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Looks good, and useful to see what’s working.

Does it only show the results of logged in users? Also, are there any plans to show the length of time spent on a product page?


Yes it only records what products logged in users are viewing. There isn’t enough information to get if the user isn’t logged in.

Yes there will be plans to add this in at a later date, along with many other options.

Thanks! Danyo

Hi danyo,nice plugin
i have an idea for your plugin if you can make for logged in users are adding products and go to checkout out page they didn’t purchase.

I have just updated this :)

Ah great #Bookmarked :D

I have also just added the added to cart feature ;)


your live preview don’t work! Tested with Safari and Chrome…


What doesnt seem to work? I have tested and works fine. You need to login to view the live preview.

Thanks, Danyo

I used the “live preview” button here on codecanyon. This directs to an empty, white page. Later I saw the link in the text, this works fine ;)

Thanks i will look at the codecanyon link :)


Can this plug-in track and save carts sessions?

Like if logged in user added products to account, clicked away (or cleared cache) could they then log back in and se what they had in their account?

Thanks, Josh


This currently isnt an option, but may look at adding this.

Thanks, Danyo

Great thanks!

No problem, stay tuned for an update!

codecanyon live preview link is blank page.

May i know is it work with multi vendor? will each vendor also see this like ebay? Thanks

Very good. GLWS