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Hello I have a presale question about the plugin. I need a plugin for the webshop. The client want an option like this link: https://www.i-kozijn.nl/offerte-aanvragen/kunststof-kozijnen#

About the option. If the client select an option they will be changed on the same picture. Our client sales ceilings. He want let the client select the color of profiles, the type plate and the lights. But every select must change on the same picture. Is this available on this plugin?

Yes our plugin can handle that perfectly.

Ok. But the client must only select the options see the different on simulation. They must not designed and customized at self.

I apologize, I did not see that you commented on our product designer. We have another plugin that is better suited for your needs: https://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-visual-products-configurator/9058551


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Hi, we have two questions: -Can we set a image to define as a bounding box? -We only need to export the inside of the bounding box, with the size of the bounding box, and not the stage. Is that posible? Thanks


-Can we set a image to define as a bounding box?: No but you can set an overlay image which will be on top of everything on the canvas instead. Will that work for you?

-We only need to export the inside of the bounding box, with the size of the bounding box, and not the stage. Is that posible: Not currently sorry.

Hi, I think your plugin has all the features I require. However, can I export files as SVG that are completely editable in illustrator (all vector graphics stay as vector and not converted rendered into a bitmap)? For example, is all the text editable? If the customer uploads an SVG or they use one of the SVG vectors preset in the customisable product, will they remain SVG or are they exported as a bitmap embedded into the SVG? I ask this as I would like to use this plug in with a laser cutter and engraver so ideally any vector graphics stay as vectors in exported SVG’s?

Yes the text and vectors stay vectors in the outputs.


I want to ask some questions about the extension.

1.)we have a variety of products with multiple colors.is it possible to choose a color in each product in this extension?

2.) with your extension you can choose a t-shirt and then add a stamp on it.we want to do the opposite as well.for example we want customers to be able to choose a stamp first and then a t-shirt.

3.)we also want to disable the customization feature on some product because we don’t need it.

4.)is the extension compatible with journal theme?

5.)finally, we want the customer to also press a button in the navigation bar and go straight to your extension

Thank you

1-Are you referring to what we setup at the uper left here https://demos.designersuiteforwp.com/woocommerce-product-designer/customize-your-product/design/608/381/ ?

2-No we don’t have anything like that at the moment.

3-Yes of course.

4-It should be compatible with any theme. If not, our theme is available to help you find out why so the theme developer can fix the issue.

5-Yes you can use direct links to the editor just like what I sent for the first answer.

Hi, We have got a problem.

We use WPD for digital printing service. Since upgrading to the new version, the ninja form function has disappeared from setting in the product page. How can our customers selects paper type or specify any other options? If you have any method to implement either ninja forms or gravityforms, please kindly tell us.


We removed the ninja integration because ninja form API always changes and requires us to recode the whole thing after each upgrade. We decided to code our own solution for forms but it’s not ready yet.