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How could this plugin work with lazy load? Any idea please? It’s really slowing down the page loading time~

The lastest one~1.5.5

last version is 1.18. Now submitted new version 1.19, it is under approval process

oh sorry….my bad

Copying a question made 1 year ago:

Any news on whether you can add the ’add to cart’ button? Thanks

Kind regards.

No one is guiding how make it. Can you tell me what and how to make it? not technically, UI and options point of view,

Hi I setup a trouble ticket I think on the 3rd it seems my case has gotten lost can someone please investigate?

pls advise

can you please mention the ticket number?

Ticket: #294778


Is it working with WP 4.0?

Thank you.

Yes ofcourse.

Hello. Your plugin slows my web, actually load the entire web and your plugin seconds. Any help? The url is http://wordpress.albiline.com Thanks

I will take a look at it tonight. I am on vacation. sorry for the late reply.

Tonight, 3 days ago. Looking this, i ask to refund. Bye.

works very poorly. Load wrong, he stands … is the worst product plugin that I could buy.

So many issues with this plugin. Not working at all. Messing up the layout of pages, very bad performance, dedicated 15 days to reply for support ticket.

No way. Im asking for full refund via evanto. This has nothing to do with development – its messify.

Sorry somehow I missed your ticket. I will take a look at it. Can you please mention the ticket number here?

It was working well but after upgrading woocommerce to 2.2.9 it now causes internal server error (HTTP 500). Please help :’(

Hey DVin, any update?

I tested with latest version. It is working. I hope you can try again.

ok I will backup my site and try again. Thanks :-)

Do not buy this plugin. The support does not know troubleshoot errors and missing carry two weeks.

Not at all. I am quite busy with my personal problems. So could not attend them, not lack of respect. Thanks for understanding.

You have the explanation to my problem 14 days ago. Roughly between that day you said you were on vacation and between you said you forgot to answer the ticket. I have already requested the refund and hopefully give it to me, I’d rather not waste my time. Greetings.

I would be really happy to give you refund.


Will it work and maintain visual effects of this theme


Thank you

Regards Chris

I got the error after installing the plugin . “internal server error (HTTP 500)”

plugin also looks bad .

http://bayrakdizayn.com/yore/ problem “internal server error (HTTP 500)”

Greetings, I’m excited about using your plugin. Unfortunately, when I installed it, it didn’t appear under the Settings menu. Please advise what could have gone wrong.


Are you still facing the issue? Raised a support ticket?


Just looking at purchasing this plugin but wanted to check whether the display of category icons instead of products was implemented into this plugin yet?


Not yet implemented.

Hi there, just want it to know if would work using Revolution slider in the same page? Thanks!

Not tested.

i purchased the wrong item please refund thanks.

pleaase approach through envato support

i purchased the wrong item please refund thanks.

pleaase approach through envato support

pleaase approach through envato support

I need a carousel that shows recently REVIEWED products. Can this show that?

This have its own css or it will inherit the design of my theme?

can this be used on and for a single product? So instead of the featured image and the thumbnails below, can we have this slider in place on a single product page?

I am working on revamping it. I do not recommend to use in latest versions.

Does it support RTL ?

I do not recommend buying it now. Will let you once I revamped this plugin.

cannot see the preview in “live preview”? It direct me to a company site…

Any answer? Thanks.