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Hello, I am a totally blind user that uses Woocommerce 3.2.6. To improve accessibility to those using screen readers, Woocommerce replaced the inaccessible Select2 with selectWoo. Here is a link to GitHub with more information.

I also use another plugin from igniteWoo called manual phone orders. For some reason when products list pro is activvated I’m not able to use the keyboard or screen reader to search for customers or products. Turning the plugin back on brings out the issue for me.

In communicating with Woocommerce support they suggest third party developers that are using Select2 to use selectWoo as this will make those products more accessible to those people using screen readers and wouldn’t effect any other users. Having products list pro and Manual Phone orders working together would make it so much better for me when placing phone orders.

Thanks so much!

Hello JediKent,

Thank you for pointing this out. I will try to convert to the new selectWoo, however I am not sure when the new version with this feature will be released. My schedule is a bit tight :|

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Hi! Just to be 100% clear: with this plugin I can insert something like [woo keyword=”apple”] to my post and expect it to display all products that include “apple” keyword in title?



Hi. My pagination works ok if folks click on a number…. However, my next buttons do not do anything except reload the same page.

any thoughts on that?


smokey99 Purchased

Update: Everything works fine on chrome. Only numbers and previous, work on firefox… No next button on FF.


smokey99 Purchased

Update 2: Sorry to ramble. I had something in the cart for months. I removed it and everything started working as it should.

Great to read this smokey99 :)


Warezaar Purchased

Presale question – I like your plugin and would like to buy it. I need the product list items to be of a certain size and information. Is there css rules in the plugin to show and hide for that?

Hi Warezaar,

I am sorry, I do not understand the question. Can you please rephrase ?

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When I click on Buy nothing happens, it keeps spinning … spinning

I’m having this error:

Uncaught TypeError: jQuery.ajaxQueue is not a function at wcplpro_request (wcplpro.js?ver=4.9.1:558) at HTMLFormElement.<anonymous> (wcplpro.js?ver=4.9.1:269) at HTMLDocument.dispatch (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:3) at HTMLDocument.r.handle (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:3)

What will it be?


Hi Marcio_Shelton,

Link to the issue?

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I’ve already figured it out.

It was conflict with google tag manager.


Thanks for the quick reply :)

Regarding the dimension order, by default is L x W x H .

I would like to rearrange to W x H x L to display in the product list table. How do I do that?

Hi bonushitz,

I am sorry, this can not be changed by the plugin options.

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Hi, thanks for the reply. I have done some research, on StackOverflow, someone suggests editing as suggested here

I have added the function into the theme, now there is a final changes, to edit the template as mentioned in the answer, can you please test it out and try to find out how to get it done? Thanks.

Hi bonushitz,

I am sorry, customisations is not part of the support as per codecanyon rules.

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Hey, thanks for the great plugin. I have the following problem. I use an add to card button for each individual item in the list, no global add to card button. However, I have two quantity fields now. One has its own column (name=”wcplpro_quantity”) while the other (name=”quantity”) is inside the add to card button column. Only the second one seems to be considered, when an item is added to the card. I would like to use the first quantity field to set the number of supposed to added items. In the demo its also like this. I use ajax for adding items to the card.

Just saw, that the second quantity field should be a hidden input field, which should change if you change wcplpro_quantity. In my case it is neither hidden nor does it change if I change wcplpro_quantity.

Thanks for your help, Sebastian

Hi Sebastian,

Can you hide the 2nd qty box with CSS?

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thanks for your reply. I did this already. The problem was/is, that the quantity input field in .cartcol is not synchronized with the quantity input in .qtycol because the class of the quantity input in .qtycol is changed from .qty to .custom-qty by the shopkeeper theme while wcplpro.js registers an input change keyup trigger [l. 426] for an input field with the .qty class. However, the quantity field in .cartcol is used to determine the number of items that will be added to the card. So, just changing the quantity in the quantity field in .qtycol does nothing without synchronizing the input fields. I changed the theme accordingly and added the .qty class back to the input field. Now everything seems to work nicely.

Have a nice day. Sebastian

Got it. Yes, this is a good work around. Thanks for explaining Sebastian.

When someone change the quantity then the price in the table will be changed automatically. example - if I change the quantity of apple to 5 then it will automatically show the chnaged price 50$ (10*5 = 50$). [without refreshing the whole page]

Can I show something like this?

Hi sagar0307. Yes it will.

hi my company use your plugin but we want to display a message for users to show users what products have buyd in the past and waht products didn’t buyd

this is the code that i added in functions.php /** * @snippet WooCommerce Check if User Has Purchased Product * how-to Watch tutorial * @author Garry Singh * @testedwith WooCommerce 3.0.7 */

add_action ( ‘woocommerce_after_shop_loop_item’, ‘user_logged_in_product_already_bought’, 10);

function user_logged_in_product_already_bought() { if ( is_user_logged_in() ) { global $product; $current_user = wp_get_current_user(); if ( wc_customer_bought_product( $current_user->user_email, $current_user->ID, $product->id ) ) echo ‘ Produse Listat ’; else echo ‘ Produse Nelistat ’; } }

But on woocommerce product list pro template diden’t show just in normal page, can you help me please

Hi dragomirbogdandaniel,

Please post from the account you used to purchase the plugin in order to get support. Thank you in advance.

Best regards, Spyros

After adding the product to the shopping cart, the following message will be sent to the shopping cart page: “Sorry, this product cannot be purchased. Your cart is currently empty.” Products is simple, in stock, price is set. What could be the problem?

Hi DrZhmurge,

Please post from the account you used to purchase the plugin in order to get support.
Thank you in advance.

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ilviktor Purchased

Hello, I recieve this pop up each time I use the search filter, and add to cart. “To display this page, Firefox must send information that will repeat any action (such as a search or order confirmation) that was performed earlier.” Can you help?

Hi ilviktor,

Do you have an antivirus or any “security” plugin on firefox?
I test it out and I do not get such message :|

Best regards,


ilviktor Purchased

I only have Ghostery. I turned disabled and restart, it is the same problem.


ilviktor Purchased

I also received the same error in Internet Explorer, I never use it, so there is no protection. My employees on their computers test it on the same and chrome, its the same problem. This means I expect my customers will experience this problem if I allow them to use it.

Hi there, Any known issues with using this with Divi theme. Thanks

Hello, I bought the plugin and activated it. But I do not see the products in my store in ready format. Do I have to introduce some shortcode?

Hi oscarsmoreno,

The plugin is a “shortcode” plugin. You can create custom links. It will not replace the display of your product archive. :)

Best regards,

hello is this plugin support category listing example: in side category list show and when i click on particular category it display all item of that category

Hi, Pre-Purchase question:- The demo is giving error ?



abanksob1 Purchased

can i use this with custom product taxonomy ?

Can I have a separate page only showing the top 10, top 20, weekly top sellers and all time best sellers?


matcmc Purchased

Hello, How do I change Add to cart button behavior to redirect to product page when add to cart button is clicked?