WooCommerce Product Size Charts Plugin

WooCommerce Product Size Charts Plugin

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WooCommerce Size Charts Plugin empowers merchants to create unlimited custom size charts for any product or variations with many options. The admin can create multiple tables for a single size chart, add text before and after the size charts and set the colors. The size charts for a product can be displayed in the popup or tab on the single product page. The plugin allows showing the size charts in the loop on the shop and category pages by a button near add to cart and the size charts will be displayed in the popup for assigned products. The size charts can be assigned individually for each product and variations or by categories and brands.

Main Features

  • Create unlimited size charts with customizable options.
  • Assign size charts to products individually.
  • Assign size charts to products by categories & brands.
  • Show size chart in popup & tab on the product page.
  • Show size charts for products on the shop & category pages.

Create & Customize Product Size Charts

The plugin provide easy options to create unlimited tables for product size charts. The size chart tables can be customzied to set columns, rows & color schemes.

Clean Preview Of Product Size Charts

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Version 1.1.0
* Improvement - Improved the UI to enhance the ease of use.
* Fixed - Improved the code quality to resolve warnings related to object serialization. 
Version 1.0.0
* Initial Release.