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biornt Purchased

Hi, can the filtering be done also by “Attributes”?

Thanks, biorn

Hi biorn,

Unfortunately this is not available.

Best regards,


biornt Purchased

Spyros, thanks for quick reply. no problem, tags works fine so I got it. testing it now.

Hello How are you? I purchased Woocommerce Products List Pro pluging from you and it looks like the plugin is not working at all with another pluging I have ,the other pluging called WooCommerce Advanced Quantity, it is also from the codecanyon,the pluging url is: if im activating the two plugings together the website is not working at all I will be very happy if you can help me My purchase code is: 26a391f0-1371-4100-8cc4-2dc0af1d25b2

Waiting for your soon reply, If you have questions for me I will be very happy to answer Best regards Refael

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biornt Purchased

How I can rename the “Filter by Tag” box to “something else” in the filter box?

thanks, biorn


ADvik Purchased

Your search option has a bug, when can you solve it?

Bug description: Try input product name which doesn’t exist in database and click search, you’ll get message: No products find and after that action you can’t do anything on this page even if you’ll refedresh the page and go to another page and come back to page with your plugin, all time you see this message. It looks like you’ve got the same session without refreshing, and you can’t do anything on this page.

The same problem on your demo site!

My previous message: When I’m trying to search product that DOESN’T exist in shop DB, I get page with message “No products found” . When I try to refresh this page I DO NOT see any table with products. When I go to another site’s page and come back to page with your plugin’s shortcode – the message STILL HERE.

I’ve tested this bug on your demo site, and problem is on yours too.

When can you solve it?


jmoelholt Purchased


I have some problem with the plugin. Its regarding the quantity field in the list. The list is not aligned, header and content. It seems there is an extra quantity field in the list before the visible one. And even though i put any value in, it still only adds 1 item to the shopping basket.

How can i fix this. Can i send you a screendump so you can see?



tpphost Purchased

There appears to have been a few bugs introduced with the latest version of your plugin. See below:

1. Notice the QUANTITY is creating two columns: first is blank, second contains the actual qty box. It doesnt matter what order it is in, nor if I remove / add columns to display in the list – same results.

2. No matter what qty I select, it only adds 1 to cart.

Please advise.

Your quick assistance on this is greatly appreciated, as my client is a bit upset this isnt working anymore (see above).

Hi tpphost,

Can you please contact me via skype (spyrosvl). Thank you in advance.

Best regards, Spyros

Unfortunately my headset broke, but we can do a chat via Skype. Give me about 10 minutes. Thanks!


I can`t find is there same question on comments.

I need option to have custom list view (made with this plugin) on specific categories, and on others to keep default template grid or list view.

I find a way, to insert shortcode in custom block (or in custom template position), and load it on category layout, but than, filter wont work. When I hit button or enter, it send me to random product page. And, I have same product list in two different looks one after another :) Can`t switch off deafult list view from template.

Hi ProMediadoo,

The plugin’s scope is not to replace the default Woocommerce listing. For the seach and filters to work, you will need the wcplid parameter in the shortcode.

Best regards,

Is it possible to display global cart total on global cart button?

Hi shanvino,

Currently not possible, but I like the idea.

Best regards, Spyros

Hi, how can I download the latest version of Woocommerce Products List Pro plugin? It doesn’t allow update on WordPress and from code canyon downloads 1.1.4 however version page says last is 1.1.10.


Presale question: can delete columns? I just need the name and the price… thanks!