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vlambert Purchased

Pop up preview window is to high on the screen for my theme. It ends up underneath menu so is hard to close. Is there any way I can use code to have it drop down a bit? Also – do you have to preview a design in order to save? Mine seems to revert back if I do not preview first.


Please open a ticket so the dev team can take a look.

Hi, is it possible to add multiple “pages” that need to be customized with the plugin? Regards, George

of course. You can add more than a front and back parts.


vlambert Purchased

Is there a way to customize which product can use which clip art. We want to use this for caps and some caps would allow a corner stitched logo. Not all clip art could be used in this area. I would be willing to pay for customization of this.

Not currently sorry.


vlambert Purchased

Is there a way to pay for customization of this?

No we don’t accept custom requests for this plugin.


realtorfu Purchased

When the plugin will be ready for WooCommerce 3.04x latest version? I almost can’t wait for upgrading WooCommerce v3x.

We are compatible already. The update has been approved this morning on codecanyon.

Hi. It only works for business cards, t-shirts and phone cases? I could not saw in demo a menu to create differents kinds of templates like flyers, etc… I am making a website to a off-set printer company and they could like the idea and buy this plugin. Thanks in advance

It can work for anything. It’s just a matter of configuration.

Hi, I’m interested in the plugin, can you use it for a photo printing shop ???? If not, you have something that can serve for people to upload their photos the cut size and choose whether they want in matt finish or shine.

Thank you so much

What are the requirements for a photo printing shop?

Choose print size Crop image Choose between Gloss or Matte print And apply to multiple images the choice

No we don’t have that…


Pablohc77 Purchased

Hello! I would like to know how I can translate the plugin

You can do that using loco translate https://localise.biz/wordpress/plugin/beginners

Hi, I have downloaded the free version of this plugin and so far I am impressed with it and I do not mind pay $34 for it as it is.

What are the added features on the paid plugin?

The ability to control the canvas dimensions and output formations and sizes. These are the most important features but there are more.

Hello!! Any predictions for adding the upload zones feature?