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How is the postage paid for ?

How does the customer submit their personal information ?

hey turner2f thank you for the interest.

1) postage is paid for through your easypost.com account. So the plugin will automatically create the label for the customer and you can manage and track and pay for the label through easypost.com

2) once the user selects to sell the item they are redirected to a form similair to checkout where they fill in their info along with how they would like to get paid. Once they submit you will receive this info as a trade in status order and have all their info.

Does this answer all your questions ?

Thank you guys so much !!!! ??????

Hi, I want to create a marketplace when users can trade items between them like, I have a product X and I want the product Y of one “trader” and I offer my product x in return, I can also request some money in compensation or offer, is this possible with this?

Thank you very much.

Hello, unfortunately that is not the intention of this plugin. This plugins purpose is for the admin to buy users items. Not trading items between users. Sorry to dissapoint.

Once the the label is created. Is there a way to add a tracking number to customer so they can track there package?

This plugin is using its own built in form. Once the user fills out the form, the shipping label will be generated and they can then print it and send in their item. Does this answer your question ?

Would you be up to help me accomplish what I need if I hired you? You are so close to what I need just need some tweaks.

You can email us at support@apiintegrations.com for customizations. But can I ask why you need it tied into gravity forms rather than the built in form ? I believe this plugin may still be able to accomplish what you are looking for without any customizations out the box.

I’m trying to get support, I’m having a problme! My email is augusto.almeidajr@gmail.com please contact me

Hi saramandaia please email us at support@apiintegrations.com and we will be able to assist you. Thank you.

I recommend this plugin and team. Very good job, very fast support!! GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!

Does this allow multiple items to be sold in same order?

Hey GeorgeBuckley, thanks for the interest in the product. As of right now it allows the user to only sell one item at a time. So they click sell now on an item and are directed through the selling process. I do have it in my feature list to add the ability to sell multiple items at one time. I would say this feature would be released by the end of the month. Thank you.

Can this plugin be used for any product, or is it specific to electronics?

This plugin can be used for ANY product

Does this plugin allow you to make payment using any of the available payment gateways in Woocommerce? So for example, if my client wanted to use Stripe and we had that gateway activated in Woocommerce would he be able to do that?


I thought as much. I’ll feedback to the client. Thanks for the quick responses!

When using PayPal does the plugin allow batch/mass payments so that my client can select a whole load of customers to pay in one go? Or would they have to pay each client individually?

Also, I wanted to check on the progress of the feature which allows customers to sell multiple items in one order. You mentioned in a comment to someone previously that you would have that available by the end of the month.

Many thanks, Mike

Hey Mike. No batch processing you would have to individually pay out each customer. And as of now that feature is on hold as it adds quite a bit of complexity in how shipping labels would be generated and it wouldn’t work for most clients.


Does your plugin take into account all the delivery services offered by easypost ? For example Chronopost, Colissimo, la poste


It should under the custom box selection.


dibears Purchased

Does this work with woocommerce product bundles? I have a product that bundles many different pieces and want to offer these “bundles” for people to trade in – would work and does it also track inventory on a per bundled-product basis? Do the bundled products need to have inventory of more than 0 to be listed as available to trade? Finally, does this work with other plugins such as the Woocommerce Extra Product Options? The thought here is that those extra options could be used for dynamic discount, trade in condition, etc. Thanks!

There should be no reason why it wouldn’t work with product bundles. Creating a trade in product works exactly the same way as creating a normal product. Yes it will work with extra product options. You would enter the custom pricing for each option and this will be reflected when the user is trading in the item and choosing the options. Thank you.

Pre-sale questions:

1) Does this plugin create a new product type? 2) Our website sells products and we are looking for a buyback program. How does the plugin display items for buyback? 3) If our business already has possession of the item which the customer wants to sell us, can the shipping form option be turned off on a product level?




1) It actually does NOT create a new product type. It uses the same product types and just adds a checkbox which you can check to indicate that the product is available for buyback. This way you can simple duplicate all your current products as buyback products if you choose.

2) Please visit the following link to get a good idea. http://apiintegrations.com/trade-in-demo/shop/ Or here are some screenshots https://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-product-tradein/screenshots/17009553

3) It can NOT be turned off on a product level but generating the label can be turned off globally. If wanting to turn it off on a product level is a feature you must have we do offer customization services.

I hope this answers all your questions :)

Thank you, Adrian

Adrian, does it support custom product types? I am using Woocommerce Lottery which creates a Lottery product type in Woocommerce. Thanks,


Good question Daniel, I want to say yes but I do not want to give you a definitive answer unless I know for sure. If you would like I can test to see if it will work for you. If you are able to submit a ticket at the following link and leave me the credentials and url to your wordpress site I will take a look and get back to you asap.


Thank you

Hello, I see earlier that someone asked about being able to have multiple items in one buy-back order, and that you were in the process of adding this functionality. Has this been added yet?

Hello, unfortunately we have not implemented this feature and currently do not have a timeframe of when this will become available.


johs01 Purchased

Hello. I bought your Tradein plugin sometime last year. Before I renew my support I would like to find out something. I’m using another plugin:”WP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder” to generate a list of questions which then automatically sends the “Users” product selections into Woocommerce “Cart”. This in effect skips your trade in plugin’s “Get Offer” button. Will it be possible to change your plugin to work with the above plugin or should I ask help from the creator of the above plugin?

So I visited the link. However I can’t get it to add items to my cart after going through the process it asks to email me a quote. To get it to work in the flow that you are asking for would take quite a bit of customization but it is possible.


johs01 Purchased

Hi, I quickly created this site for you: http://celltrade.co.za/ Make the selections and it will direct to your Trade-In page but with no products. You will see 2 x products is in the Woocommerce Basket. Question: Is it a lot of work to direct the products ( more than one ) to your plugin or is this something which the creator of the ” WP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder” should help with? Thx

Hey Johs01. Like I mentioned, it is possible but will require a good amount of customization.

Hi, this looks like something i need, but i just tested the demo and got a ‘no rates found’ error at checkout which prompted the question – do I have to use easypost for it to work or can, for example the labels be printed manually – better still, can it work with Royal Mail?


Hi, thanks for getting back to me prompty – I think I did put an accurate address, but it was a UK address – not sure if that makes a difference.

Can you advise what the fee would be to integrate with Royal Mail please?

Thanks Farzan

Ah, that makes sense. I should have realized when you mentioned Royal Mail. The plugin is currently not setup to ship outside the states. Can you please send a quick email to support@apiintegrations and I will provide you with an estimate and timeframe through the email as opposed to on here :)

:) Thanks – i’ll do that now.

The published version (1.0.1) does not correspond to the last update (1.2.0)

Thanks for noticing that. That was an oversight on our end but the published version is the latest.

I can not download the latest version, could you send it to me by email? jcjavier@hotmail.com

What is the issue you are having when trying to download it ? What browser are you using ? Envanto handles the downloads so I would reach out to them if you are having issues downloading.

Hello do you ever plan on updating this plugin to allow a Trade in value as well. Say customer wants to purchase an item on our site and this will give them credit?

Unfortunately no because the trade in cart does not interact directly with the woocommerce cart.

Hello, I have submitted a request through support – it’s been a week and I haven’t heard any response ( ticket #4309) here was my query – regarding the plugin, actually its working but there is an error when the product is selected as variable..

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /wp-content/plugins/woo-trade-in/Templates/trade-in-checkout.php on line 195

Would you be able to offer some guidance on this.

Could you please help me?

Sorry for the delayed response. I will respond back on the ticket shortly.

Hello. I would like to buy this plugin, but first i want to know if i can add a bundle/Setup, say a pc setup where customer can choose what hardware parts they have in the pc and the accessories they would like to sell with the pc like mice, keyboard, monitors. I know i have to add a lot of variables to make this work but i only have to do this ones so it’s okay. But can i use product bundles woocommerce extension to make this happen or can you guys/girls update the plugin in the future (soon) :).

Hello, the plugin hasn’t been tested with the product bundles extension but I do not see any reason why it wouldn’t work. We also offer customization services if necessary to get it working.