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Any possibility to test this out before buying with our website? looking to buy asap for our site. Thanks!

Can you have a badge on 1 variation? Can you have different badges on different variations of the same product? Can 1 variation be sold out while others are not?


Does this still work?

you can use category and check uncheck the category to display the badge to that category of products

will it work for product tags?

check here the full documentation – it is explained everything , what the plugin does , how works , and how to configure it

It is responsive? I am interested in buying it. But what I read it is not with background image

in case the theme it is responsive , using the position top left the badge will be also responsive . Regards


TIMIT Purchased

Hi, is it somehow possible to show a badge on the product single page below the price for example?

Hi , actually the badge it is displayed on the product image . There it is not such a hook to be used from the plugin in the price location .Regards


evekj Purchased

Presale question
Is this plugin WPML ready?
Best regards, Eve KJ

Hello Gema75.

I just purchased Woocommerce Products Badge Management but I have a little regret. I didn’t see that there are some issues with the placement of the badge depending on the responsiveness of a theme. I am also having problems uploading a custom image. Every time I upload a file it shows a broken image. The preset images work but as mentioned above the placement is total off. How can I get the upload function to work properly and upload my image and how can I get it to work with my responsive theme properly?

Thank you.

Hi Recently purchased the plugin an have been having some issues with it.

1. Badge displaying for few categories 2. Upload not working for custom badge, broken image appears.

Let me know if there’a fix for it

Hi , please contact me to . Best Regards

Have you fixed that? I am working on your free version of plugin and it’s not working at all.

Hi , i do not have published a free version of the plugin , and what i should fix as i do not find previous comments from you ?

How do you remove a badge? We’ve made some badges and applied them to a single product (selecting badge on product page). We now don’t need a badge on the product so changed the badge selected to ‘select badge to apply’ but the previous badge still shows?!

yes correct , clean the cache if you are using , or check if that product belongs to a category that have the badge assigned , if you don’t use that badge at all in other products , simple delete the badge also from the trash

Let me know more details to understand better the situation , Best Regards

I have a presale question
I know that under the terms of the license I can use the product only on one site.
But I always make a copy of the site on localhost (to check after updates, etc.).
Will I be able to work with your product on my localsite and on a real site with one purchase code?
Will I be available all the features without entering a key in the localsite? (except auto-update, because I don’t need it on my localsite)

Yes , you can . Regards

Do not work for me :(

Please write me to gema, to solve . Regards

Hi Gema, we bought your plugin and I emailed you a month ago about having issue with badge not showing on all catergories that were selected and your fix didn’t do the job. I tested and emailed you again about it, but since then you didn’t reply on any of my emails. Could you please check the issue – I really don’t want to ask for refund because overall your plugin will cover our needs on store, but with no response for a month now I will not have any other choice. Regards, Maja

I have to say that I’m quite dissapointed about your ignorant response.

Ok, I will send you request for refund.

Could you please let me know how what is the procedur for refund – on email or here.

Hello, pre-purchase question : Does this plugin work with bookable product?

Hi , if the product it is created by woocommerce must work , if from another plugin i think not . Regards

hola he comprado y lo estoy activando pero al usarlo no me visialisa nada

Hello Please in English so i can understand and hep you . Regards

DO I have to use Woocommerce with this? I am looking to use it on normal wordpress?

I purchased Woocommerce Products Badge Management but I have a problem. I am also having problems uploading a custom image. Every time I upload a file it shows a broken image. Thanks for your help.

Hi , write me to and i will assist you in everything . Best Regards


dilusion Purchased

Hi, is this plugin still actaully working ? nothing displays, even basic default badges – applied using the category or directly on product page.. I have disabled all plugins except Woocommerce + using twentyseventeen theme and still nothing displays on either categories or the individual product page.. has it been tested with latest WC versions ?

Hi , Did you save to Display settings of the plugins with YES / YES ? did you assigned the badge to a product or a category ? Cleared the cache ? did you remove the 22 days used to display only the new products ?

If “yes” all above write me to gema, and i will solve :) .

Best Regards


dilusion Purchased

Of course yes to all the basics and cleared all caches repeatedly (on 2 servers).. I downloaded the YITH equivalent to this plugin and it works flawlessly right away. Sorry but I don’t have the time to spend testing plugins that don’t work with default settings + default Wordpress on 2 different environments. Have requested a refund. Good luck with future plugins.

Hi! I’m interested in your plugin. Is it possible to assign badges based on child/sub categories?

Hi , yes as the child sub categories are still categories . Regards