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nahiro Purchased

Hi, how i can translate the plugin?


nahiro Purchased

Thanks, but How and were I find the file ?


nahiro Purchased

How and were can I find the file to translate de plugin?

It should be under your plugins directory woo-trade-in-> checkout.php

Hi , I am about to purchase this plugin but I just had a couple questions first. Can it be set that the trade in must be approved first before a label is paid for? because if the admin is paying for the label automaticly to the customer then it can get expensive if the customer is spaming , or is a bot , or just waisting time with bad product , especially if it is priority labels at $5-20 usd each. It would be excellent if there can be a way that the buyer must submit photos during checkout and the order is pending until the admin reviews the images and then pays for the label to the customer to send it to them once admin is happy with the product the customer has to sell them. I’m just wondering if this is possible , thanks.

Hello, thank you for your interest in the plugin. Currently the plugin does not have that functionality and we do not have any future plans to add this functionality but we do offer customization services. Thank you.

Hi, I am interested in purchasing your plugin but I had some questions first. This should work with any products not just phones or electronics, Correct? Second, can the offer type payment be integrated with credits instead of paying via paypal or other method? The credits would be integrated to woocommerce as well. I have a specific credits plugin in mind – if need info for it.


Hello, we do not have any plans currently to support multiple items as it adds shipment complexities. We may consider adding option to pick payment options but we do not have any current plans. Thank you.


Any news on an update for the Trade-In plugin? Please let me know. Allowing multiple items to be processed back and using available woocommerce payment options would be excellent as well such as stripe, paypal or even credits. Please review and advise. Thanks.

Hello, we do not have any plans on allowing multiple items to be processed as there is not a good way to solve for this in terms of shipping. We do offer customization at this point if any of your features you are looking for vital to your business :)

Is the trade-in form after the customer has clicked sell now something that can be customized, ex: required image upload field to verify product condition?

It can be customized through code only.

When the WooCommerce Product Trade-In generates a label the size comes out 1200×1800 pixels in a png format image. When I print the label it comes out way too big to even fit a 8×11” page. How can I resolve this issue? Thanks =)

When the WooCommerce Product Trade-In generates a label the size comes out 1200×1800 pixels in a png format image. Can I change it so the label prints out in a PDF format? Thanks =)

I will look into this.

Is there any easy way to do variations. For example how would i create an iPhone 7 trade-in variation. I don’t want to make a price for all combinations. Is there a way to give a price to each certain variation. For example if they select iPhone 7 good condition they get $80. If they select original box an additional $10. Im not seeing this as an option. It making me do all the combinations which is over 60. please let me know how to do this. thanks

Hello hassan, ok if it will make you feel better we will not ask you to reach out anymore. Sorry you took that as sarcasm or were offended, we are genuinely trying to help but we understand your frustration. We appreciate all feedback whether it be negative or positive. Negative feedback allows us to see where we can improve and we will look into creating a custom workflow that is an extension of woocommerces default product creation as you were wanting if we see a lot of customers want that feature. Thank you again for your negative review and as always feel free too reach out for help….just kidding ;)

Wow, you actually weren’t sarcastic in the second half of your last sentence. Finally admitting you don’t want to help.

Hello Hassantrewq, we ALLWAYS want to help. You are more than welcome to reach out at any time for help and support. We were just having a little fun with you since you seem to be frustrated with the fact that we are always willing to help you. But that flew over your head kind of like how to create variations huh ;) Again just messing but in all seriousness feel free to reach out, if we do come up with a solution for not having to price every item individually we will let you know. We are googling to see if anyone has a good solution but I am sure you have done that as well and now understand thats just the way woocommerce is.

Hello Support, I want to purchase this plugin but before that I want to clear doubt. Is there any option to purchase Bulk Products from any user like https://www.lcdbuybacks.com/users/trade-in Please go through above link i need exact functionality as above, is this possible by using your product?

Hello, right now the plugin only supports selling one item at a time due to shipping constraints. Thank you.

Hi Support,

Just wondering if there are any planned updates coming up soon? It has been a while since it was updated? Has it been checked against the latest version of woocommerce? Was wondering, since I asked this previously if it is possible in the new release to allow different payout options to be chosen from the backend. For example, paying for the trade-in via credits or cashback coupons. Can it be setup to allow the user to send back the trade-in on with their own method rather than using the return shipping labels?


Hello, we do plan on having an update released within the end of January next year to make sure everything is working fine. Also Charmp121 we currently have not implemented the ability to select payments as a feature as we will that is an easy code customization that can be done and it is currently possible for the customer to send back the item using their own method if they please. Thank you and let us know if you have any other questions :)

Hi, I’m a beginner using word press and eager to learn how to create a trade-in website. I have many questions to ask but I’ll stick to the ones I can think of now.

1.If I purchase the software would I receive a .zip and all the relevant codes to activate? As I want to attempt to create the site myself, but I want to know if I make a mess of it and employ a developer to complete, would the .zip / product key code become expired?

2. Does the plugin incorporate a theme when uploaded? If so is it an ecommerce?

3. Is there an order number on the shipping label? To assist traceability when an item is received.

4. Does each order create a barcode along with the shipping label? If so could it separately allow you to print the barcode as a sticker to apply it to the item when received. So when scanned the profile of the seller is easily accessed or if there is a case of stolen items sold to you, it could be easily traced who sold it you, to assist law enforcement agencies.

5. Does the backend allow u to create an inventory of the stock you purchased? Import to excel etc.

6. are there any live sites that using your plugin? If so could u provide links.

7. If I buy the plugin I’m looking for 12 month support, what exactly would the support consist off?

8. Also what are the refund policies?

Many thanks.

1. Yes you receive zip and no the key would NOT expire 2. It is capable to work with any woocommerce theme generally. 3. No 4. No 5. There is a woocommerce plugin maybe that does this. 6. Yes there are a lot. 7. General answering of questions.


This is a great plugin.

I tried to submit a support ticket but was unable. Your screenshots and live preview show Paypal and Check as the only options under how would you like to get paid. I’d like to do the same for my site, but I have four options Donate to charity, bank deposit, Paypal, and check. How do I limit the payment options like your live preview shows?


Hello, I replied to your message. Please try to put in a support ticket and I will take care of this for you.

Quick question, I may have asked this before so I apologize if I did. Can you make the item a trade-in item and a sellable item as well? In the backend I check off trade-in in the woo commerce settings as a simple or variable product. On the front-end -it only comes up as Sell now – no Buy it now or add to cart button as well. Would like to take trade ins and sell the same item out for a different price without having to make multiple items of each one to sell. Then is it better to keep them separate and have one item to trade in and one to sell? Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

Hello, the best way to do this would be to make a duplicate listing of the item. To save you time you can use a plugin that duplicates products and then just go in and check the trade-in item check mark.

Thanks, that is what I figured. Looking forward to your future updates for this plugin.

Hi there, thanks for this cool plugin and thanks for your patience with my pre-sale questions.

I tried the Live Preview and demo’d the check-out process (AKA, the “selling” to the estore process). I noticed when I tried to register and then login, prior to completing the checkout, that I was redirected to a blank page (when I tried to login).


(1) Is there any way to feel out the full check-out process, including what a demo confirmation email would like to the user, etc, etc?

(2) Do you have any back-end demo setup, like some other plugins do, where we could see the look and feel of the plugin options, etc within WP/WooCommerce?

(3) I noticed another commentor was concerned that because shipping labels and payouts cannot be authorized manually (and is done so automatically), that this could be a vulnerability in the event of fraudulent or bot submissions. What’s the best way to combat this? Do sales include CAPTCHA forms for example? If there is a fraudulent return, would one simply void the payout via PayPal, etc, or in those circumstances would it be too late?

I really appreciate your hard work putting this all together and not trying to be another difficult commentor causing you keyboard hardship. However, these issues surfaced as we’ve been exploring your plugin as a solution.

Let me know your thoughts and thank you again for your time and patience with my questions.

1. You can now checkout the process of ordering and seeing a label without having to login.

Thank you for all of your answers and your patience with my questions. Your answers definitely made sense and I’ll spend a little more time here today trying out the check-out process. Thank you for also mentioning `easypost.com`, I’ll be sure to check this out too and make sense of all the costs, etc. So far we are pretty set on purchasing your plugin, just trying to get everything dialed / understood before we pull the trigger.

The client we are trying to help has had a few developers attempt their project and run away with their tail between their legs (they attempted a custom-coded solution and seemed to run away when trying to tap into shipping label APIs).

Your plugin really seems great and to be very unique, and your support/time answering questions genuinely means a lot and is really appreciated.

I noticed in some other posts you had mentioned you do offer some advanced customization services (extra-curricular), and we are curious to know your rates (can send you an email to communicate that way), in the event our client had some particular feature they wanted.

I am a full stack developer and have done a few small plugin files/tapping into wordpress hooks, but I’m still wet behind the ears in terms of advanced customizations, etc. I don’t absolutely foresee this per say, as trying to reign the client in a bit but was definitely something I was curious about.

Genuinely thank you for all of your help, and I’ll do the check out run through here shortly :) Thank you API Integrations for your hard work, innovation and for your product! There’s really no other tool like this out there for ANY eCommerce platform that I can see—I did find one for Magento but they stopped developing it in 2013. I definitely give you props for your creation and it’s a life saver! Thank you for your hard work!

Thank you for your kind words. Feel free to email us at support@apiintegrations.com with any questions.

is there a way for a customer to checkout as a guest rather than requiring login?

I can see the confusion. The text is there but in fact you can actually fill out the form fields and checkout. Try filling out the fields and submitting. I just checked and it does not require me to login.

I had tried on both our website and the demo, it wont process. Ive just tried on your demo again and its got fatal errors, may want to fix that :)

Just tried on the demo again and it works perfectly. Does not require login. Did you manage to create a support ticket so we can check your installation and make sure you have properly configured the settings?