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Hi there,

I’d like to ask whether this plug-in available with a Shopkeeper theme? I had a bad experience with other carousel slider plug-in, which is not fully compatible with my theme, especially on the mobile version of the theme.


Hi, Thanks for asking us your question. Yes we have tested with Shopkeeper theme before, this is working well. We have also tested all of the top themes on themeforest.


hi. Your plugin is not working at my web site( i’m using flatsome theme.

When i use your theme, i can not control anything . why?

please help me.

Hi, Thanks for for contacting us. Please email us on our support email with your problems and website details.


I have tried already 2 times to get support throu the support contact form (more that 1 week ago), but there was no answer.

So what should a do to finally get the support,that you provide?

Thanks for contacting with us, can you tell me what’s your email id?

No, sorry. Ist was on July 14th or 15 th and July 18th

Hi, Thanks for contacting us again. Can you please tell me your email address or send message via envato form, please clear us.


I sent the address with the support form and the message “Just sending my email address” (hope , it arrives this time …)

As my first message with the support form incldues also links to the project, i would prefer to do the detailed conversation not on this public board. Thank you!

After nearly 4 weeks there is still not any reply. Are you serious?

Thanks for contacting with us. We have already replied it on review page.


You have not: you just wrote, that you had replied, but you never did.

Hey, I sent a support request through the Code Canyon support system about 6 weeks ago and never heard anything. I also sent a direct email 4 days ago with no response. Can you check on this please? I’m sending my Envato email address and the email address I used to send a direct message with through “Item Support” here.

Hi, Thanks for contacting with us. Please please create a support ticket on for quick response. What’t your email ID also?


Is it available WIDGET basic: Title,Price,SKU,Date,Random,Featured,Products on sale,Latest/Recent products,Best Sellers,Top rated products. Also order by Descending and Ascending. And each of this also limited on each catalog— 1widget/1 catalog/best seller

Hi, Thanks for asking us. There have a Shortcode builder of all styles of demo links and any of these you can set as widget (Shortcodes list shown on Widget as list). Hope you can understand.


Can you create 1 widget how is it look for product slider on widget?
Recently viewed is the view of whole web OR of personal logged in user?

Hi, Thanks for contacting with us. Please send us you email id ?


Hi, I’ve just installed twi slider and set up my shop within Creator theme at this website: Having completed the shop setup i’ve discovered that it is causing the mobile menu to stop working throughout the site. Would really appreciate some help to resolve this. Thanks

Hi, Thanks for contacting with us. Please send us you problem page link to our support email.


By defaul recently viewed product woocommerce applied for ALL user, will your plugin make it appear for only logged in user? Will none- login user also see there viewed product via cookie? Is it availeble widget?

Can i add best selling slider, woocommerce recently viewed slider in bottom of product detail in setting , no need manual add one by one in edit product page.

Hi, Thanks for asking us. Sorry login user control not handle with our plugin. You can use 3rd party plugin for this. Best selling slider, woocommerce recently viewed slider is possible.



Nox666 Purchased

Hi, i have a problem with the plugin. After the installation of the Plug-In, the pagination on my Woo-Shop doesn’t work. Anything else I could try? Thanks

Hi, Thanks for contacting with us. Can you please send us details with links via support email.


Hello. I would like to know if this plugin is able to mount product sliders based on custom taxonomy pages. In my case, I have a coupon site with store pages that show coupons. I want to insert products from these stores in woocommerce using the same name as the store taxonomy, and then insert the sliders in the stores pages that already have products registered in my woocommerce.

Hi, Thanks for asking questions. Yes this will work for any custom taxonomy.


Hi, I want to make a shortcode for the cart page with the crossells in a carousel/slider. I don’t want this to be the featured products or the other settings but the actual crossells that you input on the product settings page in woocommerce in the tab where you manually select the product upsells and crossells. Is that possible?

This comment is currently being reviewed.

Thanks for contacting with us. We are trying to release it within this month.


Thank you!!


dodytea Purchased


before I buy

is it possible create product slider like in audiojungle “newest audio”, It have 10 column and 4 row on desktop, and become 1 row slider on mobile phone?


Hi, Thanks for contacting with us. Can you please send website details and email


Hi. I just bought product and doesn’t work. Can’t see images. can you please help.

Thanks for contacting with us.We have emailed you. Please reply the email.


I can’t figure out how to have images be the same size. are all different sizes.

Hi, Thanks for contacting with us. Yes we have replied your support email.


hi, i can skype if you are ready. i emailed my skype name to you.

Thank you :)


jaralo Purchased

hi friends, everything is perfect, except one thing: your plugin does not hide the products out of stock and that is a big problem. How can I solve that?

Hi, Thanks for contacting with us. This is working with us. Can you please send us the link and problem details to our support email .


Hi, I can’t see any settings on the shortcode page. Works when Im changing theme.. I use Woodmart by xtemos.

Any quick fix for this?


Hi, Thanks for contacting with us. Can you please send us your website informations to our support email ?


Ok! I have sent you a mail now :)