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Good Plugin! How many columns(items) per row maximum can be made?

Thank you. You can have any number of items.

Nice work, GLWS! :)

Thank you. :)

Hi there, I have a quick question.

My SHOP page is set up with the standard product layout and settings.

But I wanted to make yours work. I’ve read your notes but I’m still a bit confused how to make the layout be your plugin, and not the standard one that comes with the theme. Do you have a quick instruction to swap that over? thanks.

If you have any questions regarding the plugin or need any support, please, contact us using the following link. Thanks.

Simple, effective, excellent. Great plug-in. Exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks for your comment. If you like the plugin, we would truly appreciate it, if you could give it a rate.

This is a great plugin that simply works as described. I am on the genesis framework with Dynamik child theme that creates wigitized ez homepage. Several other plugins broke my theme or did not offer a fraction of the options offered in this plugin, including the option to add or remove the buy it now button. I had a slight technical issue that was addressed immediately by Subhan. An excellent plugin and even better support. I couldn’t be more pleased with this purchase.


I’m trying to send a message in but the message the message is not sent.

My problem is that:

I need to truncate the title of the product-slides in 2 lines

Some slides are ok, but anothers slides, when the title es too long (3 o more lines) the text overlaps the image

Is it possible?

Thanks in advance

Hello, can this slider rotate random products?

Thank you!

Yes. It can. There is an option to select the order of the posts.

Hello! Can I use multiple sliders on one page using shortcodes?

Yes. you can.

Can this work for woocommerce product tags?

In the image that i attach here we have a slide that moves 6 products at the same time I want to move one by one? Me i explain? Here i give you the example as we want the effect. Is in the Example

Do you have this function? Regards!

Is there an updated version of the plugin you can send me? I am receiving errors upon installation and need immediate assistance. I’ve already contacted you through customer support and am worried since there hasn’t been a response to the past couple of comments here.

Is this plugin still supported???

Can we build a slider showing the variations of a product, please?

Glad I checked the comments before purchase. Looks like this plugin is dead. ENVATO, please remove.

Few questions:

1: Can you show reviews on the products? 2: Can you re-arrange the content, i.e. price above “read more”? 3. Can you specify which id’s to only display in the slider instead of category?

Hey! I have a question about this plugin. When I scroll all the way to the end of the products, it does a quick return back to the first product. Is there a way to make sure that the product wraps around to the first? I hope this makes sense.

Can your plugin allow create Top rated then under that have each catalog like this plugin:

Far away from this seller. He is not support, his plugin is not work as description. I purchased by accident with another plugin as bellow link within mins after purchased. He did not reply my request refund and email. I have to test his plugin and find out the plugin is not work as description, there is not work with widget, i have to wait full 5 days for increase dispute and send supporter all wrong of his plugin to get refund.

does this have rtl support ?


screege Purchased

Hi after installing the plugin everything weas working fine, when I updated to the latest version the images are shgown as low res, this happened after I updated the plugin, can you give me any advise on how to correct this?


Hello, i have a presales quistion, is it possible to show (selected) variations in the slider? So i could build something like this:

where the variations should be visible instead of ‘list item’ Thank you Jeroen


screege Purchased

After update slider stopped to scroll how can I fix it? site: Regards