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Hello. Pre-sale questions:

1. Your live preview shows 3 customizable products. Can you add more? What is the limit?

2. There are not many templates available (only 2 for business cards). Is there a way to purchase a library of customizable templates?

3. The Shirt Product doesn’t seem to be customizable. I can’t even upload a logo. Is something wrong with the live preview?

4. If I download the free version and customize it, will the customizations transfer once I buy the paid version?

5. Do you offer installation? How much?

Thanks for your help!

Thanks Orion. The lack of templates presents a problem. Is there a way to import templates if purchased from a 3rd party?

Here is the link to your live demo. When I click on the shirts portion (any option) There is no design studio available. The only thing I can select is the size and color of the shirt…


No there is no pre built template you can use. That link is a frame that makes me land on the home page. Please remove the codecanyon frame before copy/pasting the link.


I hope you are doing fine.

I have this problem when i save or add to cart a design….

convert: unable to open image `/home/accountname/public_html/wp8/wp-content/uploads/WPC/5966772448cb1/mini-business-cards-front/mini-business-cards-front.jpg’: No such file or directory @ error/blob.c/OpenBlob/2702.

convert: unable to open image `/home/accountname/public_html/wp8/wp-content/uploads/WPC/5966772448cb1/mini-business-cards-back/mini-business-cards-back.jpg’: No such file or directory @ error/blob.c/OpenBlob/2702. {is_logged”:”

The design has successfully been saved to your account.<\/div>”,url“}

What is the problem?

Best Regards



I’m not sure but your support has expired. Please renew it and open a ticket at https://orionorigin.freshdesk.com so we can take a look.

Hi there,

Pre-purchase questions if I may?

I’m building a site for a vinyl lettering supplier, in the pro version am I right in thinking I can set a price per letter?

Also, would it be possible to embed a”blank canvas” for text design on the homepage? Something like this https://www.vinylletteringonline.co.uk/lettering-designer


Yes you can set a price per letter. About the canvas on the homepage, yes using a shortcode as described in the user manual.

Is this plugin PHP7 compatible?

We never officially tested but we have customers who did and never opened a ticket about compatibility issue. The best thing is to try in a test environnement and get back to us if you have any issue.

When I select “enable PDF and Enable SVG” so that SVG is included in the PDF file the fonts do not come out properly. It changes the font to Helvetica.

Hi Orion, I want to use this as a cover designer, so I need the ability to upload many images that the buyer can use to design, This would be mainly JPG, PNG and a font library and the design templates would be in very specific dimensions.The buyer would design, pay then be able to download the jpg and/or PDF following payment. Optionally it would be fantastic for the buyer could store their design in an account and edit them later. What do you think..


That sounds like what our plugin does :)

So, bottom line, this plugin will allow me to set up specific dimensions for the template, allow me to upload a ton of different backgrounds, fonts and embellishments, the end user can design their cover,pay, then download the cover. The cover will then be held in their account and it will be editable if they need to change it in the future. Also JPG and/or PDF download is available. Thanks for getting back to me, I have a very specific idea of how I’d like it to work. And eventually allow for other artists to upload their designs to sell on the site. LindaB

About the ability for other artists to upload the designs and sell on the website, it’s not directly handled by our plugin unless the have a shop manager account they can use to do stuff.

How comparable is this plugin to Fancy Product Designer (which I paid for and nearly 3 years later still doesn’t work and get zero support from the plugin developer)?

I need to…

- Create a categorized design library that allows the replacement of images in the product to assigned layers (ie If a user clicks an image on a cell phone case, a modal comes up which allows them to select designs from only the cell phone design category)

- Lock layer functionality on a case-by-case basis so that the user can only edit layers per my specifications (ie A user can edit the content of the text on a cell phone case, but can not move it but with he same product, the user can click the background image and swap it with another option)

Yes. In few months this will be developed too and integrated to our plugin.

Awesome! Unfortunately we’re launching the new company next month. :D

I’ll watch your plugin none the less. We need something better then FPD!


aenright Purchased

Hi, Are TIFF file uploads supported?

Yes they are.

Great plugin. Trying to get the system to redirect to the my account page or some other page that allows them to immediately download the PDF they created. Can this be done? Thank you!

No from their account too on the order details page.

I haven’t been able to locate where on the accounts tab they can dowload it. Also is there a way for the pdf to be attached to the email without being in .zip format?

1-Download from account: On the page where the customer checks the order details after the checkout. If you’re unable to find it, please open a ticket at https://orionorigin.freshdesk.com so we can take a look.

2-PDF attached to email: Not currently sorry.

will it work for Hats i’m trying to sales hats online

Yes of course. But can you describe the customization process of the hats?

hello: what I would like to do is create event invitations and have my event organisers be able to tweak the invite and then download without the need to buy anything- is it possible to remove the “add to cart” section (I guess I can use css to remove the cart info) but is it built in. also is it possible to configure say a small A5 size invite and when they click download it appears twice on the download page (so when they print it out they get 2 invites? (yeah I know not what you probably designed it for but for my needs this looks a great tool for helping the event organisers

Not currently sorry.

I don’t understand- how to create a letter head for example or a brochure? is your product limited to tshirts, busines cards and iphone cases?

Not at all. You can create any kind of product by setting background images or overlays and everything. I was just saying that your request to print the output twice in a single file is not possible.

Hey guys. Is there a way to export all my templates and import them on a fresh install?

We never tried. An export plugin should be able to take of this.

Alright. Thanks for the quick response.


Does your plugin generates print-quality PDF files? I work on the printing industry and we really do need really good and high resolution! I have tried some other similar plugins, all of them are very good but they all fail on this point: PDF files with printing quality. Hope your plugin does export high quality PDF files…

Not sure what do you mean, can you be more specific?

That feature is currently on development. We’ll need someone who can make sure the outputs once we’re done is up to the required standards and if not, provide guidance for us to make it happen.

We should probably take this on e-mail. I will write to you via your contact form here on your profile

Hi – I need a plugin for a tshirt design company. They have 2 types of shirts (each in 15 diff colors). The client will be charged based on design (front, back and both sides of the shirt). Only screen printing. Price is based on setup/once off fee per color (if the client orders more than 1 shirt of the same design in the same place) he only pays once off set up fee for the burning of the screen. 1 – 6 color screen print. Once of setup fee and then charged per A4 or A5 size of print per color. Will your system be able to do this?

Not currently sorry.

When using the Jonquet Skin the user interface the”add text…. box area/textarea” you cannot click in the box to add text… Text cannot be added. I tried using developer tools to see if there is an error and there is not. Can you duplicate and provide a fix?

No can you provide the URL where this happens?

Found issue. It was the flatesome theme… had font:inherit for the textarea which was causing the issue.

Dear team,

your demo shop is not working…


What do you mean?

Hi! I want to test your plugin, but after clicking on ‘shop’ there is an empty page…

Hi – I have a presales questions. Does this have a layers panel so that the person designing the item can lock a part of the design (say the image) while they edit the text on another layer? also i installed the demo version but no buttons are appearing on either the shop page or product page. even though I’m using the woo commerce storefront theme.

Layers: Not at the moment.

Buttons: Are you sure you successfully created a custom product? Here a tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0mnfyy4JWg&index=4&list=PLC9GLMXokPgVvkg4AsgTJwu3ax4cBi1OC&t=12s

Hello, may I ask a pre-sales question please. Would your plugin be suitable for digital downloads only? I want my customers to be able to customise an image with their own text, preview a watermarked comp, and then pay for and finally download the hi-res image. Is that possible please? Thank you.

Of course (both questions).

Amazing, thank you! One final question please, is it possible to disable the item Quantity as seen on this page https://demos.designersuiteforwp.com/woocommerce-product-designer/product/floral-obsession/ please? As I will only be providing digital downloads the quantity setting is not necessary and might be confusing for customers. Thanks again!

Sure if you mark the product as sold individually, it will go away.


steskell Purchased

Pre-sales question: I have a site with products where the customer defines the width / height of the product (a custom sized banner for example) Could this plugin support custom canvas sizing, so that the customer could design their banner to the dimensions they have specified.

Not currently sorry. But it can be customized that way. If you can find a freelance developer who knows canvas, he could be able to handle.


steskell Purchased

Thats great thanks. Ill give it a go :)

Hello, I’m thinking of purchasing your plugin. I need to disable certain functions, I only want customers to add images from my preloaded images. Is this possible?

And I need to have different categories for the graphics that I uploaded, and display these categories on the single product page, rather than having to click on “Add Clipart” first.

Can I also have the plugin embedded on the single product page itself, rather than being redirected to a new window.

I would be more than happy to pay to have these features, please let me know if you can customize the plugin in such a way for me.

Thank you so much!

Yes you can disable any section of the designer you don’t need.

Categories on the single product page: We don’t have that yet.

Plugin embedded on the product page: We don’t have that yet.

Unfortunately, we’re not accepting custom jobs at the moment because the entire team is fully focused on the next features of the plugin, sorry.