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cen0805 Purchased

Hi, I would like to change loading message “just a moment” with my own message. How to do it?


You can edit all the included strings in the plugin including that one using loco translate https://srd.wordpress.org/plugins/loco-translate/


cchoa310 Purchased

Hi, I’m setting the plugin and I will need that after the customer pay, the download file have to be in PNG, how can I config the output file to be downloaded in png? thank you

No because it can be multiple parts so we zip everything.

Size limit: Not currently.


cchoa310 Purchased

ok, while inside the Zip the customer will find the PNG is ok for me



cchoa310 Purchased

Hello, I’m using Divi in my web and I’m trying to set the plugin in a Page with the code [wpc-editor] and the message is “You’re trying to access the customization page whitout a product to customize. This page should only be accessed using one of the customization buttons.”

How can I set the editor wherever I want? I want to edit the web, add text and image before and after the editor, how can I do?

You can only access the editor after clicking on the design from blank or customize buttons. If you try to access the editor directly, you’ll get that message because the plugin won’t know which product you want to customize. So you should access a custom product page and use one of the buttons our plugin adds.

I am been driving myself crazy with woocommerce-custom-product-designer plugin. I am simply trying to let my user customize with predefined logos, designs and fonts that they can lay over (the woocommerce-custom-product-designer plugin allows users to include anything on the design) and their is no option to add custom fonts or to restrict customers to predefined designs. I have writen to customer support but I am not getting replies anymore.


I’m really sorry to hear that. Yes we can’t restrict users to custom designs and we rely on the “use any font” plugin in order to include ttf files. But that plugin has evolved from free to premium.

What’s your ticket ID so i can check it’s status?

HI there, Can you customize this plugin for Business card and flyer design?

Hello, our official demo is here http://demos.orionorigin.com/wpc_demo/. With our plugin your can create any web to print store so your customers can customize any of your print products such as business cards or send you files to print.

I need them(customers) to create their business card from existing templates by changing their name,company logo, address, phone etc and they can also supply their own artwork by uploading artwork file, is this possible?

Yep, totally.


Jlle8620 Purchased

Hi, may i know how to add watermark when someone download the customized item?

Yes we have a watermark setting here http://prntscr.com/ea8ejw

Hi orion,

Question before purchase: I would like to create a marketplace where sellers can create a business card design on a front-end page, put it on sale and the customer can custom it. I think using WC Vendor, is it possible?

If not, are there many changes to make for it to work? Thank you

I don’t know, we never really tried. Can you check the free version first https://wordpress.org/plugins/woocommerce-products-designer/? If it works with it, it should work with the pro one as the purchase process is the same.