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Hi, Hope you doing good

I need a plugin like flash sale functionality

Ex :normally add to cart button is deactivated on below product. there will be a countdown timer starts 00:59:59 and expire like 00:00:00 after expiry below product add to cart button will be active

can you help me on this plugin

Thanks Srinivas

Hey there,

Unfortunately not. Thank you for your interest however :)


Hi can i use your plugin to hide the “add to cart” button and only show that button for a set time period. Let’s say I want the people only to be able to buy a product from Sept 3rd – Nov 15th. Is that possible with your plugin without actually hiding the product?

Hi, thanks for your interest

Currently you can limit the display of buttons only within days of the week to turn off the limit – you need to manually turn off the effect of the settings in the desired date. But we’re planning to add this in the future versions.

If you’d like to have this sooner, we’re opened for the custom development.

If you are interested please email us on support[at]festi.team

Have a nice day, FT


Is it possible to schedule grouped products (i.e. schedule the simple products grouped under a parent product)? Meaning that the parent product (set to Grouped) would remain visible at all times, but the child products (simple products set as grouped under the parent) would only be available when the time is set?

Regards, Pam

Hey, thanks for purchasing our plugin.

In order to check the issue, could you kindly create a temporary admin account for us on your WordPress website and provide us on support[at]festi.team:

  1. URL where you are experiencing this issue
  2. URL where we can log in
  3. User Name
  4. Password

If you could provide a few screenshots, that would help us understand and resolve the issue quickly as well.

Looking forward resolving your issue ASAP.

Regards, Festi-Team


I have since edited my post, sorry for the confusion. I have another plugin installed so my question to you is no longer relevant.

Regards, Pam

Hi, Does your plugin is compatible with ‘Composite Product’ plugin ? Thanks

Hi there,

Unfortunately not, but thanks for your interest however.

Good luck with your project!

Warm wishes, FT

Will it be possible with this plugin to make the product available for short time period and then after the set time period is over the product stays visible in the store but cannot be purchased

Hi there,

Yup, using the plugin you can limit the ability of your customers to purchase it.

It’s possible to set some text instead of the Add to Cart button.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact.

Warm wishes,

Hello, Using your plugin I wonder if there Is a way I can sort the products, on the shop page and category (archive page), so the first ones will be the available products and at the end of the list will appear the products which are not available?



Unfortunately, this feature is not available currently, but thanks for the great idea

If you want this feature to be added we can discuss the custom development possibility.

Warm wishes, FT

Hi, thanks for your quick answer. Can you help with some info? Is it possible to add a certain class to the products which are not available?

I would like to hide them from the store in the days when they are not available and display them only when they are available.

Thanks :)

Hi, you can use this setting to make it possible https://goo.gl/zbWTnR

Hope it helps :)

Hey there, I would like to see a custom end-date for products. Is this something that’s actively being developed?


Hi there,

Sorry for the late reply, we’re experiencing higher than normal amount of requests lately and trying to get on top of the queues.

We’re considering an opportunity to add this feature in the future versions, but at the moment the amount of the requests is too high. So we cannot provide you with an approximate estimation of when it will be added.

Nevertheless, we’re opened for the custom development. Please let us know, if this works for you.

Warm wishes,

Hello. I wonder if I can use the plugin in a development URL and then use it when I publish my client’s site to another URL. Thank you.

Hi there, thanks for your interest.

Yes, but you need to register the license for both websites after you purchase it

Hello, my friend bought the plugin for me and I already installed it. I need to show the countdown on a page that will list five products, each product can be purchased until 4:00 AM so I need to show the countdown on each of them. I have not found in the documentation any shortcode or php that can do this. Can you help me? Thank you.

Hello, Please provide us purchase code (on suppot[at]festi.team) so we can validate that you are a real customer and provide you support. Locating the purchase code is very simple:

  1. Log in to your CodeCanyon account.
  2. Go to your ‘Downloads’ section.
  3. Click on the “Download” button next to the item.
  4. Click on “Licence Certificate”.
  5. Open the text file that downloaded and copy the “Item Purchase Code”

Warm Regards, Festi-Team