens … if sofa only room or living rooms ?

No, all the rooms images will be shown for any product ..,
If you want it as a customization email me to : gordoncodes@gmail.com

Really useful, looks good! But for lot of shops, product has a unique size (or 2-3 sizes) is there a way to set size as admin with no possibility for user to change size ? Hope so, hope that admin can set a fixed size for each product, thanks for answer

Tu peux m’écrire à cet e-mail pour une personnalisation : gordoncodes@gmail.com , Cordialement,

Cool idea!

Bookmarked a plugin.

It will great if you add a little feature – ability to drag up-down-right-left uploaded interior image. When we choose a smaller sizу of a main image, it needs to be dragged a little.



Please email me to: gordoncodes@gmail.com

Please your help with your plugin, I managed to show the button “View in a Room”, but when you click, the image does not appear in the product on top of the background image. Your help please. Thanks.

See example:


Please email me your issue to : gordoncodes@gmail.com

Email sent, I await your response. Many thanks

Pre purchase question. Can I use it in a minimal way, like you can see in https://www.saatchiart.com? Just the basic display without options but with the corresponding % of the work in size compared to the wall, furniture, etc. Thanks

Yes you can use it without options, and for the size compared to the wall , email me to : gordoncodes@gmail.com , i’ll help you with it ..

Hi Gordon, we bought your plugin. It is a nice one. We have some issues with it and send you an email about them. Can you please answer to us? Thank you in advance.