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This is a fantastic plugin with a lot of options. I got it up and running in minutes with very nice results, much nicer than the standard Woocommerce display. There is just 1 problem, the product image in quick view is not displaying. I tried to open up an account at your support system but unfortunately have not received a password to login. Help with this greatly appreciated. Many thanks, JJ.

Dear, please kindly contact with us via Profile contactWe’re will check your account on support forum to help you get contact.

Best regards.


jjcrab Purchased


I found that the price sorting function is not working, I choose to sort from high to low, then the frontpage load a new page, but the result is not correct.

I can see the order list showing that I am searching from low to high, but the url showing is:

Is this a bugs?

Dear, please kindly contact with our support team on Our supporter will check details to help you.

Best regards.

VERY interested in purchasing this product but got a quick question first:

DETAILS: Currently using Salient Theme that comes with it’s own version of Visual Composer and Woo-Commerce V3.1.1…I see this product is not showing it’s compatible with latest version of Woo-commerce…why not?

Dear, this plugin is compatible with WooCommerce latest version. Thanks!

I want to override the default css for your plugin. I wish this was more customizable for being a customizing plugin. This is really frustrating! This is typical for plugins like this.

Dear, if you can’t custom css of plugin, please kindly contact with our support team on to help you.

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Can you please let me know if with the current version is possible to show the Categories instead of the products? For example Show only categories when you click on any category you can go to the product listing.


Dear, the plugin only support display product listing, if you want display categories listing, you can use default shortcode Product categories of WooCommerce.

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Hi, I have a pre-sale question: If I understand your add-on description well I should be able to customize woocommerce product category page layouts AND single product details page layouts as well. Is this correct? Thank you.

Dear, this is plugin only custom product category page, if you want custom product details page. please use plugin

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Is there away of keeping the product image the full size and an image in description be a different size such as a tick?

At the moment when i try to make the description image smaller it makes the product picture smaller?

Dear, i don’t understand your questions, please kindly give for me more details.

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Hi SiteSao,

I am interested in purchasing this plugin, can you tell me if this will work with a page template created with Fusion Builder as well or will it only work with Visual Composer?


Dear, this plugin can work without Visual Composer with Shortcodes generator like


xeonboy Purchased

Pre-sale questions:

1) Does this work without Visual Composer?

2) Can I change the text of the “Add to Cart” button to “View”?

3) Can I display say, only 3 most recent products on my homepage with this plugin?


1.this plugin can work without Visual Composer with Shortcodes generator like

2. To change the text of the “Add to Cart” button to “View”, please see document:

3. Yes, this plugin can help you to do it.

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cyborgao Purchased

I have sofani Theme from Yolo, it uses Visual Composer and Woocommerce, your plugin work with them ?

Yes. it’s working