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I need a change of style, like this site here https://www.voucolar.com.br/criar.php

No unfortunately that’s beyond our plugin features especially the grids part.

I wanted to do it in steps, not hide the site

That’s not the only difference. They have grids layouts to fill with pictures and we don’t. Their entire module is built around that feature which we don’t have…

Everything is working fine but add to cart section not loading properly. Also its not arranging properly in cart. Please check snapshot

https://ibb.co/ekBdxm https://ibb.co/gf9nq6

Your support period has expired. Please renew it here https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/207886473-Extending-and-Renewing-Item-Support and open a ticket so the dev team can take care of this.

Can different products have different options? For instance, I sell custom printed items that have unlimited colors, but I also sell matching wall decals that have about 40 specific colors to choose from for vinyl colors. How would I make certain options available on one product and not all? Also, will the colors update automatically?

Thank you, Joni


No unfortunately we don’t have that feature yet…

Hi, thanks for this nice plugin.

I wish to know about the availability of two features. 1. is there any way to highlight the editable fields when we open certain products with previously entered texts / graphics for customizing? 2. is there any way to set the text editor’s width to certain max-width so that when someone adds texts to an existing text during customization, the text area won’t allow pass certain width and the extra words wrap to the next line automatically?



Unfortunately none of these features are currently available…

Presale hey guys,

any way to let customers input custom dimensions? For example i will sell signs. user can type in 80cm width / 200 cm Height. Then the product designer showas a canvas in this aspect ratio (fit in window) and save the file in 80×200 cm 300dpi pdf? And wen next customer type in 50×50cm with same product so he get a canvas of 50×50cm in aspect ratio fit in window and system save this in 50×50cm 300 dpi pdf??

its important for me to give my customers the possibility o set theyr own product dimensions cos the plates that we sell are available from 10×10cm up to 150×350cm in every size the customer want between this sizes.

best wishes, Sascha


No unfortunately that’s not currently possible to let the customer input dimensions…


Nizzy Purchased

Hi, I have been running WPD for a few years now with no problems, that was until I updated to the Version 5.3.2. I had 5 customisable products in the old WPD, when I updated only one was working, so I deleted them all and started fresh.

I can only get one product to work.

I have set the Design Page and Templates Page in the settings, I have added a new product and I have set the Configuration, I have set up the Configurations and set the parts, when I add the template I get ‘The edition area is empty’ (Main Base Product has been selected)

If I try to update or duplicate the one that is working that also shows: ‘The edition area is empty’

The above results in no Customise button in the shop but If I go directly to the design page I can design the product, which brings me on to my next problem.

Before I updated to Version 5.3.2, when a customer purchased a customised product I would receive the image in the full size they submitted and also an image with the Inc, overlay in output. Now, I don’t get the submitted image in the original size and if overlay in output is checked I only get the overlay image (also a smaller size) which is no good for printing.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

Thank you.

No but can you open a ticket at https://orionorigin.freshdesk.com so our team can look into it? Also are the old products still available in the trash for check?


Nizzy Purchased

The old products are not in the trash after being frustrated I decided to start fresh, a complete new install of word press, theme and plugins. I will open a ticket.

Thank you.

Hi good day. I would like to know if for example:

I have a preset card of 5 cm x 3 cm, when I export to pdf A4 I want to generate the same design 8 times in the same output.

Will there be or will there be any way to do it?


We currently don’t have that feature sorry.

I have installed via the ZIP file and when I am trying to access the setup settings page it states “Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.”


Is woocommerce active?

Nope it wasn’t. Fixed thanks.

Hey there. Is possible to add the button “Design from blank” from a shortcode? Currently it appears under the add to cart button but I want to display it on other parts of the site. Thanks!

No that’s not possible sorry…

Hi, I need to know if I can change the button to add to the cart by quote

Not currently unless we customize it to make it happen (charged service). If you’re interested in a quote, please open a ticket at https://orionorigin.freshdesk.com.

Responded to a existing ticket – #2641 7 days ago and still no response….

hi is it possible for the customer to be able to choose their own t shirt size and how many of each color shirt? using same artwork?


john720 Purchased

Anyone have a problem with SVG Output file format? When Select SVG file format I can’t create a custom template or save custom design “Add to cart”.


john720 Purchased

First are you working on /products or /shop? Let’s focus on /products cause it’s fresh install. You have full access plus you can do whatever you want. Once it’s working I can take it from there.

I tried here http://www.abclaserengraving.com/products/designe-page/design/265/ to get the error previously mentionned.


john720 Purchased

will you guys have everything from me as far as the credential. You can delete everything including woocommerce cause I was instructed to do a fresh install from you guys.

I was instructed to check my .htaccess, php.ini and everything else and all seem to be working order.

Hello, I am interested to buy the product. I have multilingual website English and Arabic. Can I use this plugin for both language. Does it support RTL? if not can you help me with RTL Arabic after I Buy?

No it does not work well with non lantin languages for the moment…

No Chance of modifying? I really liked this one out of all shirt designer listed here. Do you take custom work?

Custom jobs: That depends on the job. Please open a ticket at https://orionorigin.freshdesk.com to talk to the dev team directly.

How can we achieve safe and bleed margin using overlay?

You can create a transparent PNG with only these zones included that way it will be displayed on the canvas without hidding everything below.

Hello, I like the plugin. I am planning to use it on a site. My client needs to show predefined designs in homepage and people can select it and it will take the directly to design edit page. IS it possible to achieve with this plugin? Please see this site for reference : http://syze.net/

Yes that’s possible using one of our shortcodes.

Hi, after i setup variation at product page, the browse template button is missing. How can i solve this? Thanks

Did you assign a configuration to a variation AND selected that variation on the product page?

Yes, i assign it this my setting https://screenshots.firefox.com/am7Gq99hL9qAS8k2/gethippoprint.com . the other 2 button is there, upload design and design from blank. but browse templates button not appear.

Browse templates appear only if there are more than 1 template assigned to the variation. If there is only one, the customize button (that takes to the design page with the template loaded) will be the one showing up.