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Is this mult-vendor supportive?

This should work for them as well. We haven’t tested but we are sure it will.

Great idea, as a suggestion i think the twist that we missing (in the woocommerce review system in general) is the ability to create custom review form.

Thanks for appreciation and suggestions. We will certainly look to explore this in next update.

Hi I’m looking for a plugin, compatible with Woocommerce Booking. I’m working with functionality like I want to send a request to the customer, who has booked my product, 3 days after he finish his stay.

Hi, thanks for your message. We havent checked it with the plugin in question. If you send us, we can test and confirm. For now we are not very sure and cannot give you a confirmation if it will work or not.

Maybe would you like access to my site. In this way i will be 100% sure that your solution is siuteble fom my project. Please provide me your e-mail.

If you can send the details we can certainly test and let you know. Please share the details over

can it also be used for normal post comments? if yes is there multiple criteria available?

Currently it doesnt work for Wordpress posts. We can update that in our next feature.

can I select reviews (ex. 3 reviews out of 10 reviews) to show in my product page?


This plugin doesn’t provide any option for selecting reviews.This plugin allows us to manage users type and to rate and review products. The ability to control to view reviews are only for logged in users.

Thanks Team Envision

I am looking for a plugin That will accommodate the following requirements.1 Works with woocommrce 2. allows for reviews to be placed BY THE USER from the frontend on a chosen woocommerce product. 3. Allows nextscript or a similar social media automatic posting service to send that review with a Image of the product, title, and link, back to the product page, to twitter and facebook after it is posted by the user. Can this plugin be set up to do that without additional coding??

This plugin works with WooCommerce and allows users to add star rating and reviews on store products from frontend. Also admin can control review ability on based on users. Admin can control ability of only register users, logged in users or all users. Sorry, but this plugin doesn’t have feature like “social media automatic posting service” you are looking for.

Hi i would like to confirm something before buy this:

1) is it will remove review tab of woocommerce? OR the plugin crate new tab? I still want people freedome for disccusse. I tried some plugin, they remove my woocommerce disccusion tab. Please help me check

2) If i role ONLY purchased buyer can rating—> is it have schedule reminder them to rating after purchased?

Hello still you suport this plugin?

oh sorry to hear, it would be nice if this plugin has schedule remember like amazon. Anyway, thank you!


Hi, I would like to know if with your plugin is posssible to use the coupon code of woocommerce and if your plugin works with this:



Our Plugin will not affect WooCommerce coupon code functionality. We also did some R&D on plugin “WooCommerce Pretty Plugin” and we don’t think that it will conflict.